A channeled message: It is not about weight loss

a channeling not about weight loss

This blog post is a channeled message, not about weight loss. It came about when I woke up at 2 am thinking: you need to write it all down–you need to write it all down. Since I had no idea what I had to write down at 2 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep at that moment, I decided to get up and sit with my journal. That day, I had thought a lot about my past worries about my weight. At first, I thought it would have to do with that, that my soul wanted me to write about. I had chosen a new path to approach my health, but I still felt insecure about it. Would it be a good strategy? Would I need a more strict one? It felt wrong to fall back to the dieting mindset I had had before, and it didn’t bring me much freedom.

So, I sat some time, pen in hand, but nothing came, so I pulled an oracle card to get myself started. That helped. I asked: “What do I need to know about the spiritual background of excess weight?”

Yes, I like asking difficult questions at 2 am.

Waking the Lion

It was a beautiful, powerful card called Waking the Lion. I immediately noticed how its crown chakra seemed open, and its eyes stared at you straight. There is no menace in its eyes but a lot of focus.

I have translated my journal entry for you. It was a bit more than just a reading. It turned out to be a channeled message in the middle of the night, and it wasn’t about weight loss. Any questions I asked are in italics, so you can see what goes through my mind while writing it all down. I must say that there was a lot of cynicism at first because I thought something weird was going on.

Feed The Soul, a channeling in the middle of the night

The channeled message that is not about weight loss

What is happening now is a new path, a new direction. It’s something you’ve tried a bit in the past but shied away from because you were still afraid. You then turned around, back to safe and familiar ways. The strategy you are now implementing is new, but it is essential to be bold and keep going. You’re on the right path now. You’ve blocked your intuition and disconnected from your Higher Self for so long, but you’ve changed this. Opening yourself to higher consciousness is right for you. For too long, you kept the channel closed conscientiously. We see you’re still scared, but you can take action in this direction as it is the only right way. The channel connects your earthly realms with our higher ones.

Okay, so that’s all good fun, but is this a new way of fooling myself into losing weight? (lack of sleep makes me give snarky replies)

We want to ask you how you feel right now. Do you feel desperation, as you felt in the past? Is there a feeling of urgency? A voice that is telling you, you have to lose weight?

No, there is not. That’s all gone.

Go in faith and connect us with the earthly and be our channel of bringing the voice of the higher realms to earth. We know you are scared of it, but you will find a form that will feel good for you. You have always felt the energy that needs to flow through you. We ask you to open yourself to that information and share it with others. By asking for inspiration, we will help you translate that information.

Hmm, I don’t know. How does this connect to the intention of magic that I chose to work with?

Magic is the currency to activate what is slow and stuck. Magic is what triggers everything. By trusting what you know and what is stuck, nothing will change. Your body is stuck, but your mind can activate it through wonder and imagination. That’s magic. See the positive in the process and reject the problematic and heavy aspects. That’s also magic.

Take ownership of your desire

Take ownership of your desire for literal relief of the burden. We are next to you, in front of you, and behind you, and surround you with divine love so that you can feel love for yourself and your body. Weight loss is about relieving the body of a burden not found physically but emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Relieve your life of the load that is bothering you and look for ways to make it easier. How can you make things easier for yourself? For many people, this will ask a lot of courage to choose an easier life and focus on being more aligned with who they are. For so long, there only was a focus on lack and opinions. But this gets them tangled in the fourth dimension of ego while they already connect to the fifth dimension. To relieve the load from that experience, they need to look for enlightening things in their life – they need to look for joy.

The people you want to reach and inspire with this message need to know that joy is the currency of magic and relief. That what you feel is what manifests. When mind and soul are light with joy, it will manifest in all lower dimensions.

A channeling not about weight loss

Be like the lion

For you, we want to say it is essential to be courageous, like that lion with its open channel, and share this message. Too many people have misunderstood manifesting and made it a mind game. We want to explain that it is a soul game. Joy was missing from their rule book.

