A Life Without Binge Eating

On this page, I explain all aspects of my Binge Eating Recovery Program: Feed Your Soul.  This program is not about dieting, but about understanding that your soul needs a well-fed body to do what hoped to find in this life on earth. Instead, you choose to sabotage your life plan with overeating, binge eating, or even food addiction.

To live the life your soul wants to experience, you need to work at the blocks that you are throwing in front of yourself. Sometimes these blocks are too big to overcome, but I found that with the right focus you can learn to

  • create soft control over your food,
  • learn how to trust yourself around food, and
  • understand what is needed to start following your soul plan.

Recovery is not only about eating the right food, but also becoming authentic and changing the reasons why you started to eat. It is a deeply transformative process that is very easy to sabotage.

While many people think that binge eating or emotional eating is just about emotions and feelings, I know that there are a lot of factors that influence overeating:

  • imbalanced hormones
  • lack of important nutrients
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • thoughts and stories you tell yourself
  • not knowing your soul plan

It often happens that people who binge eat, do that because they have been on a diet for too long and suffer from malnutrition. Secondly, it is possible that you have taught yourself to survive life by overeating. Thirdly, there is a chance that you sabotage your brilliance by denying yourself the life your soul decided to experience here.

binge eating recovery

Undermining Self-Confidence

As I’ve found through personal experience, there is nothing as undermining for your self-confidence and self-image as binge eating. How are you noticing it is breaking your emotional and mental stability? Have you or are you:

  • lost faith in your future?
  • convinced that you suck at abstaining from addictive foods?
  • doubting your talents and skills?
  • gone on increasingly stricter diets to lose weight no matter what?
  • been sabotaging yourself?
  • stuck in a diet mentality?

It is all possible and more. That is why I strongly urge you to take action if you recognize any of these confidence-breaking behavior. Your mental, emotional and physical balance can be so much better if you take action now.

What You Need To Conquer Binge Eating

Not Just A Trick

Understand that the process that I’m talking about is not just a trick that I am going to teach you. Instead, you study your emotions and feelings and see how they trigger you into eating.

Courageous Mindset

This asks for a courageous mindset to look at those feelings that you’ve been hiding up to now and a willingness to work with them.

Be Kind To Yourself

It also asks you to not quit on yourself when you make a mistake. Perfectionism is the shortest route to giving up and quitting your diet. Instead, I teach you self-forgiveness and self-love to redirect negative emotions. You will want to build a life that is happier and healthier!

Let me be honest

In all love, I want to tell you that I totally understand that it can be scary sometimes to start this Binge Eating Recovery Program – to not do what you’ve always done – because you do not want the life that you always had. It means that you’ve got to do something to change it.

But you know, you’ve got this. With my help, you can do this.