n though I’m in a tremendous creative period of my life, I noticed that this week my creativity went dry. It felt as if I had little to write about for the first time in a long time. Despite that, it didn’t feel bad or something. It felt more like an initiation while I longed for new inspiration. Read more

As long as I’m in the right mindset, I’m a really good manifester. But since this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll explain the basics of manifesting for beginners.

All this doesn’t mean that I can struggle with “getting my thing” massively. But, especially when I let fear in, I lose connection with the process. It is then that I don’t see how I can fulfill my desires. That’s when many of the ideas and thoughts about not manifesting seep in. Since I’m not the only one who struggles with it, I’ve written this blog about manifesting for beginners. It’s not so much about how to manifest, but more about how I feel manifesting for beginners works from my perspective. Read more