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Useful questions for a tarot or oracle recovery reading

useful questions

As you may have found out about me, I love using tarot cards or oracle cards to learn more about myself and my eating habits with the help of tarot cards or oracle cards. It depends on my mood on which tool I use. I often get the question of what the difference is between […]

Allow yourself to binge if you have to

allow yourself to eat

I know, it sounds like weird advice from a binge recovery mentor: allow yourself to binge. But I mean it. Allow yourself to binge if you have tried to stop yourself but failed.

The ditch: observations on recovery


In my last blog, I talked about going through a rough time. I also told you how I had picked up the pieces and had managed to crawl out of the ditch I created for myself. Today I want to give you an update on that. I’ll be honest: it’s not easy. I came from […]

Is it worth it?

worth it

In one of the communities on recovery I’m in, someone asked if following a recovery program was all worth it. I mean, you need to do a lot to become free of food and experience harmony again in your life. Many people responded with a definite answer that it was very much worth it. Yes, […]

Why do you binge? (the binge eating cycle)

binge cycle

Why do you binge? Why can’t you stop eating? No, do not look at me, as if you’ll think I’m going to give you the answer. The answer is in you! Before you read on, read The difference between binge eating and emotional eating, so we are on the same page about the precise definitions. […]

How to recover from breaking your bright lines

bright lines

Finding guidance when you keep breaking your bright lines in recovery. A (bright) line is one of the rules you follow when you recover from binge eating or food addiction. They are: No sugar No flour Three nutritious meals a day That meets the quantities rule. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’ve broken a […]


The Fool ’s Recovery Journey


Tarot is an excellent tool in recovery. You can use the cards to understand why the phase you’re in. It can help you to understand your current struggle and give guidance for your next best step forward.