Hello Lovely

Hi! I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am your Body & Soul Recovery Mentor. I live in the Netherlands with my husband.

I work with people who want to become more steady in their recovery journey and are willing to do the deep work for it, because they are fed up with being held back by their relapses all the time.

I feel that most recovery programs only provide you with a quarter of the solution. Binge eating recovery asks for an overall solution with several elements. Having severely struggled with binge eating and having been very overweight I *know* that it is about more than abstain from flour and sugar. That is only 25% of the solution (maybe even less).

Binge Eating Mentoring Feed Your Soul

Why I became a recovery mentor

In 2007 I weighed in at 130 kg (almost 300 lbs) and I was lost in the woods of restriction, binge eating, and bulimia. All I hoped for was that I would find a diet that would make me thin, beautiful, intelligent, and acceptable.

But I needed to go deeper than that. I needed to recover from restrictive dieting, learn to become more assertive and stand for my cause. I needed to take responsibility for all the reasons that made me eat. I also needed to follow my heart in what I wanted to do with my life.

I Messed up Many Times

I struggled with daily binges and bulimia for over 20 years. As soon as I’d come home from work the binges would start and would go on until I would fall asleep exhausted from eating and purging. I searched for help but could not find anyone who could help me. Because of this, I had to repeat my story many times. Too many times – and it made me anxious that my binge eating would rule the rest of my life.