Client Stories

When I have mentoring sessions with my clients, I always ask for feedback by way of a testimonial. I do this to find out if my client had an enjoyable experience working with me. I also want to learn from them to see how I can improve their experiences. Based on their testimonial, I find out if there are still open ends to what they expected and what they received from me.

I am very lucky to receive mostly positive client stories and they are often heart-warming. Here are a few for you to read.

“If you are stuck, confused, and don’t know what to do next in your journey, I strongly encourage you to have a Tarot Reading with Jolanda.  She is a truly gifted intuitive reader with an extraordinary way of communicating just what you need to hear.  I gained such discernment from our session.  Jolanda helped me to make a plan and provided the guidance and direction I desperately needed.  She really listened and understood me.  She helped me to recognize some behaviors and thought blockages that were not helping.  Also, you will receive a link to the Zoom Session to watch again, which is so helpful.  If you are on the fence, I promise you will not be disappointed!”

Jolanda’s Akashic Record Reading is just what I’ve been yearning for; her delivery was clear, humble, and compassionate. It’s like I was walking in a dark tunnel; she was that bright light at the end. I still have to do the work in getting out of that dark tunnel, but I know what I have to do to get there, and that’s what she did for me.

Thank you, Jolanda. This was huge for me.

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, always seeking great insights into the spiritual realm. When certain life events trouble or baffle me, I start to seek spiritual answers. I was intrigued when I learned about Jolanda’s offer and wanted to learn more. When I am speaking about some life topics that are very personal to me, one of the most critical factors for me is to be able to consult someone that I feel I can trust. Jolanda helps to create this trust from the very beginning by answering all my questions and concerns about the reading I will receive. I was amazed at the clear, insightful, and direct information I received from my reading with Jolanda. She was spot on with so many complicated issues I have been struggling with and has given me answers and solutions to several dilemmas currently confronting me. This would definitely help me move forward with assurance. I highly recommend a session with Jolanda. She is truly gifted and compassionate and sees deeply into one’s inner life.

Thank you so much for the reading, Jolanda! I really appreciate it.

The session resonated so much. The cards felt my energy (from the beginning) and gave me a great message quickly. I recognized it all but needed to hear it and feel it. The session taught me to be flexible and creative with my choices and stop the resistance of childhood habits. Jolanda is passionate about her readings and gives you everything you need to understand.

Jolanda provided a very clear and spot-on reading that gave me insight into my past and present and will support me in creating my future. I am very grateful for this beautiful gift and will definitely recommend her to someone else.

Everything was clearly explained and also very recognizable. It made me aware of things to be mindful of. Most of them I knew already, but it was perfect to hear them again and be more aware. It was exploratory. Thank you!!!

Perhaps everyone’s hope, at least mine, is to meet a true professional who will help you with heart and soul. What a pleasant surprise: Jolanda did precisely what I’d secretly hoped for. Very skilled, very to the point, with details where needed.

Have you worked with me and want to leave a review? Please send your review through my contact form and I’ll make sure I’ll add it to these client stories. Thank you in advance.