What is your weight story? (plus free download!)

Many women who struggle with their weight have something in common that I’d like to call their “weight story”. It is the story you tell yourself all the time, about how awful it is to start a new diet again, how hard it is to lose weight, how boring it is only to eat healthily, and everything in between. The story you tell yourself has nothing to do with your diet. Not a thing. It has everything to do with how you look at yourself, your ability to take care of yourself and to make decisions when it comes to it.

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Five tips for solid conscious eating habits

Eating without guilt is something I’d like to teach everybody. I find it so important that not a single client will end their mentoring program without learning about conscious eating.

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Are you a food addict? (with free self-diagnosis test)

I know, food addiction is a pretty confronting thing. I sincerely hope that you can answer the question: “Are you a food addict”? with a firm “no” after you have read this blog and filled out the self-diagnosis test. Food addiction is no joke. People so often say: “I’m addicted to chocolate” or “I’m addicted to chips,” but when you are a food addict there is no need to make this difference. A food addict will eat anything to fix their craving.

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