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I gained 35 pounds and I did not die (or: okay with being not okay)

35 pounds

So, there you have it. I gained weight: 35 pounds. Not just a little, but a shitload. Of course, this did not happen overnight, but I have looked the other way. As with many things that hurt a lot – when you move through them, sometimes there are good things on the other side. Sometimes […]

A hundred things for a better life

better life

At the end of last year, when I was contemplating my intentions for 2020, I thought about how weight and diet had always been part of my life. In my ever-lasting search for weight loss truth, I even became a weight loss coach. But the quest no longer interests me. It is not that I […]


A Celtic Cross for Recovery of Food Addiction

Celtic Cross for Food Addiction

Tarot cards are not new to me. I started reading them around 1997 or so. I have always been amazed by how accurate the readings have been in any life area I used them for. But to my surprise, I never thought of using them in my recovery. It is a mystery to me why […]

You do not find the best diet, the best diet finds you

best diet blog

If you search for the best diet in Google, the search engine generates more than 7.5 million options for you in 0.52 seconds. You may have even found me that way because I used the best diet as keywords for this blog. But what is the best diet, really? I mean for you. How will […]

How to stop binging

stop binging

To avert a binge can be quite a job. Once you get in the mood to eat, it is hard to stop binging. Often your binge starts with an urge to eat. This urge can originate from an emotional trigger but also a thought, a habit, a sound, a smell, or even an image of […]

A Letter To Food Addiction

food addiction

Dear Food Addiction, At a very early age, you taught me you were always there for me. While I did not know what that meant, I later learned that you were there at a few steps away. The moment I started to eat, I’d feel tension subside, and I would sink into a state in […]

What I learned from losing 115 lbs (52 kg)

weight loss

Since my weight loss started, I have shed 52 kilograms (115 pounds.) of weight. While that sounds like a lot, it took me more than ten years to do it. Today I stand here to acknowledge that reaching this goal was so much more than just following a diet. In this blog, I want to […]