Want to change your life? This is how you do it!

change your life

Do you want to change your life? Then read along, because in this blog I’m going to explain how you can do it without shooting straight for overwhelm. So many people want to change their life, but after a few weeks, they come to the conclusion that they are failing, so they stop.

Let’s go through the process of change. You wake up on a certain morning and decide that this is it, that change it needed. But let’s face it, being fed up with something isn’t really the best starting point. It helps, but it isn’t where you want to be because when you start there, you often use words like must or should or whatever forceful aspect.

Change is something you want. If you don’t want it, then don’t do it. You’re up for a disappointment if you don’t want it but think you should.

What I see often is that most of them make a list of everything that has to change, and off they go. So they change their food, drink more water, go to the gym and if they’re smokers they might also quit smoking on the same day.

The and-and-and-and technique won’t bring you much. It brings you one thing: overwhelm.

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This is where you start

Let’s start with defining your big fat why you want to change your life. No pun intended by the way if you want to lose weight. Your big fat why is the driving force behind all of your decisions to follow up on your plan or not. Without a big fat why you’ll have no drive.

So, close your eyes and make a picture of your current situation. How does it keep you from being the one person who you want to be; what you want to do? How does that make you feel? Crappy huh? Yeah, that’s why you want to change. I hear you.

Now change the picture in your mind toward who you want to be, what you want to have, and how you want to feel. Let that feeling sink in. Get into that feeling. Make it YOUR vision for the future.

Want to change your life? This is how to do it.

Next step when you want to change your life

Your next step is to make a list as you would normally do as well. Just write down everything you’d like to see changed and prioritize it. Decide which change will bring you the most result.

That ONE THING is where you start. You only do that for at least a one but rather four weeks. Change takes a lot of time, so if you want some real change and not some half-assed attempt at something, you’ll have to make things easier for yourself. So you start with one thing and only add another aspect when you truly find that you’ve got this one thing covered.

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So let’s see which aspect you’d like to change:

  1. Drink 8 cups of water
  2. No added sugars or sweeteners
  3. Going for a walk every day
  4. Going to the gym at least twice a week
  5. Eat two servings of fruit a day
  6. Plan your work every day
  7. Evaluate your work every day
  8. Eat a pound of veggies (raw and cooked) every day
  9. Go to bed at 10 pm
  10. Prepare your own meals
  11. No speeding
  12. No more snacking outside of your mealtimes
  13. Bring your lunch to work every day
  14. Meditate for 10 minutes a day
  15. Eat breakfast every day

Decide when you want to start and plan a date 4 weeks later. Write the following on a sticky: “It is [end date] and I have successfully … [write the thing you are changing]”.

Read it out loud a couple of times every day. Every time you do it you remember the big fat why vision. Only focus on that one aspect, and you’ll notice that it is more than enough for you.

When you lose motivation

There is a chance that your old habit shows up at the door after a few days. So many people lose their motivation when that happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it. If your mind was a supercomputer, you’d have a different life. Since you’re reading this, I guess your mind is not a supercomputer. Allow yourself to learn and develop good habits.

The most important thing to do when you become demotivated is just to carry on. Don’t talk yourself down and don’t be sad about it. But most of all: don’t stop.

If you find yourself be a bit sad about your results, then try this one! Stick your hands in the air and smile. Yeah, sounds stupid huh? Well, try it.

You can’t be sad and stick your hands in the air while smiling at the same time. I’ve really tried it, but it only makes me giggle and look at myself in a more compassionate way. Just what I was looking for. I hope it does the same thing for you!

Track your results

Tracking your results is essential for if you want to change your life. Building a streak makes you want to hold on to it, the longer it gets. I use the Habitbull app to track my results but if you’re a bullet journaler then, by all means, create a beautiful tracker in your bujo or create a spreadsheet to follow your results.

Evaluate every week. Evaluation will help you to see if you are setting yourself up for success. If you notice that it is hard to follow through with this habit, ask yourself what you need in order to be successful. Organize the necessary conditions to make it happen.

The next step to change your life

Only add a new aspect when you fully trust yourself with a new challenge. Understand that adding a new habit might make it harder to hold on to habit 1. So be conscious of that old brain of yours to bring yourself back to the starting point.

I know you can do this if you allow yourself to take time to change your life. Force has never worked. Doing it this way will make you change 13 things in one year. That’s a lot, isn’t it? I’d rather do this than fail 13 times by implementing them all at once!

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  1. Nenke Jongkind
    Nenke Jongkind says:

    Hallo Jolanda!
    Ik ben er nog steeds mee bezig! Eindelijk ben ik in Onederland (onder 200 Canadese ponden). En sinds twee weken ook net onder de 90 kilo! My motto remains: Nothing tastes as good as slimmer feels!


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