This week, I followed a discussion online about divine timing, and I felt relieved that I’m not the only one who’s very impatient regarding manifesting. Waiting for things to happen is challenging. While it comes down to believing your vision, trusting it will happen, and keep on taking aligned action, we sit there, tapping our fingers on the table, wondering when our desire will manifest. Read more

I have known the meaning of my birth number for years, but working on translating my Tarot book, I realized that there is also a mission in every meaning of a number. Read more

As long as I’m in the right mindset, I’m a really good manifester. But since this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll explain the basics of manifesting for beginners.

All this doesn’t mean that I can struggle with “getting my thing” massively. But, especially when I let fear in, I lose connection with the process. It is then that I don’t see how I can fulfill my desires. That’s when many of the ideas and thoughts about not manifesting seep in. Since I’m not the only one who struggles with it, I’ve written this blog about manifesting for beginners. It’s not so much about how to manifest, but more about how I feel manifesting for beginners works from my perspective. Read more

When I first started working with conscious creative business owners as an intuitive business coach, I thought they were also using intuitive techniques as I did. That assumption turned out to be untrue, though. While it was natural for me, many of them struggled to let intuition enter their business world. Once I saw how they struggled to make decisions from their head, I made it my mission to help them come to terms with what they knew deep down. Since then, I have taught people how to trust their intuition in business and follow their inner guidance. Read more

Manifesting within the Universal Laws seems so easy and logical – until you try to actually get some results. That’s when you become frustrated and upset. Why isn’t this shizz working? I mean, sometimes you’re done with waiting, right? In this blog, I want to confront you with how you block yourself from receiving your biggest desires ever in your manifesting process. Read more

With all the focus on the Universal Law of Attraction in business, we often forget that there are several other universal laws that affect the success of your business. The Universal Law of Attraction is only one of twelve universal laws that help you create your reality. Understanding them is essential because some have an even more significant impact when you are not aware of how they work. Read more

Over the last few weeks, I have been in resistance, and it wasn’t fun. To say it differently, it was so awful that I’d wake up in the middle of the night (like way too early at 12.30 am) and had at least two nights when I didn’t fall back asleep anymore. The other nights were better with 4-5 hours of sleep. Funny how you start to think that having a four-hour night’s sleep is s good thing. An even better fun fact about sleepless nights is that you think you won’t be able to do anything that day, and the opposite is true. I seem to perform pretty well under stressful situations.

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Negative thinking is something that everyone does. Even you business owners have it. We all can really suffer from it. Negative thinking is a habit that most of us have built to perfection. At least, I hope so; otherwise, I’m the only one here, and I’m not giving away my big secret that I may have instead kept to myself if I was the only one. My way of thinking can be one big rabbit hole where I can get lost, especially when it is the middle of the night.

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Living an aligned life seems so easy, but it turns out to be much harder than we often think when it comes to it. In this blog, I want to explain what it means to live an aligned life.

So, what is an aligned life? You’re living an aligned life when you know exactly who you are, what you value, and how you prioritize certain aspects of your life.

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With the new year still brand new and fresh and your intentions still being in the front of your mind, I want to talk to you today about how to stay positive when you’re manifesting your dreams – especially when it takes time to see them appear in your life.

With all the changes I made last year, I feel that a heavy load has been taken off my shoulders, and staying positive hopefully isn’t that difficult. But I’ve come from a state of mind where it was challenging to affirm my dreams, take aligned action, and keep knowing my dreams will come true.

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