About Jolanda Bolt

Hi! I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am a Life & Soul Realignment Guide. I live in The Netherlands with my husband.

I work with people who are ready to make changes in their life and business based on their Divine Soul Blueprint. Together we’ll find out what blocks you from living your best life. I am here to guide you through a transformation in your personal life and business endeavors.

Why I Do Readings

My journey started in 1998 when I first bought a card deck. I learned to read for myself first, but soon after that (before I felt ready), I got the chance to do readings for clients. As with all changes, doing readings was pretty scary, but what I noticed quickly was how my intuition developed even faster. It was as if a door opened.

In 2004 I published my (Dutch) book on how to read cards for yourself, and this helped me to build a side-business as a teacher and a guide.

I took a break from my reading business and started, after studying nutrition and weight loss, a new coaching company to help people lose weight. But I missed my cards. I missed them dearly, so I returned to my reading business and added readings from the akashic records to it.

My Long Story Short

Over the years, I have struggled with what my purpose is. But after finding the information stored in my akashic record, I knew that I needed to go toward soul coaching. I understood how I am here to use my words (spoken or written) to move others into action from the records. I am also here to help them transform by evolving their consciousness.

From the moment I was aware of who I really am and what I want to experience in this life, I knew that I needed to take responsibility for it. I knew I had a choice to keep doing what I had been doing all the time, and I could redirect myself toward what I’m good at. Since then, I’m going with the flow instead of against it. Beliefs changed. Actions became aligned. It was quite the opposite of what I had experienced before. It also helped me to change my business to doing soul-based readings.

Jolanda Bolt

Jolanda Bolt

Life & Soul Realignment Guide
  • over 20 years of experience in tarot reading
  • author of Het Tarot Werkboek, a tarot workbook for beginners (Dutch)
  • life coach since 2004
  • a background in business coaching
  • a love for super-practical
  • multi-talented
  • (for insiders) 1st energy center Divine Communication / 2nd Energy center Divine Power / Blue Print Deliverer (overtone Vega)

I Understand Your Struggle

If there is one thing that you can count on, I understand what you’re going through. I know when you need a virtual shoulder to cry on, but I also know when you need a firm kick in the butt.

I do not provide a “do this, and you’ll reach your goal” solution. I provide you with a reading that helps you uncover how you restrict yourself from living your best life. After that, I help you to go deeper, to make an action plan so you can make choices that are aligned with who you really are.

I give you the opportunity to grow as a person and get rid of what no longer fits you. What I know is that you have dreams and a strong desire to live your purpose. It is time to take ownership and develop an inspired approach.

If you are ready to talk to me about how I can help you, please fill out the form below to send me a message.

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