Business planning for my business is something I do with cappucchino and tarot. There you have it. Blog done. I know this works because I used all kinds of methods to overcome procrastination in my business in the past. But since I have adopted a method for business planning for my business with tarot cards and time blocks, I have been more productive than ever. Read more

I’ve said it before: being a business owner is the wildest self-development journey of all throughout my life. If your business helps you to one thing (if you’re serious about it), it is to show up authentically as yourself. I’ve tried to do it differently, and I failed miserable.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

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Business evaluation is an activity that many business owners forget while they’re in every day’s delusion. It’s not that they don’t want to. It’s something they forget because they’re scrambling to solve the day-to-day problems and questions clients have. Read more

I’ve said it before, and I will keep repeating: having a business is the most effective exercise in being confronted with fears in your business. Until you’ve found an authentic way of presenting yourself in your business and get the results you are proud of, there’s no other way than to work on this continuously. Read more

oo ow HowsentWhen I first started working with conscious creative business owners as an intuitive business coach, I thought they were also using intuitive techniques as I did. That assumption turned out to be untrue, though. While it was natural for me, many of them struggled to let intuition enter their business world. Once I saw how they struggled to make decisions from their head, I made it my mission to help them come to terms with what they knew deep down. Since then, I teach people how to trust their intuition in business and follow their inner guidance. Read more