In this series of blogs, I share techniques and examples of Tarot Readings to help you develop as a reader. I also share channelings I do to help you align more easily to a purposeful life.

Rise from the ashes of your binge

This morning when I was editing a chapter in my new book, I read over something I wrote:

Learn to see that our food struggle is more than just an annoying aspect of our life. There is a message in it why we, of all people, get to struggle with it. How can we create that experience and build it into something more than just a struggle? What is its reason for taking up so much energy in our life? What is its ultimate goal? What have we come here to enjoy?

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A Celtic Cross for Recovery of Food Addiction

Tarot cards are not new to me. I started reading them around 1997 or so. I have always been amazed by how accurate the readings have been in any life area I used them for. But to my surprise, I never thought of using them in my recovery. It is a mystery to me why I never combined the two. This week, while driving home from work, I thought about how useful the Celtic Cross could be in recovery from food addiction. To be honest, I have always hated that spread. For one, because it is huge – and huge spreads take a lot of time to write out. Read more