When you interpret tarot cards, you rely heavily on your subconscious. This means that we don’t understand how reading cards works. Of course, there’s the image and the traditional meaning that you could look up in a book. But that’s not what we want. What we’re looking for is an intentional tarot reading. Read more

This week, I followed a discussion online about divine timing, and I felt relieved that I’m not the only one who’s very impatient regarding manifesting. Waiting for things to happen is challenging. While it comes down to believing your vision, trusting it will happen, and keep on taking aligned action, we sit there, tapping our fingers on the table, wondering when our desire will manifest. Read more

Yesterday, I did a cover reveal for my upcoming book Tarot Guide for Beginners. I am so happy that I can finally show you the cover of my upcoming book. I wanted to say that it took a lot to get here, but when I’m honest, the journey of creating the book went pretty smoothly. Read more

In 2004, I wrote my first tarot book. It got great reviews, but you have probably never noticed it because it was a Dutch book, and you may not be fluent in it 😉. Thousands of people still learn about tarot with my book. The way I teach tarot is not the only way. I love other people’s techniques because I learn a lot about them. But I have three pet peeves that I want to discuss with beginning and advanced tarot readers. Read more

Over the last few years, I have noticed how my inner conversation, a.k.a. my limiting beliefs, has stolen the show – MY show. It played a role in my old business, it played a role in the eating disorder, and it played a role in my author’s journey.

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Overcoming obstacles in my author’s journey has become the most significant goal this year. I thought I only had to hit the Publish button, but it turned out to be so much more. Read more

I was scrolling through my collection of tarot spreads on my Pinterest Boards when I found a spread for a conversation with my Future Self. You can find it in the board Spreads Future in the Tarot & Oracle Spreads board. You can find over a thousand examples there.
I can’t give credit for this spread because Pinterest blocked the source. Luckily they didn’t block the image because I did a great reading with it. It got up close and personal. Read more

As a long-time reader, I sometimes take the theories around the cards for granted. I no longer question my frame of mind, at least not like I used to do when I just began reading cards. That is why I want to talk to you about the woowoo I often see around the tarot. Read more

Now and then, I answer a tarot question. This time, it is something that worries my clients: “Can I change a prediction by tarot cards?”

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Business planning for my business is something I do with cappuccino and tarot. There you have it. Blog done. I know this works because I used all kinds of methods to overcome procrastination in my business in the past. But since I have adopted a method for business planning for my business with tarot cards and time blocks, I have been more productive than ever. Read more