Hello Lovely

Hi! I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am your Weight Loss Mindset Mentor. I live in the Netherlands with my husband.

I work with women who want to lose weight and are willing to do the work for it. They are fed up with living a low-vibe life and be held back by their weight all the time.

I feel that the weight loss market has it all wrong and I am willing to take them on by providing a different solution to stubborn weight. Having been overweight myself I *know* that it is not just about what you eat. That is only 25% of the solution (maybe even less).

jolanda bolt

Why I do what I do

In 2007 I weighed in at 130 kg (almost 300 lbs) and I was lost in the woods of diets, binge eating, and bulimia. All I hoped for was that I would find that one diet that would make me thin, beautiful, intelligent and acceptable.

But I Messed up many times

I struggled with daily binges and bulimia for over 20 years. As soon as I’d come home from work the binges would start and would go on until I would fall asleep exhausted from eating and purging. I searched for help but could not find anyone who could help me on all levels. I had to repeat my story many times. Too many times.

Long Story Short

Finally in 2007 “the light went on” and I haven’t switched it off anymore. I started to understand that I had to work on myself before I could lose weight. I also needed to make some serious career decisions because my jobs wore me out. And I also need to start following my intuition and soul path to do what I was meant to do (and that is to work with women like you).

All this had nothing to do with following a diet. But it helped me to lose 52 kg/115 lbs. I am so proud that I made it and I know I’ll never get back to that weight again.

The freedom that it gave me is something I want to share with you.

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