My Soul Purpose Into My Business Framework

Bringing my soul purpose into my business framework

This week, I was in the first session with George Kao on how to create a framework for your business. I went from overwhelmed to “hey, this might be a good thing!” Another four sessions will follow, and if it is helpful for you, I’ll update you on it.

I really like George. He’s into authentic marketing, teaching you to do things your way and not do things because everyone is doing it. It’s all about how it makes you feel but still taking responsibility for what you want.

He showed me how a framework can benefit the way you work and explain what you do. As an Akashic Records Coach, I know that there is a challenge in the latter. Talking about yourself from a soul level and past life experiences is not the most accessible concept for everyone.

Luckily, I enjoy creating models to help me explain things that are not accessible.

My Soul Purpose

I have written about soul purpose before and how I have learned a lot by reading my Akashic Record. I wrote about that here and here. I learned from it that I need to integrate my intuitive talents into what I write. Whether it is the tarot book I am writing or the framework I am now designing. It needs to reflect how I see the world, myself, and the people I work with.

My Business Framework

Here’s my framework. If there seem to be a lot of arrows, you’re right. Everything is related, and it needs frequent evaluation to see if you still create joy with what you’re doing. If not, you need to go back a few steps and realign. You do that with a new reading to see what has changed. Creating joy in your life is dependent on doing things suitable for who you are at origination.

Explanation of my Framework

Your Soul Purpose

We are universal beings, part of an enormous universal power. As I explain it in my free e-book:

“Some call it God, Goddess, Infinite Love, Source, Universe, or any name you want to give that connects to your understanding of that energy field. To make this book as non-denominational as possible, I’ll refer to this field as the energy field.
You, as a part of that energy field, hold all characteristics of it. In other words, you are a little piece of the field with all the characteristics present. Everybody has a different ratio of characteristics. This makes us all different. Besides that, we all have had other past life experiences, which have affected our outlook on life.”

– Jolanda Bolt

That unique set of characteristics is always apparent, if not for yourself, then at least for others. It always shines through. When you become aware of these characteristics, you almost always recognize them as genuine. Using those characteristics creates a lot of joy and flow in your life. It makes your life easier and more fun.

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Bringing my soul purpose into my business framework

Past & Present Life Experiences

When you want to follow that calling of your soul purpose, you can get divided because you realize that you’re not doing what you “should” be doing according to your record. I often hear that we desire to do certain things with all of our hearts (because you recognize that calling subconsciously), and still, we feel unable to do it. Be it a story you tell yourself, people around you who keep you from following this calling, or an idea you were raised with. We have so many reasons we don’t do what we want to do. It leads to limiting behavior, but it also does not make us joyful people. See, we haven’t chosen that word for nothing! Everybody wants us to be full of joy – joyful.

This has to do with previous experiences in other lives. You have lived before this time, and from that time, you brought subconscious memories of what was allowed, safe, or “right” for you. These lessons still affect you, often without understanding why it is so hard to fulfill your desires. I mean, how complicated is it to follow your heart? We complicate it by leaning into anxiety, insecurities, and limiting beliefs. These can originate from this life but also from previous lives.

As a soul, it is your goal to experience your soul-based characteristics in this third and fourth (physical and mental) dimension, but as we often say: “It’s complicated” to overcome those blocks. Through every experience in this dimension, you learn and develop as a soul. With this experience, you can help other souls going through a similar experience.

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Clearing Blocks & Resistances

It is possible to relieve you from energetic baggage through clearing. It is not scary at all. This clearing is like a package of energy I prepare for you to be set in motion by yourself. You decide when the time is right to activate that package. I really like this, because it is not up to me to decide that you need it. You choose to activate it, and by that, you take responsibility for your own healing.

This action comes with some homework that you need to do for a week. Some people can feel the impact of that work, but most of my clients don’t notice anything. This also makes them wonder if it works at all, but this energy works on very subtle levels, and often you have put your experiences away, so you don’t have to feel them anymore. You notice that you start to make different choices and, in time, decide to make life-changing decisions if there is a necessity. Most of the time, it is enough to remind yourself that it is time not to repeat the past anymore – that it is time to choose differently so that your outcome changes.

Your actions slowly but surely become more aligned with who you are at the origination of your soul purpose. How cool is that?

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Living your Calling

And there you are, living your calling. But even how excellent the model is, it is not an antidote to struggle. The good thing is that you are no longer subconsciously incompetent. You need to keep practicing, which will become easier over time.

Through this practice, you can express your gifts easier, helping you build a life in which the energy field can flow through you. Slowly you align yourself with that field and become one with it again.

And still, you can run into deeper levels of the ego’s limited perspective. When you notice you become anxious or limiting again, it is time to consciously help yourself remember that you are different now. You do this when you notice that you do the exact opposite of what you’d like to do.

If these structures are more stubborn, I have many services to help you overcome these deeper level games of the ego.

  • Life Situation Reading (where we look at specific situations in your life and figure out where these blocks come from and what’s behind them – very insightful!)
  • Manifesting Blueprint (that helps you understand what you need to manifest specific desires in your life, e.g., more money, a better job, a loving relationship, etc. We all have a very personal recipe for manifesting success)
  • Spirit Guides Meet & Greet (that helps you connect with the team of guides that support you while you go through this life experience to understand that you are not alone)
  • Tarot Card Reading (and, of course, the first tool on this path I ever learned to use). I am a published reader that has performed thousands of readings in the past twenty-five years. This service is for a quick session or to get some more profound coaching on a specific issue)

Creating a Soul Business

This is not a mandatory step, but when you live your soul purpose and experience joy, some people want to share this with others and start a business.

I have experienced having a business that was not aligned. When you have an unaligned business, it feels like you’re pushing dead horses to water, but you are not getting the results you’re looking for. In fact, it could well be that you try to become visible, and still, nobody sees you doing your best to sell your stuff.

If that is the case, then you need akashic record business coaching. It helps you to redefine your flailing business into a Soul Business. Suddenly people see you and want to buy from you.

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Taking additional rounds

I could have ended my framework at having a Soul Business, but that’s not how life works. The world changes, and you change as well. Living your Soul Purpose is a constant flow of small changes that take you deeper into your soul purpose. This means that you sometimes hit on deeper blocks and resistances, and so you need to return to your Akashic Record to clear them. Because of this, people come back to me for a new life reading or specific business coaching. Most business owners even do a yearly visit of their record to understand how they may need to change their yearly (or multi-year plan).


And that’s it. That’s the framework I base my life and my business on. It reflects how I see the world around me. Since I’ve adopted this frame of reference, I’ve noticed how much more flow I have realized in my life, and I’m much more relaxed and proud of what I do.

I want to invite you to order one of these readings to start the re-alignment of your life or business. If you have questions about what I do, please contact me here.

I hope to hear from you soon!

. . .

Jolanda Bolt is an intuitive akashic coach for courageous soul travelers. She encourages authenticity in human stuff and can be found at www.jolandabolt.com. Subscribe to her email list to receive this article earlier in your inbox, plus a copy of Jolanda’s book on fulfilling your soul purpose.

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