Change your life

Below you find my blogs about how to change your life and start living your purpose and live according to your Divine Soul Blueprint. One necessary ingredient to do this is to know who you are at origination. You need to know who you were when you first incarnated as a soul.

In the Akashic Record Readings I do, I explain who you are from the get-go, but I also explain what blocks and restrictions you’ve put between that original plan and your current plan.

I help you to clear the blocks and restrictions and then we’ll work on creating a plan with which you can live your purpose. For this, we need to talk about what you most want to do and address blocks that are still in place.

After the clearing, you still need to change your life by doing this differently than you’ve always done.

I’ve said it before: being a business owner is the wildest self-development journey of all throughout my life. If your business helps you to one thing (if you’re serious about it), it is to show up authentically as yourself. I’ve tried to do it differently, and I failed miserable.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

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I love The Year In Review exercise. I love doing reviews, and I do them weekly and monthly, so doing a yearly review is like a culmination of all that has gone before. When I do reviews, I look at the things that went well and not so well and the exhilarating and disappointing things. No stone is left unturned. Read more

Last week, I wrote about how doing an akashic reading for myself boosted my confidence. The core qualities I found and recognized on a deeper level have become a guiding light. This week, I want to talk about how past life patterns have been in the way of that brilliant light.

Knowing who you are at the soul-level is all great fun, but it comes with responsibility. Once you know who you are and what you need to focus on to create an abundant life, you can’t unknow it. At the same time, you also become aware of the gap that is between the two situations. It’s an uncomfortable gap. Read more

n an Akashic record reading, I have a conversation with a client to help them become aware of who they essentially are and how they can take conscious responsibility for their growth, happiness, and abundance as a soul in this human experience. Of course, I have done one for myself and will do one every six months or so to evaluate.

Being trained by Soul Realignment® made me see how wise and resourceful we all are in essence, but also how we dim our brilliance by unconscious patterns that block our divine light. In this first blog in a series, I want to share the insights and impact it had on my confidence after doing my own reading. Read more

Many people have something in common that I’d like to call their ‘stuck story.’ It is the story you tell yourself all the time, about how

  • awful it is to [fill in the blanks…],
  • how hard it is to [fill in the blanks…],
  • how boring it is only to [fill in the blanks], and everything in between.

The story you tell yourself has nothing to do with your desire to live an aligned life and be happy. Not a thing. It has everything to do with how you look at yourself, your reality, your ability to make decisions and take aligned action when needed. Read more

Some time ago, I talked to a friend about the akashic records reading I had done for her. We talked about managing the change process that the world around us is going through and impacts us. Especially this year, we have had to get used to many situations that seemed to happen, but they are all the outcomes of a change process taking place on a deeper level. Even how difficult these situations are in our third-dimensional reality, let’s try to rise above it from our soul’s perspective and wonder: “What if what’s happening is exactly what we need, right now?” Read more

It sucks when you feel stuck, right? Been there, done that, still doing it. Sometimes.

But this year, things have happened. I feel less and less stuck, even to the point that when I got a journal prompt a few weeks ago to write about something in my life that I felt unhappy with, I could not think of anything to write. This experience surprised me. I hadn’t noticed yet how well I was doing, now that I’ve made a few reality shifts that are helping me live a more aligned life. Read more