You made it mentally and emotionally heavy when you wanted to lose weight. The energy became heavy. Since your body, which results from your manifestations, can only listen for that call, it also becomes heavy. It is the third dimension that adopts everything. But you’re also a soul that chose to be here in this life to experience this gravitational law amidst significant changes in your lives. This choice asks a lot of you, and it is a challenge to participate in this process.

Transformation process

The transformation process where souls connect to higher dimensions is a process that goes hand in hand with extra weight because it is a logical reaction from the body to this process. Your body needed a counterweight. It is not an easy task to move along with this change. When you start to move ahead in the transformation, you will lose the weight that anchors you to the earth. Fear of this process makes it heavy to be in this life right now – it is what makes you heavy.

For the last few days, seeking joy in food and activity, what you’ve done has lifted the heaviness. It is the right thing. Besides that, you will live your purpose in this life by connecting with higher consciousness. It is why you chose this life. The first years were tough, but you have now started a phase where you can make consciousness feel lighter. Your eyes have opened–there is no way back.

Please don’t tell me I have to go back to my weight loss business.

No, that business was something you needed to make this process even more difficult. You chose it to get the chance to turn away from it consciously. Your future entails understanding the spiritual side of weight loss. When your dieting habits became too heavy (not light enough, no joy), we surrounded you with love to catch when you almost collapsed. Making the subject heavy emotionally, mentally, and physically, there was only one way to escape it, which was through a spiritual journey. You knew this quite early, but you needed to experience it before you were ready (and willing) to transform.

You and everyone else who struggles with excess weight, who can and wants to hear this, need to know that weight needs to lighten up. Don’t focus on dieting anymore. Focus on the connection to your Higher Self. Through this connection, things become lighter and more comfortable–also the physical body.

Read the card you pulled well. This process is not about dieting. Show how you do this to others and teach them how to feed their souls to make their lives easier.

[Looking at the card] The lion connects to the Sun in astrology (Leo) and the core of who you are.

Yes, know who you are; allow yourself to be this. Let the lion awaken in your life. Choose the weight loss approach that is right for you. Let everyone choose their aligned path. That what comes easy is your aligned direction. To join the earthly experience, you had to forget who you are temporarily, but this insight returns sooner or later for most people. You may feel it comes late, but it is still early, as you will yet have many years in this insight. People with complicated lives have huge potential, but make sure you don’t get stuck in the fourth dimension – the dimension of thought and ego. Let people know who they are and help them see that they are here to absorb it fully.

The universal experience that is now taking place needs light. Don’t connect it to the ego, but connect it with the soul, so that the body can transcend the heavy energy.

Transcend the ego and connect with love, the higher divine love through vulnerability. That vulnerability may be painful, but it is about the love between the soul and the Universe.

Be courageous

Be courageous and stand for who you are: powerful, connected. Do it all, and do nothing. That is love: everything and nothing at the same time. You cannot fail with weight loss as long as you can share this message authentically.

You no longer need the heaviness. Your experience in connecting it with lightness starts here.

Having written this channeled message, I went back to bed at 3 am and slept like a baby. Since then, the message has been in my mind and my heart. Would I have the guts to share this? I think I have. I’m hitting Publish before I can think about it more.

Leave your remarks and thoughts in the comments below.

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    • Jolanda Bolt
      Jolanda Bolt says:

      Good! <3
      I've found that to solve weight problems you're invited to find out on a soul level what you need.

  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you ! Asking my guides last night about weight loss lol what ever card comes at me first in pinterest is my card for the day this was spot on . I was a body builder / personal trainer that went through an awakening just before the shut down of covid19. I am 45lbs heavier. Your post really made me change how I look at it thanks for the shift . 🙂

  2. Hermien
    Hermien says:

    I have been on this weightloss journey for the most part of my life! Nothing really ever works … l’ve always known deep down that the weight is something spiritual, not physical! This is conformation! Thank you so much!!!

    • Jolanda Bolt
      Jolanda Bolt says:

      Thank you do much for replying. So if it is also a spiritual journey then what is the message or the purpose in it? How does it keep you from expressing your real identity?


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