Here is a channeled message about how to let go of past attachments. This fits perfectly because the last message I posted was about self-sabotage and guilt. I find this a super helpful message after that one. I noticed that both I and others had a bit of a hard time this past month.

Let’s get ready for some new energy by letting go of the past and not looking back! What’s done is done, and now we move on Read more

A couple of weeks ago, I went through difficult times. Every time that happens, I find guidance by doing oracle readings. I want to share one of them because I downloaded 7 steps to get through them, all with a couple of cards from the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

I love pulling cards. Having transitioned from tarot cards to oracle cards not so long ago, I seem to start to like oracle cards more and more. For some reason, they feel simpler – something I’m looking for these days. Read more

Manifesting within the Universal Laws seems so easy and logical – until you try to actually get some results. That’s when you become frustrated and upset. Why isn’t this shizz working? I mean, sometimes you’re done with waiting, right? In this blog, I want to confront you with how you block yourself from receiving your biggest desires ever in your manifesting process. Read more