Akashic Record Reading boosting confidence

how my akashic reading boosted my confidence

n an Akashic record reading, I have a conversation with a client to help them become aware of who they essentially are and how they can take conscious responsibility for their growth, happiness, and abundance as a soul in this human experience. Of course, I have done one for myself and will do one every six months or so to evaluate.

Being trained by Soul Realignment® made me see how wise and resourceful we all are in essence, but also how we dim our brilliance by unconscious patterns that block our divine light. In this first blog in a series, I want to share the insights and impact it had on my confidence after doing my own reading.

What is an akashic record reading?

The akasha is nothing more than the primary substance of which we and everything else consists. It’s energy. Everything is energy. The chair that I sit on right now, the computer I type this blog on, the house I where live with my husband. You and I physically consist of that same energy in the third dimension. We mentally think thoughts in the fourth dimension, and we intuitively connect to our Higher Self in the fifth to the tenth dimension. It is all energy. The higher the dimension, the higher its frequency. A rock or a tree has a low frequency, and the information from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters is much higher in frequency. It’s a frequency we, as incarnated souls, couldn’t even notice.

Way back, reading that energy was only meant for the very highly evolved souls, who understood how sacred this energy is. Since humanity is evolving very quickly right now (look at how many people are interested in spirituality, self-growth, and the unknown), that information becomes available for those who want it. To be clear: that’s you since you’ve already read this far.

Let me ask you these questions

  • How would it be if you’d have a way to test which decision is right for you?
  • How would it be if you’d feel in your power?
  • How would it be if you could set boundaries *and* protect them in a way that is yours?

The information from that akashic field helps you to do it. From that field, you’ll know the right answers to your questions, and doubt and struggle fall away. This way, you can take ownership to become as you’ve always been again – to take responsibility for your happiness, abundance, and living a life aligned with your life’s purpose.

how my akashic reading impacted my confidence

How will an akashic record reading help you when you’re struggling?

In that akashic field, I can find information about you that confronts you with the gap of who you essentially are and how you hide that brilliant light for the world. You’re hiding it in all kinds of ways. It’s drama everywhere, angry people around us, lots of confusion about which decision to make, and so on. These are blocks and restrictions I will talk about in a later blog.

What I’ve found, when I was confronted with the information from my akashic record record, I wanted to cross that divide and to live more aligned with who I essentially am. It helped me remind which decision makes me go upstream and which decision creates life in the flow. It’s what Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, says:


Can you imagine taking your canoe to the river’s edge, and you come to the edge of the river, a fast-moving river, and you point it upstream deliberately and start paddling really hard. And we say, why not turn and just go with the flow of the stream? But our physical friends say, “Abraham, that just seems lazy.” And we say: “How long can you keep this up?”

And they say: “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out because … this is what we humans do, we paddle upstream…”


Abraham: “We want to be clear about something here: nothing that you want is upstream. NOTHING that you want is upstream. Because as life caused you to ask more, source has become it and is calling you! In other words, everything that you want is in the direction of that flow. Further, there is only one flow. There is not a flow that will take you off to evil and badness or sickness. There is only one stream, and it’s the stream of becoming. It’s the stream of life. It’s the stream that flows from source.

While iIt’s the stream that you have contributed to; it’s that cycle of life. It’s a flow, and it is downstream. And when YOU go with that flow, you feel the vitality of that. You don’t even have to turn the boat around. And you don’t have to paddle downstream. Just stop paddling upstream!

If you stop paddling upstream, the stream will turn you. And you will begin to move in the direction of what you have created in your life. You’ll move in the vibration of your vibrational escrow. And as you begin the turn, you will begin to feel the relief.”

Read this again

Please do yourself a favor and reread it because there’s so much wisdom in the words of Abraham.

Haven’t we always looked for the key to go upstream? How did that work for you? Well, an akashic record reading makes you stop paddling so the stream can turn your canoe. After the reading, when you take ownership of clearing out your energetic attic of beliefs, blocks, and mental and emotional stuff, you’ll feel like a different person. At least that’s what it did for me.

What did I find out who I essentially am?

The energy that I was talking about earlier shows up in all of us in different ways. We differ from each other as colors can vary through all the shades and tints they come in. I mean, there is no one blue. It’s as dictionary.com tells us: “Blue is the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nanometers.” It’s the same with people; we’re all as different as the different shades of blue (and red, green and purple and yellow) as we’re made of different combinations of vital force energy.

