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Intuitive Business Coaching

Is your business failing you, or are you failing your business?

Are you blocking yourself in your business endeavors? Many conscious business owners (especially in the healing or coaching modality) have a deep desire to align their business with their souls’ purpose. Still, they don’t know what they’re missing. Something is “off,” and they don’t know what it is. If this is you, then let’s free up that blocked energy to let abundance flow freely through your business again, so it aligns with your personal and business intentions.

Struggling To Break Even?

When your business feels “off,” it is often not bringing in the money you want, or you notice how you can’t get past a certain monthly revenue, even how hard you work. Or maybe your business did very well for a while until it suddenly didn’t anymore, and you have no clue what happened. No matter what you try, it just doesn’t feel right.

What you need to know is that this turns clients away. It’s as if they smell it, sense it. And even though your offer looks immaculate and has a tempting price, they’re not buying.

Over the last few weeks and months, you’ve changed things here and there, but none of them had the effect you were hoping for. You feel lost about what you can do to turn it around.

No blame, no shame

This is what happened in my business! Once upon a time, I had a weight loss coaching business. I made an excellent start with lots of clients, and I had no doubts that I would soon be able to write myself a nice paycheck every month. The future looked bright. Until it suddenly did not work anymore – and I had no clue why.

I blamed the financial crisis, which was at its highest point, but most of all, I blamed myself because businesses close to me were still doing fairly well. After five years of borrowing money and paying it back again, I was done with continually saving my business. I was lucky to be debt-free, but I was broke, disappointed, and burnt out. How could I have ever thought that having a business could be fun? I got a job and felt relieved to quit the business.

Within weeks after that, in the quiet of a ‘normal life,’ I got the opportunity to study the Akashic Records. Within a year, I had expertise in two areas and restarted my business. I desired to share this with other people.

I can now combine a long career (over thirty years) as a quality assurance business consultant with my love for spirituality and intuitive readings (over twenty years). It may be no surprise to know that this combination is so much more aligned than the weight loss business ever was. Finally, I have a business that is fun and does what it’s there for. It brings in money.

My Intuitive Business Coaching Program

According to “coaching rules,” I do this intuitive business coaching totally wrong. Instead of putting you to work, I do the work for you. This means that I read your business’s energy and bring that to a session about the below-mentioned topics. Not all of them may need to be incorporated into our sessions. If any of the topics below are aligned, it is unnecessary to spend a session on it right now. This saves you money and valuable time. Notice that I don’t tell you what to decide. Based on what you hear, this is your task as the CEO of your business.

To prepare for the energy readings, I need some information about you and your business. Don’t worry; I protect any information you provide me with.


Be The CEO Of Your Company

Product or Service

Sell The Right Things


Toot Your Horn To Be Visible


Connect From The Heart With Your Prospect


Work With The  Right People

Business Systems

Do It Your Way

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Be The CEO Of Your Business

Every good business coaching program starts with understanding who you are as the CEO of your business. Your company is the reflection of who you are – or it should be. That is why we start with an Akashic Records Reading specifically for business owners.

The results you can get are:

  • knowing your core qualities and what to prevent in your business
  • insight to break through blocks and restrictions based on past life experiences
  • clearing of those blocks and restrictions so that they don’t have to limit your anymore.
  • setting up your business as a separate energetic entity so that energy put into it is distributed evenly.

This first session will bring you huge clarity and will be the compass you’ll need for the rest of your life.

Products & Services

Sell the Right Things

When your products or services are misaligned, you are not selling the right things aligned with what we found in session 1. This way, you know:

  • that you’re selling products and/or services that align with your soul’s purpose
  • that there’s a market for what you’re selling
  • that you’re selling it for a price that is aligned with your financial intentions
  • that you’re selling things that represent who you are.

If your products/services are aligned with who you are, we don’t have to spend any time on it. You’ll find out if it is by booking a strategy call with me.


Toot your horn uniquely

If anything is frustrating in a business, you’re marketing your goods like crazy, but nobody is replying. You spend hours on end on social media, put all your money in ads, and you’re not even breaking even. Many entrepreneurs dislike marketing because they may be shy or scared. But we all know that if you’re not marketing what you’re selling, then you’d better close this business.

With aligned marketing, you know:

  • that you’re marketing strategies (including your website) are doing what they should be doing
  • that prospects will feel a magnetic pull because your offer is authentic and real
  • that you are effectively showing people what you have to offer
  • that your front door is always open to the right customer.

If marketing is no problem for you, we don’t have to spend any time on it. You’ll find out if it is by booking a strategy call with me.


From feeling icky to feeling connected

The business area of selling your products and services comes down to your prospect’s emotional reaction to your offer. With an aligned sales process, you know:

  • that your sales conversations will go much more smoothly
  • that selling can be fun and effortlessly
  • that you won’t feel icky anymore asking for the sale
  • that you can feel confident because you know that the conversation will end with a “yes, I want that.”

I am not the one to tell you how to sell. I leave that up to you because you will know how to sell your stuff after we’re done.

If selling is your forte, we don’t have to spend any time on it. You’ll find out if it is by booking a strategy call with me (yes, this was my personal assignment from the Akashic Records to start selling).


Work with the right people

Every business, even the small ones, has at least one contributor: the business owner! But how often have you noticed that people around (or even in) your business had a bigger influence on it than you’d like? Think about that JV that turned sour or an employee that called in sick more than often.

When you know you work with the right contributors, you’ll know that:

  • they won’t block money flowing into your business
  • communication runs smoothly
  • everybody is operating from their core strengths
  • the people with whom you talk about your business will give empowering advice (not everyone is capable of that)

If this business area is misaligned, we don’t have to focus on it during our current coaching. You’ll find out if it is by booking a strategy call with me.

Business Systems

Do It Your Way

Have you ever noticed how procedures, software, tools, or systems work for a while until they don’t anymore? This happens because you’ve outgrown them. Suddenly mistakes start to come up, and clients start to complain.

Working with aligned business systems will tell you that:

  • your procedures serve your financial intention; you’re not wasting time (and money)
  • you’re working with the right software, apps, or tools
  • your procedures are complete and provide a foundation for your financial intentions.

I’m not the one who will tell you how to work or what to use. That’s your job because you are the CEO of your company.

If business systems are not misaligned, we don’t have to talk about it, which leaves more time to coach you on the other areas that need your attention. You’ll find out if it is by booking a strategy call with me.

Want To Apply For Coaching?

Working with me as your Intuitive Business Coach goes through application only. This makes sure that you get to work with the right coach for you, but it will also help me work with the right client. See this as testing the water for the two of us to see if there is chemistry and trust between us. To make this an aligned experience, we both need to make an aligned decision.

You can apply for a strategy session with me by clicking on the button below.