I was scrolling through my collection of tarot spreads on my Pinterest Boards when I found a spread for a conversation with my Future Self. You can find it in the board Spreads Future in the Tarot & Oracle Spreads board. You can find over a thousand examples there.
I can’t give credit for this spread because Pinterest blocked the source. Luckily they didn’t block the image because I did a great reading with it. It got up close and personal. Read more

As a long-time reader, I sometimes take the theories around the cards for granted. I no longer question my frame of mind, at least not like I used to do when I just began reading cards. That is why I want to talk to you about the woowoo I often see around the tarot. Read more

Now and then, I answer a tarot question. This time, it is something that worries my clients: “Can I change a prediction by tarot cards?”

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