Five tips for solid conscious eating habits

Five tips for solid conscious eating habits

Eating without guilt is something I’d like to teach everybody. I find it so important that not a single client will end their mentoring program without learning about conscious eating.

Maybe you’ve heard the news already, but guilt doesn’t work, at least not when you want to lose weight. To be honest, it will only go back instead of forward when it comes to starting conscious eating.

Many clients ‘confessed’ to me that they had crossed the lines and ate something off plan; as if I was their vicar to whom they needed to confess their sins.

But I am not their vicar, and they are not sinners… they only had an unconscious eating moment. Let’s not make it bigger than that. They are not going to hell for eating off plan.

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Guilt (or anger or whatever negative feeling after eating something “bad”) gives you a feeling as if you made a mistake. Eating will make you forget that, so that is why one mistake often leads to another; until you’re stuck in that cycle of eating and guilt again. Sometimes the endings and beginnings connect seamlessly, and you go from a snack into binge into a snack.

You can break this cycle by accepting yourself including all your plusses and minuses. Sometimes accepting the good things about yourself can even be harder than the bad things. This is who you are, and this is what you do.

Look in the mirror and dare to admit it. Don’t struggle with it alone, but find help in laying the foundation for healthy habits.

Five tips for solid conscious eating habits

Tips for conscious eating

First of all, you have to provide your body with enough good food. So many “sinners” repent by cutting out food that is good for them. Instead, they only make it worse because besides wanting to change habits, they also have to struggle with hunger. Not a great foundation for conscious eating.

The following tips can help you to change it:

  1. Make a list of all foods that you are not “allowed” to eat. The foods that make you feel guilty when you’ve had them. The foods that make you label yourself as a ‘weakling’ when you eat them.
  2. Choose one of the foods on your list, buy a portion and permit yourself to eat it. Notice what thoughts and ideas come up when you do so. If you happen to eat it more than you should in the next few weeks, then notice it but don’t make a big fuss about it; it is a sign that you’ve been cutting yourself short for way too long.
  3. Make sure that *when* you choose to eat it, to eat it very consciously. Do not just stuff it into your mouth and eat it really fast as if you’re not allowed to eat it.
  4. Sit down and then eat it consciously. How often did you just shove something in your mouth while standing? Sit down, chew it and then evaluate. Was it as good as you thought it would be?
  5. After you’ve swallowed it, stay put for a while. How does it feel? How does your mouth feel? Does it still taste good? How does your body feel after a while? Does it cause gas or bloating afterward? Does it cause a headache? Know this, and you’ll be able to evaluate if this whole experience was worth it or not.

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And now for the bonus tip: if it was worth the experience, then eat it again in the next couple of days if you feel like it.

As you can see, there is nothing about an internal conversation about guilt or faults or messing up in these five tips. That is because the story that you tell yourself has nothing to do with conscious eating. Conscious eating comes from within and not from the ego telling you a whole lot of BS about whether it makes you a good person or not. Try to understand that there is a difference between those aspects.

Accept it when something really “bad” gives you pleasure. And every time you eat it, accept the consequences. Because when you practice conscious eating, you also accept the consequences: physically, emotionally *and* psychologically.

Got questions? Please let me know.

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