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A Letter To Food Addiction

Dear Food Addiction, At a very early age, you taught me you were always there for me. While I did not know what that meant, I later learned that you were there at a few steps away. The moment I started to eat, I’d feel tension subside, and I would sink into a state in […]

What I learned from losing 115 lbs (52 kg)

Since my weight loss started, I have shed 52 kilograms (115 pounds.) of weight. While that sounds like a lot, it took me more than ten years to do it. Today I stand here to acknowledge that reaching this goal was so much more than just following a diet. In this blog, I want to […]


What is your weight story? (plus free download!)

Many women who struggle with their weight have something in common that I’d like to call their “weight story”. It is the story you tell yourself all the time, about how awful it is to start a new diet again, how hard it is to lose weight, how boring it is only to eat healthily, […]

Why Elizabeth Gilbert made me cry

If you are looking for the latest tip about how to lose weight fast, then you may have to click “Back” and move to the next suggestion in your Google results or your timeline. This blog is going to be different than you have read from me for a long time. Like ever. Jolanda BoltAs […]

Permit yourself to be skinny or anything that only slightly resembles that

 Why do you struggle with your weight? Why is it so hard to permit yourself to be skinny? Possibly because you feel like you do not deserve it or because you tell yourself a story why it is impossible to have this. What you are struggling with is a self-proclaimed obstacle because this is […]


Ten things you need to get weight loss results

Starting a diet is one thing, finishing a diet is another. Maybe you now think: hmmm, I do think that I’ve quit quite a lot of diets lately, so what is so difficult about that? But I’m not talking about quitting a diet but finishing one, strongly, meaning: that you reach your goal weight. How […]

What you need to manifest weight loss results easily and effortlessly

Weight loss, isn’t it just damned hard work? Do you also have that nagging feeling of powerlessness over your weight and eating habits? Let me pose a truth; just for a minute: You are more powerful than you let yourself feel, right now. You can manifest a healthy right-sized body. But oh, stop! Are you […]


Why food planning for weight loss ends insanity

Last week I published the Food Planner For Weight Loss: Six Months Of Planning, Journaling And Evaluating Healthy Habits For Weight Loss. This project has been on my mind for a long time and now I have done it: I published it! As I write on my website, food planning has changed my life. Let […]

Why so many people suck at manifesting weight loss

Ever since I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t about what I ate that made the difference in manifesting weight loss goals or not, I’ve been pointing at my head when I talk about where the choice to eat is made; as if that choice is made in my head. Jolanda BoltAs a weight […]


How to know if your weight scale is a big fat liar

How to know if your weight scale is a big fat liar Your weight scale is a great tool to measure how much weight you’ve lost? I mean: your weight isn’t showing anything else than the force of gravity on you which may be defined as the mass times the acceleration of gravity. Or something. […]