In my akashic record, I found out I have two core qualities of that vital force energy and one way of how I prefer to bring those qualities forward:

  • the gift of divine communication, self-expression, and authenticity
  • the gift of divine power, independence, and free choice.
  • the gift of delivering in the spotlight

The gift of divine communication

Writing is an aspect of which I was aware of already. I write and create content pretty easily. I knew that. But what I didn’t realize was how self-expression and authenticity are also part of my Divine Soul Blueprint. I had to learn that.

All my life, I have been very private about what lived inside of me and only opened up to people I trusted (and there weren’t a lot who earned that honor of knowing my real story). From that reading, I learned that I need to write about my own experience and do it authentically when I write. When I don’t, I can’t write. I block. The words don’t come out, and when they do (because I need to come up with some copy), it doesn’t feel right, and I choose not to publish it.

What I had already noticed in the past, when I still had my weight loss business and blog, was that when I wrote a rather generic blog post about “do this and lose weight,” I would hardly get any reactions to it. But when I’d write about my personal woes on weight and how hard I found it to withstand certain foods, I’d get all kinds of comments on the blog and social media. People recognize authenticity from a mile away.

Authenticity sells

Authenticity sells because when I’d ask clients why they decided to work with me, I’d often hear that they read a very personal story that touched them so much that they felt connected.

While any other blogger would use that as feedback and start pouring out share after share, I only felt super anxious. From that anxiousness, I could only write generic blogs that people could find anywhere on the Internet. I also didn’t want to let anyone know what I wrote because I didn’t feel comfortable about it. It was good to find out from the reading that communication is one of my core qualities.

Another aspect I learned about myself while studying on a next-level training to read the energy of business’ and find the best ways to create more abundance is that I am apparently good at marketing and sales. My chin dropped to the floor when I read it for the first time in my akashic reading.


I was unwilling to believe it because I have always struggled with marketing and sales in my business. While there was no problem when people connected with me in person to find out about a service I offer; writing sales letters and newsletters was a nightmare. I even had several people coach me on it, but my patterns of not wanting to be seen were too strong. In short, I despised marketing, and so I refused to do it.

If there is one thing that kills your business, it’s not doing any form of marketing. How else will people find out about you? For one, because I was scared as hell, but also because weight loss was no longer “my thing.” my business was built on the pain and suffering I endured when I was overweight. But these days, I don’t suffer anymore and I’ve left the powerlessness behind. Writing about pain and suffering was something I didn’t want to do anymore. It was no longer authentic and so my fingers on the keyboard refuse duty. Nothing came out, no matter how often I tried to sit my butt in the chair and do the work. I even wrote a book about binge eating and a great way to counter it, but after 170,000 words, it died in my hands. While I haven’t deleted the manuscript, I feel it will make a magical reappearance one day. But not now.

Longing to read for people like you

All the time, there was this deep longing inside of me that wanted to write about spirituality and reading tarot cards. I had already combined this with weight loss, but still, it didn’t work. I need to make a radical shift, but I didn’t know how to do this without disappointing all kinds of people.

But when I found out that I should be very fluent in marketing and sales, I opened myself to the possibility of being good at it. I decided to ask for insight and assistance from my spirit guides to writing better blogs and newsletters. Daring to doubt my beliefs around marketing changed everything. Just over an hour ago, I wrote a newsletter, and it went so quickly, so smoothly that I hit send within ten minutes. In the past, it would have taken me four hours. This new way of writing opens up a lot of time to do other fun stuff, like reading for people.

I still ask my spirit guides (I have five of them) for assistance when I struggle to come up with a subject for blogs. I can even panic about it. But after asking for assistance, the right topic magically appears in my mind, and it doesn’t take ages to write them. I mean, this blog is just under 3000 words, which is huge, and it only took me three hours to write and edit it.

The gift of Divine Power

As I’ve struggled with anxiety all my life, I’ve also felt stuck for all that time. But according to my Akashic Record, I energetically align with power, independence, and free choice. People have told me, I have a powerful appearance, but it felt differently inside. On the other hand, I must admit that I’ve never had to write more than one application letter to find a new job all through my career. With my skill to write an outstanding application letter and then present myself as their best option, they will ever get, was a matter of one appointment, and we would agree to join forces. Of course, this also turned out wrong a couple of times, but that was because I ended up in misalignment and stayed way too long.

