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Every now and then, I answer a tarot question. This time, it is something that worries my clients: “Can I change a prediction by tarot cards?” **-** As always, the answer to this question depends on whether you feel you are in control over your future. It is a big part of the frame of reference we need for the answer. If you believe that something bigger than you controls your destiny, you may feel that you cannot change a prediction by tarot cards. But when you feel more empowered and authentic, your view will be the opposite. Let me explain a couple of things that help you take back control. Not set in stone Let’s start with the first explanation: Your future is not set in stone. It is something you often hear when it comes to tarot readings. But what does that mean for a prediction by tarot cards? In your reading, there may be a part about the future. But what I always emphasize is that it is a possible future. This means that you can change it. For this, you need to take action to redirect your current direction. But we all know how hard taking action is (or is it just me?) If there is one value my mom taught me, it is this one: “If you don’t like what you chose, then choose again.” ―my mom It is as simple as that. Just choose again. It is like being at a crossroads, where you stare at the direction on the left. You talk to a reader about what’s there. Whatever you hear from them, you can either choose to go left or go right because you like the other option better. Don’t go in the direction someone else tells you will be awful. That would not be logical! Feel in control of your future Another essential aspect of the answer is this: limiting beliefs. Some people feel fearful, doubtful, or whatever ‘ful there is. Whatever it is, they feel they can’t choose for whatever reason. Especially with drastic lifestyle changes, this can be a challenge. Sometimes, it comes down to learning new skills, which can take months or years. On the other hand, there are also situations that you can’t control, just like that. Think about the pandemic or the war in Ukraine. In cases like that, you need to do what is necessary to survive: take care of yourself. But most of the time, we can change our outcome when we allow ourselves to overcome our personal limitations. If you do a reading and pull a card about the projected future, always pull an additional card that helps you define what your next step is. Make this a super practical and simple step. Something you can do in the next 24 hours, preferably. Whatever you read in your cards is only as powerful as the action you take on it. A reading is useless if it doesn’t help you to become practical. Also, don’t poo-poo small actions. If you take a small action every day, you’ll look at an overall changed life after a year. A mirror of the moment Another way to approach the question is to see the reading as a mirror of the moment of now. If you pull cards and shuffle and pull again in ten minutes, you pull different cards. It’s as simple as that. That doesn’t mean that your future has changed in those ten minutes. New cards will help you approach the topic of your reading from a different point of view. It is because of this why you shouldn’t do general readings. General questions give general readings. Specific questions give specific readings. This means that we often think there is only one way to resolve an issue, but that’s not true. There are many ways to resolve it. Our limited thinking wants us to believe that we’re only looking for one solution. In reality, there are unlimited possibilities to resolve the issue. A tarot reading shows you probabilities, not solutions. For instance, if your question is about your relationship, one of your possibilities is to break up. This may sound horrid, but you don’t know what doing that will open up for you after that. Maybe you are destined for something much better; maybe you will love the freedom of breakup. And yes, it is also possible that you are heartbroken. It all depends on the story you want to tell yourself. It all depends on how you prepare for the change that makes it the way it will be. It depends on your expectations and the story you tell in your mind. If it is a painful story, your future will probably be painful (although you might be surprised that the story is not true at all. Do you trust yourself? The story we tell ourselves is often based on how much we trust ourselves when it comes to our future. Answer this question: “Do you trust that you will be alright, no matter what happens?” Don’t answer it right away, but feel for the answer in your body and mind. Do you trust yourself? If you don’t, that’s totally okay. But it means that there is work to do in that area. If you trust yourself, then you can’t lose. You will be okay no matter what. To avoid or not to avoid that is the question Many will avoid the issue at hand at all costs. But ignoring the misaligned situation will not make it go away. This can happen because they cannot change the situation, but some things can always be changed. If not the situation itself, then at least how they handle it. And you know, sometimes not handling the situation IS handling the situation. Sometimes you just need to drop it and let the storm move over. But most people avoid specific issues because the story they tell themselves is pretty strong. The stories of being not strong enough, not smart enough, not powerful enough. Some of them are told every day, all day long. You turn the volume down at some point, but you still feel its disempowerment in your body, and you feel weak or dumb. That is why listening to the story you tell yourself is essential to finding what is needed. I wrote about this before in this blog. Your story can be very persistent. Especially with worth issues, you need to do some real work to change it. This doesn’t mean it is hard work but ongoing work. You need to constantly remind yourself that it is okay to want better circumstances. Every time you tell yourself a limiting story, you pull on the thread to keep the situation near. Stop pulling That is why doing tarot readings that contain information about your future is so valuable. They remind you that there is a probability for something better, but you need to stop pulling the thread of the story. Start reminding yourself that your future could also be different and dive into that story, how it is different and how that makes you feel. This needs some imagination, but nobody asks you to be realistic here. Read more about pray rain journaling if you are interested in this. Projection by reader You also need to keep in mind that the tarot reader with whom you worked is projecting their personal limitations on you. Even a reader is only a person who comes with a story, experiences and limiting beliefs. They are not saints because they can read the cards. It sometimes happens that readers cannot keep a neutral stance in their reading and makes the querent feel bad about their situation and their future. When that happens, you first need to decide if you want to hold on to the value of the reading. You go inside and feel how the reading makes you feel to decide that. If the reading makes you feel crappy, please toss it out the door. Understand that the interpretation of a card is strongly affected by the reader’s personal experiences. Sometimes, they let their personal beliefs shine through. It does not make the reader a bad person. At least, I don’t think that they hurt you purposefully. Can a future be predicted anyway? Lastly, you need to decide if predicting the future is possible anyway. Knowing you have unlimited possibilities, it is pretty challenging to predict what will happen. That is why I use a tarot card reading more like a good conversation about your options and to help you experience how these options feel for you. Often my clients block that experience for themselves because they feel overwhelmed by the situation already. With my tarot cards, I can help them see a couple of possibilities and find out what is necessary to make them a reality. I do that in a very grounded and no-nonsense way. In the end, you want to have a plan, right? Even when you just need to experience the heaviness longer. Sometimes you’re not ready for change. And that is totally okay. In that case, you hold back the future from happening. Even if you want it desperately, you can still do this. Sometimes your fears are more potent than your need for joy. Just live your life and feel how it makes you feel. The way you feel is your compass by which you change your life. If something feels great, you keep the same direction. If it starts to feel off, you redirect a bit until it feels better again. Manifesting a good life is all about doing this a million times, two million times. And that is why changing the prediction of a tarot reading is relatively simple if you ask me. Just take a different route. It’s as simple as that.
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