About Jolanda Bolt
Akashic Records Business Coach

Intuitive Business Coaching by Jolanda Bolt

Hi! I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am an Akashic Records Business Coach. I live in The Netherlands with my husband.

I work with conscious business owners ready to make changes in their business and lives based on their Divine Soul Blueprint. In this Blueprint, we find who you are at soul origination and what is aligned with you and your business or not. Knowing this often results in making better decisions and stop doing what is not *you*. What that is, we’ll find out through intuitive coaching and guidance. I am here to guide you through a transformation in your business endeavors and personal life.

Why I do what I do

My business journey started when I was born. Doesn’t that sound great? I bet that you now think I’m a born entrepreneur or something cool, but that’s not it. I was born as the daughter of a baker, coming from a line of bakers, millers, farmers, etc. Doing business runs through my veins. Working hard, earning a good income, and not giving up when things are difficult are imprinted in my DNA.

In 1997 I started my first side-business reading tarot cards “for people who wanted it.” That was my niche. Back then, it wasn’t hard at all to start a spiritual business. I didn’t have to know anything about marketing or sales; all clients came through organic search, and they all raved about my readings. Their testimonials effortlessly sold new readings. There were no social media, only my website, and it was enough to earn a nice sum of money on the side.

In 2001 I was struck with a major burnout in my first management job. It took years to recover from it, but it also taught me a valuable lesson, that there were two sides in me: a part that listened to the family culture (“Work hard, get the promotion, earn money, be someone”) and a very intuitive part that valued freedom of choice and only wanted to write and empower people through her gifts. It took me fifteen years of career and business misery to grow into the second person.

My Akashic Records Story

During those fifteen years, I had a weight loss coaching business. While it did well for a while, it started to crumble after a series of difficult situations in my private life. While it wasn’t hard to find clients in my tarot business, the opposite was true for the weight-loss business. I spent a lot of money on marketing, had some grateful clients, but it wasn’t enough to pay the bills. Luckily I got the opportunity to go back to my old profession as a freelance quality assurance business consultant. After a couple of years of having two businesses, I liquidated the weight-loss business.

Finding the Akashic Records

That is when I found a course on reading the Akashic Records (read my blog about it). Going through that one and the follow-up business course, I understood why my weight-loss business never profited. It was totally misaligned with who I am. I did not start that business out of passion but out of frustration with my then job and weight (hoping I would find the secret sauce to my own problem). It was my ticket out of frustration. Still, I look back on it as an expensive but valuable learning experience. It has made me a better business coach than I could ever dream of. I understand where you are. I’ve been there.

Business & Abundance in the Akashic Records

Over the years, I have specialized in doing intuitive readings for business people to help them see who they are and who they are as business owners. They influence their business unconsciously, and sometimes certain aspects can become real business and abundance blocks without being aware of it. I help them to understand themselves so they can understand their business.

With my love for quality improvement, it was a great opportunity to combine my love for business consulting with my love for spirituality. Training as an Akashic Records Business & Financial Abundance Expert filled that gap.


Not A Template Coach

I do not provide what I call “template coaching.” Working with me does not come with a “do this, and you’ll be super-successful” template. Working with me does mean that you will become aware of who you are on a soul-level. This comes with the responsibility to step out of your ego-mind comfort zone. This may be scary, but because it feels so good, you can expect that it will also positively influence your business’s financial abundance. Unblocking yourself unblocks your business.

Going through that transformation myself, I decided to create an offer for conscious business owners.

If you are ready to talk to me about how I can help you, please apply for the free strategy call and find out how my coaching works.

I hope to talk to you soon.