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How my Akashic Reading boosted my confidence

In an Akashic reading, I have a conversation with a client to help them become aware of who they essentially are and how they can take conscious responsibility for their growth, happiness, and abundance as a soul in this human experience. Of course, I have done one for myself and will do one every six […]

How your story keeps you stuck

Many people have something in common that I’d like to call their ‘stuck story.’ It is the story you tell yourself all the time, about how awful it is to [fill in the blanks…], how hard it is to [fill in the blanks…], how boring it is only to [fill in the blanks], and everything […]

How to manage the change process inside

Some time ago, I talked to a friend about the akashic records reading I had done for her. We talked about managing the change process that the world around us is going through and impacts us. Especially this year, we have had to get used to many situations that seemed to happen, but they are […]