The last time, there wasn’t even a job opening. I just went up to my client’s office (now my boss) and told him I wanted to change the freelance contract into an employment contract in such and so position and that I was the best option he would ever get. Of course, he had to think about that. When I walked away from his office, I cringed with the audacity I had just shown. My inner critic had a field day! A week later, we shook hands on the new contract, and he welcomed me to his team. I mean, hello! Is that powerful or not?

The opposite

But what I’ve also felt is the opposite. I have felt powerless over food, over jobs, and over making decisions. I used to choose not to choose (which is a choice in itself). This choice resulted in being very overweight and going up and down in weight (still an issue), staying in jobs that were a pain in the ass, living in houses that were leaky and moldy, and hanging on to friends that ignored my boundaries.

Feeling powerless gets you stuck like a mofo. I mean, feet in concrete, sunk in the sea. How often have I sat on my couch, crying my eyes out because I was not happy but felt I had no choice but to endure it. Enduring things is no freedom. It fucking sucks the life energy out of you. Well, there now, that’s two curse words in one paragraph – that’s quite enough.

Instant change

Understanding that I can stand in my power instantly changed things. If I apparently am a powerful being, then I can’t fall back to powerlessness and passive-aggressive behavior like keeping my mouth shut when something needs to be corrected. This realization first a bit of a shock, but right after that I saw that it can help me tremendously because it also keeps me away from stuckness.

This doesn’t mean that I have to whack everyone around me verbally with my truth. I have learned over the last few years how to communicate how things work around here succinctly and I can do that without all kinds of powerless labels to it. 😊 Call it my inner Dr. Phil that I am bringing out. I tell them like it is, and they all accept it because I do it in a powerful way.

But powerlessness isn’t all bad. It’s an excellent gauge to know if things in my life are still aligned. The moment I feel powerless, I need to make changes. No matter if I feel like it or not. If I don’t take action to redirect it, I’m no longer authentic.

The gift of delivering in the spotlight

The energetic qualities tell you what you essentially are; your first incarnation as a soul tells you how you prefer to align with your energetic quality. Without telling you what you should do (because you have freedom of choice), it gives you insight into how you best bring forward the talents you have.

From my first incarnation, I have learned that I’m here to promote consciousness. For this, I use my energetic qualities of communication and power to make others aware that we all create our own experience. It could make me socially active because I want everybody to access the same resources. On the other side, it can also get me in trouble because I sometimes think too big. When that happens, I get overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. At the same time, I need to understand that I can’t create consciousness in everyone. Some choose to stay unconscious, as is their free choice.

Apparently good at it

The other aspect is that I apparently thrive in the spotlight. This caused resistance, but there are also two sides to it. One part of the gift of communication is that when my words fall on deaf ears that I feel awful. In other words, I need the interaction. While I don’t mind speaking to a group of people, I do mind creating YouTube videos where my audience isn’t visible. To me, it feels as if my words fall on deaf ears. YouTube is not my way of putting things out there. I have such a strong preference for written words and personal connection! For this, I still need to find my brilliance, because this aspect is new to me and I’ll have to develop it more.

What I’m coming to terms with since then is that I may need to take up the role of a consciousness teacher, but I have no idea what I’ll teach and how to do it. But it is all about being willing to try it and to question my beliefs if I’m capable of it or not. In that, I’m a lot of Pippi Longstocking who said: “I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it.”

How it boosted my confidence

Doing my akashic record reading reflected a lot of things that I loved to be, but was not sure if I wanted them. I mean, with power comes the responsibility to lead and when you lead you can make the wrong decisions, and when you make wrong decisions, people get upset with you. Yada-yada-yada.

And… what if I’ll do it all right? It was this question I asked myself that had a huge impact. I don’t have to know all the answers. I don’t have them right now but when I connect to my Higher Self I am sure I’ll have them. And that is what it is all about.

Having examples of how I show my brilliance in small examples can be the foundation for abundance. All I have to do is be willing to open myself for it.

This was part 1 in a series of blogs about how the akashic record reading impacted my confidence. Next week, part 2.

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