Change your life

Below you find my blogs about how to change your life and start living your purpose and live according to your Divine Soul Blueprint. One necessary ingredient to do this is to know who you are at origination. You need to know who you were when you first incarnated as a soul.

In the Akashic Record Readings I do, I explain who you are from the get-go, but I also explain what blocks and restrictions you’ve put between that original plan and your current plan.

I help you to clear the blocks and restrictions and then we’ll work on creating a plan with which you can live your purpose. For this, we need to talk about what you most want to do and address blocks that are still in place.

After the clearing, you still need to change your life by doing this differently than you’ve always done.

Why Elizabeth Gilbert made me cry

Elizabeth Gilbert told me to write this blog and so I believe I’m allowed to say that it’s her fault. Up until ten minutes ago, I did not know what I was going to write about. All I know, it is raw what’s bubbling under the surface, because that’s how it feels.

This is where I am right now. I am exactly where I need to be. To get here, I needed to play hide and seek for a long time. Years to be exact, but to give me some credit; I was not aware of it. Read more

Don’t celebrate self-discipline, do this instead

Discipline, don’t you also hate that word? For me it means that I have to hustle every day, doing only sensible things and work my fingers to the bone. While I write this, I notice a whiny voice somewhere in the back of my mind that tells me: “I don’t wanna be disciplined.”

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How the moon phases affect you deeply

Have you ever notice how the moon phases affect you? Well, there is “something” there. Your energy, your mood, and behavior are affected more than you think. Read more

A Letter To Food Addiction

Dear Food Addiction,

At a very early age, you taught me you were always there for me. While I did not know what that meant, I later learned that you were there a few steps away. The moment I started to eat, I’d feel tension subside, and I would sink into a state in which I did not feel much anymore.

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Why so many people suck at manifesting weight loss

Ever since I concluded that it wasn’t about what I ate that made the difference in manifesting weight loss goals or not, I’ve been pointing at my head when I talk about where the choice to eat is made, as if that choice is made in my head. Read more

Making a life change: 4 aspects not to forget

Creating a life change sometimes seems so overwhelming, so big, so much hard work. Only the thought of it makes you sigh and wonder if you’ll ever make it that far.

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