Akashic Record Readings

Soul Inspiration With An Akashic Records Reading

So, who are you? Don’t tell me your name or what you do, let alone how much you bring in every month. There are so many opportunities to tell people who we are. But how often do we fall back on what we do and then start listing all the high points in our lives? Boring!

How would it be, if you could answer this question confidently and talk about who you are deep down in an empowered way? How would it be when you knew exactly what your core quality or qualities are but also know what to watch out for or to work on?

All this you find out with an Akashic Record Reading.

The Real You

When thinking about the Akashic Records, many people have an image of this immense library, filled with books. Don’t ask me why, but when I first tried to image this energetic database, an image of the Bruce Almighty scene came up. THe one where Jim Carrey meets God. I saw the same white room, only my image held a computer console where I can type in your name and open your file.

In that file, not only is logged who you were when you first incarnated, but it also holds every action and thought you ever had. Some of those actions have had such a tremendous impact that they turned into blocks and restrictions. Those blocks restrict you from being exactly who you are on soul-level. They block you from living your best life, from the core of your soul. This can result in being anxious about your leadership ability, afraid to commit to a life-long love relationship, or slowly see your energy drain in an awful job. At the same time, you dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

About Your Kryptonite

See all this as knowing your super-powers. But like Superman, we also have our weaknesses – our kryptonite. We develop this over many lifetimes in which we make choices that create negative patterns that prevent us from making use of full access to our vital force energy. And you know, we know it because these blocks – our weaknesses – are what we struggle with within our day to day reality.

For instance, feelings of failure come up strongly in my Divine Soul Blueprint, and boy do I know it. I feel as if my life revolved around being insecure, thinking I’d fail and that certain things weren’t for me. When it comes down to it, I haven’t failed a lot, but I could not see that for a long time. Over the years, I learned to cope with it, but what made a difference was when I performed a clearing over my blocks. Since then, I’m not holding back anymore.

Think about your life and struggles. What would you love to clear from your life?

About How I Work

The way I work is that when you order an akashic records session with me, I will first have to check if your soul is open to the idea as well. It doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes your soul says no about getting read when I ask for permission. And you know, that’s totally okay! I don’t want to trespass anything.

While almost all souls are open to reading, I first have to check this before starting the process. By ordering an akashic records reading, you agree to having read that tiny bit of information already. When I know your soul is open to reading, I’ll send you the payment link (I only have PayPal at this moment), and we’ll set up an appointment when I’ve received your payment. As I need time to plan the preparation we often need to plan a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Before we have the session, I check out your Divine Soul Blueprint and make notes. I do this with a pendulum. With the pendulum, I receive only yes or no answers to my questions. The interpretation of the answer is based on my well-developed intuition. With it, I can give insights on how limiting patterns formed in a couple of past lives influence your current life.

In a live session, recorded in Zoom, I will tell you the results and coach you on becoming aware of and preventing the influence of past life blocks. Besides that, I also set up a clearing for you to accept at any point. My clearing is only the beginning. This needs to be confirmed by you through doing homework for a certain period of time.

Read the terms and conditions here

About Jolanda

jolanda bolt akashic record reader

Hello, I am Jolanda Bolt, and I am a certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner. I live in the Netherlands with my husband in a small town in the north of the country. I work as a transformational soul coach and have a job as a board consultant in a health care organization. I love both, and you know what? I don’t have to choose!

I found out from my Divine Soul Blueprint that I have two core qualities of vital force energy. The first one is the divine gift of communication, self-expression, and authenticity. This helps me to write and speak easily.

The other one is the divine gift of power. This helps me in my leadership position, and it also accentuates the importance of free will and choice through this gift – that’s why I said I don’t have to choose. Both jobs give me tremendous joy.

Almost 25 years ago, I started reading cards. In 2004 I published Het Tarot Werkboek, a Dutch book on how to read tarot cards for beginners. I have done hundreds of tarot readings, and I have added the akashic record readings.

Healing Work

Understanding when and how you developed certain blocks and restrictions is not enough to change your life. First, we need to clear the energetic patterns, and then you’ll have to do things differently. Part of what I’m offering is that I set up a clearing process. I do a small ritual that needs to be affirmed by you. I can only set it up for you, but you need to take responsibility for changing it in your mental body.

Some clients don’t finish this homework, and that’s okay. Everything is a choice, but the effect is that you hang on to the same blocks and restrictions. It’s the clearing process that makes it a life-changing experience.

I am aware that all change is difficult, and I want to let you know that it is also possible to work with me for a longer period to break through any remaining blocks and restrictions.

Book Your Akashic Records Reading

Akashic records readings will tell you who you are in origination and which blocks and restrictions are there that keep you from fully enjoying your talents. A session takes about 90 minutes.

Your investment: $199 / €175 (includes clearing and recording)