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It’s not the self-discipline but the struggle to celebrate

Self-discipline, don’t you also hate that word? For me it means that I have to hustle every day, doing only sensible things and work my fingers to the bone. While I write this, I notice a whiny voice somewhere in the back of my mind that tells me: “I don’t wanna be self-disciplined.”

Making a life change: 4 aspects not to forget

life change

Creating a life change sometimes seems so overwhelming, so big, so much hard work. Only the thought of it makes you sigh and wonder if you’ll ever make it that far.

Want to change your life? This is how you do it!

change your life

Do you want to change your life? Then read along, because in this blog I’m going to explain how you can do it without shooting straight for overwhelm. So many people want to change their life, but after a few weeks, they come to the conclusion that they are failing, so they stop.


Mindset change for weight loss: how to create one

Mindset change for weight loss: how to create one

Have you ever been aware that you needed to change your mindset for weight? You’ve probably done it more often than you were aware. Look back to the last few days of the last year and the first few of this year: you probably thought about losing weight again. Maybe you set some goals and […]

Are you a food addict? (with free self-diagnosis test)

Food addction

I know, food addiction is a pretty confronting thing. I sincerely hope that you can answer the question: “Are you a food addict”? with a firm “no” after you have read this blog and filled out the self-diagnosis test. Food addiction is no joke. People so often say: “I’m addicted to chocolate” or “I’m addicted to […]

Healthy holidays: 5 tips to create them

healthy holidays

Now that Christmas is coming near some people are going into Christmas stress mode. How to create healthy holidays without feeling guilty afterward? 

Goal weight: I reached my goal weight for 2017!

weight goal reached

This morning I reached my #bigass goal weight of 2017. A goal weight that I really wasn’t sure if I’d ever reach it. Maybe you know the feeling. Let me tell you a personal story…