I have known the meaning of my birth number for years, but working on translating my Tarot book, I realized that there is also a mission in every meaning of a number. Read more

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog almost three months ago. I needed to take time away from the website to focus on myself and go through a symbolic tower experience. While I haven’t finished the process, I can say I have made a couple of significant changes that were overdue. Read more

If you come across this card reading with the 7 Energies Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid by coincidence, then know that there’s no coincidence. At least, that’s my opinion. If you’re interested in my view on finding things online or on your timeline, you can read about it here. You may have been looking for an answer on moving forward from a difficult situation. If so, this reading is for you. Read more

I’ve wanted to do more blogs to share card readings based on general questions for a while. I believe that providing readings through this blog is helpful for anyone who stumbles over them in their search for answers. No better way to get answers than Google, right? Read more

I’ve said it before: being a business owner is the wildest self-development journey of all throughout my life. If your business helps you to one thing (if you’re serious about it), it is to show up authentically as yourself. I’ve tried to do it differently, and I failed miserable.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

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n though I’m in a tremendous creative period of my life, I noticed that this week my creativity went dry. It felt as if I had little to write about for the first time in a long time. Despite that, it didn’t feel bad or something. It felt more like an initiation while I longed for new inspiration. Read more

As long as I’m in the right mindset, I’m a really good manifester. But since this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll explain the basics of manifesting for beginners.

All this doesn’t mean that I can struggle with “getting my thing” massively. But, especially when I let fear in, I lose connection with the process. It is then that I don’t see how I can fulfill my desires. That’s when many of the ideas and thoughts about not manifesting seep in. Since I’m not the only one who struggles with it, I’ve written this blog about manifesting for beginners. It’s not so much about how to manifest, but more about how I feel manifesting for beginners works from my perspective. Read more

When I first started working with conscious creative business owners as an intuitive business coach, I thought they were also using intuitive techniques as I did. That assumption turned out to be untrue, though. While it was natural for me, many of them struggled to let intuition enter their business world. Once I saw how they struggled to make decisions from their head, I made it my mission to help them come to terms with what they knew deep down. Since then, I have taught people how to trust their intuition in business and follow their inner guidance. Read more

Here is a channeled message about how to let go of past attachments. This fits perfectly because the last message I posted was about self-sabotage and guilt. I find this a super helpful message after that one. I noticed that both I and others had a bit of a hard time this past month.

Let’s get ready for some new energy by letting go of the past and not looking back! What’s done is done, and now we move on Read more

A couple of weeks ago, I went through difficult times. Every time that happens, I find guidance by doing oracle readings. I want to share one of them because I downloaded 7 steps to get through them, all with a couple of cards from the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

I love pulling cards. Having transitioned from tarot cards to oracle cards not so long ago, I seem to start to like oracle cards more and more. For some reason, they feel simpler – something I’m looking for these days. Read more