A message for a brand new January

A message for a brand new January

First of all, happy brand New Year! I wish that the world will open up soon for you and yours and that your family’s and community’s health will be restored and prosper. I so long for giving big bear hugs to the people I love but need to keep at a distance. Hopefully, the vaccine will be distributed quickly to make this possible.

I’ve done a tarot card reading for all of us to see what to expect in January. Before I start that reading, I’d like to explain the 2021 tarot card: The Hierophant (5).

I’ll be honest with you, but I’ve always disliked this card. Maybe it has to do with my career-long view of the card, which I connected to my Protestant upbringing – a yelling minister on the pulpit, with a clenched fist in the air telling us we’d go to hell if we wouldn’t clean up our act. Even at a young age, I knew this wasn’t true. If God was love (as he’d say on his better days), how could he punish me that way? For a long time, I’ve looked at the Hierophant, this way. I interpreted the card as a very conservative and dogmatic keep-to-the-rules kind of card. And since I love my freedom, I was not too fond of the card.

A brand new view on the Hierophant

My view on this card changed when I studied it better and went deeper than that initial interpretation. I found out that the Hierophant is more of an interpreter of the Divine, which spoke to me much more. He’s a mediator between the Gods and men. It is a very spiritual card, and it shows a connection between the Divine and us. The Hierophant can explain the meaning of your life’s purpose.

This way, it could stand for the tarot reader and akashic record reader that I am. The card suddenly became much more enjoyable. It falls into place with my intention to develop more on the path I’m on. I’m working on the next level of Akashic Record Readings, to receive and give Divine wisdom. If there is one lesson I learned last year, it is how important it is to take care of my souls’ needs.

While you may not be a card reader, I have a few prompts for you to find out your meaning to the card:

  • To what learning or teaching are you invited?
  • How can you spend more time listening to Divine Higher Self?
  • How can you care for your soul?

A brand new message for January 2021

As most countries are administering the Covid-19 vaccine, we have a choice. We can go back to our old life as fast as possible, or we can look over our shoulder and see if there’s a lesson to bring forward into this brand new January 2021.

The main theme: Knight of Wands

A message for a brand new January

It’s as if everyone is slowly putting more pressure on being fed up with the whole situation. We’re all rearing to go! After months of keeping our distance, we’re ready to restart our life again. As if nothing happened in the meantime. Even though we want our old life back, we secretly know that it will always be different in the back of our minds.

While the universal lesson of the Emperor with all his rules and regulations was very fitting for 2020, your personal lesson can be different. That is why it is so important to do your Year in Review to see it. Once you know it, you can bring it forward at full speed.

The Knight of Wands comes from his profoundly spiritual center. While this character is often not even aware that this feeling of spirituality drives him, he knows he has a goal to fulfill or go on the next phase of his journey, but he’s so hasty. He’s always on the go.

If he doesn’t stop to smell the roses at some point, he’ll miss the whole point of his journey. So the essential advice that comes with this card is that when the world opens again, he needs to hold back and stop himself from his first inspiration to see the faraway places again. He could also choose to slow down and seek the divine message in all his need to start up his life again.

For us, it means that we may want to have an open world more quickly than is actually possible. It means that even though we want to fly out again, it may not be possible yet in January. You may receive the vaccine at some point, which may cause you to become super anxious to get back into the world. But while you may have received the vaccine, you can still bring the virus to someone who hasn’t received the full vaccine yet. We’re not out of the woods yet. As I heard, as not all countries can afford to buy the vaccine in large quantities, it may take years to get this virus under control.

Knowing this, we need to stay optimistic and positive. Things are changing quickly, but we mustn’t get upset if our life isn’t restored yet in 2021. That’s why a brand new spiritual connection is so important this year so you can step into who you are.

What supports us: Four of Pentacles

A message for a brand new January

It’s funny to see the Four of Pentacles in this position and the Nine of Cups in the next one. My first reaction when I saw this order in which they came was a feeling of disappointment. Why couldn’t they fall the other way around? My interpretation would be much more fun and more comfortable if the manifestation card would fall in this position. It would also be more logical, more soothing, like ‘all will be well’ interpretation. But life is hardly rational, so we’ll have to deal with confusing cards in this January reading.

What is going to support us is to be more protective of our brand new intentions. It is okay to not tell anyone about what you want to manifest and work on it in secret until you’re starting to see the first results appear – the proof you want to see. This slower start helps you to build more confidence. It needs to protect that small slither of hope we are all experiencing now. The more faith and belief you can manifest, the more you can relax and let go of the fear that your intentions won’t manifest.

You want so much after a year of confinement, but the 4 of Pentacles suggests not running off right away. Even with that city’s sturdy walls behind him, it is vital to protect what is valuable. Holding on to the idea that you want to go back to what used to be cannot be one of them, for the world has changed forever.

What will help you is to understand your comfort zone. The inner circle of that zone is where you experience the comfort and safety of that protection. Learn to trust that feeling because even though you are safe and well (hopefully), you tell yourself that you’re not. It causes you to be more stressed than needed. Let go of that fear and see how well your small world is.

What blocks us: Nine of Cups

A message for a brand new January

On this card, you see a beautiful lady surrounded by cups. She’s well off, and she looks delighted with herself. Traditionally this card shows a situation of contentment, abundance, and well-being. In some cases, it even tells you that your wishes are answered. But how can such a beautiful card block us?

To me, it shows that you may have lost reality and taken on a Pollyanna characteristic, where you’ve forgotten that there is work to do. It may feel as if the world is returning to its usual way, but it is not. As I said, your world will not open fully until everyone in your social circle is safe from the virus.

It may also be that you’ll be disappointed that a manifestation that looked so promising will not materialize until much later. Don’t feel held back by that; you can still take a brand new aligned action to keep it moving again, but it may take more time than you had in mind.

In short

We’re all fed up with our confinement, but we need to hold our horses for another brand new month. In the meantime, we need to protect our intentions until the first result is showing. We need to watch that first slither of hope and take good care of it to manifest. Even though we think the finish line of this ordeal is in sight, it will probably take much longer for us to get this nasty virus under control.


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