Divine Timing – How to Work With It

Divine Timing - What It Means, How to Find it & How to Use it

This week, I followed a discussion online about divine timing, and I felt relieved that I’m not the only one who’s very impatient regarding manifesting. Waiting for things to happen is challenging. While it comes down to believing your vision, trusting it will happen, and keep on taking aligned action, we sit there, tapping our fingers on the table, wondering when our desire will manifest.

What is the Meaning of Divine Timing?

The meaning of divine timing is that you know and believe that your deepest desire comes through at the right time for you. It also means that you believe in the Universe’s role that puts things in your timeline. This can be people, opportunities, and material things.

Divine timing does not only happen when you want it to. In this society, where we get things with a mouse click, you could start to think so, but our deepest desires always take their time. For some reason, you first must weed through a shitload of challenges on your path before it is time to receive. But you know, it’s what you signed up for. Our deepest desires come with significant challenges to embracing and appreciating our desire afterward.

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Things Happening To You

We often see those challenges as things happening to us, trying to stop us. But over the years, I’ve started to understand that these challenges also have a purpose. I now see them as intriguing. It doesn’t mean that I’ve now become one of the “love and light” people. I’m not too fond of challenges that keep me from my desire. I’m like everyone else and want it now. I mean… hello? Now! Please?

divine timing

Why Lack is A Good Thing

Experiencing challenges often translates to a feeling of lack. It may sound weird, but this is what you signed up for when you decided to incarnate. If you wanted a life in which you can manifest instantly, you should have stayed “up there.” Manifesting with a snap of the fingers is impossible here on this planet. The vibration is too low to make that happen. Experiencing this is part of the process of learning to be incarnated. The longer you try to push it away, the more complex the manifesting process will be.

Secondly, there is a lot of value in experiencing lack. When we feel a lack, it comes in all kinds of varieties. It tells us how strong that desire is and allows us to experience it fully in our bodies and mind. Some people feel depressed, while others feel jealous or even angry with others who seemingly have everything they want.

Despite what some people think, manifesting is not about “ask, and it is given.” Instead, it is about asking (defining your desire) and experiencing the process of becoming who you are on a soul level to create it. If your desire is misaligned with who you are on a soul level, you will manifest a whole lot of nothing (as in not what you want). That is why it is so important you know who you are on a soul level. Since I’ve learned this from my Akashic Record, I’ve been on the up and up.

No matter what you meet along the way, understand that you are not given more than you can handle. You may think it is impossible to take it, but you can manage the process no matter the outcome. This does not mean that all your processes in this incarnation are happy, healthy, or joyous. Many of us are here to experience the opposite of our original soul’s purpose.

The Thing About Knowing It Will Happen

I bet you have heard someone say (or maybe you said it yourself): “I just know it’s going to happen soon.” Let’s not be a stranger and shake hands on this. Been there, done that. When I tried to manifest a relationship, I could see, feel, and hear him on a soul level. I said that for over two years but didn’t manifest anything. It was not the intention I had embraced but the lack of not having one. It took me a long time to figure it out. When I embraced loving myself first and liking to spend time with myself, I found someone with lightning speed.

Thinking and knowing things will happen soon is one of the most limiting aspects of your manifestation process. The more you tell yourself that you know it is about to happen you get stuck in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the dimension of thought and emotion. To manifest your desire, you must bring it to the third dimension by taking aligned action.

Taking action also comes with its challenges. Suddenly you are confronted with feeling too anxious to take action. When that happens, we know the ego is trying to keep you where it feels you’re safe (and single.) The thing is that we need to listen to Albert Einstein a little bit better: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It would help if you took a different action than you’ve always done.

A Story About Divine Timing

How I met my husband is a funny story. It took years of feeling lonely before I acted on the desire to be in a long-term relationship. After hearing about a successful online dating story, my brother suggested I try it. When I got home, I created an account on one of those dating websites and went to bed. Instead of hoping I’d meet someone organically, I took different and focused action. The following day, I woke up to 150 emails from men who all wanted to meet me! It freaked me out and called a friend to help me because I had done something ignorant.

Defining the outcome

We set up a list to separate the creeps from the possible princes. We decided that he needed to be single/divorced/widowed. This may be a huge duh! But you’d be surprised how many men were “married but unhappy.” Yeah, dude, this woman is unavailable if you’re looking for an out-of-marriage experience.” I also wanted to find out about the person from their profile story and see a profile photo.

Going on a date

Crossing out every reply that didn’t meet the requirements, I was left with a list of about thirty men to meet, and I decided to start with the first one and contact him. We sent a few emails to and fro before I suggested it was much more “efficient” to meet each other immediately. Why would we spend all that time sending messages and then find out he’s an asshole? I also sent some messages to #2 on my list and got excellent replies. I mean, don’t put all your money on one horse, right?

When I met #1 I knew instantly he was not my type. We met in a museum and luckily I loved the exposition. I tried to be friendly and talk about that. I wasn’t surprised when a dreary, thickly accented voice next to me told me: “I don’t think you have the X-factor.” As the feeling was mutual, I left immediately and drove back home. Bye!

Ophelia by JW Waterhouse

Ophelia by JW Waterhouse, one of the paintings in the exposition, Source

Guy #2

While driving home, I thought about guy #2 and how friendly he sounded in his emails. Out loud, I said: “Okay, next!” It took us a few weeks to finally meet. We were both a bit nervous about it. What if we wouldn’t like each other after that great email conversation? We decided upon a coffee shop in a big department store that would close at 6 pm and planned a date at 5.30 pm. We figured that if the other weren’t fun, we would not have to “endure” each other long because the place was closing anyway.

To make a long story short: we talked and talked and didn’t even notice the time until the security guard came over at 7.15 pm to ask us to please leave the building because he wanted to close the place. It was then that we realized what had happened. The rest is history. I wrote off the 28 other guys and told them I had met someone.

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How to Find Divine Timing

Years later, A told me he had never uploaded a photo to a dating website because he didn’t want to be judged on an image. I still don’t understand how he passed the selection this way. Divine Timing? A little push by the Universe? The use of a magic word through which I recognized him? Who knows. I know I had no doubts about him from day one. He would not have survived the cut if my ego had had its way. I still wonder about that.

Let’s face it. Egoic resistance is a bitch. The ego is also a scaredy cat who focuses on details that are not important, while the Universe has a complete overview from a soul’s perspective.

How to find divine timing

  1. Stop saying you can feel or see it; start taking action. If you feel it’s so close, you’ve got to get into action. It’s the action that defines the outcome of your manifestation process, not how well you can “predict” your future. Who cares what you saw and felt? We want physical results, baby!
  2. When you take action, and things don’t flow, evaluate and see what is hidden under the surface. Is it different from what you’ve always done? Is it an action that brings you closer to your manifestation? In short: is it aligned?
  3. If you notice you sabotage yourself and egoic resistance persists, ask yourself if your desire comes from authentic desire based on your soul’s purpose or if it is an egoic desire (something you think you must be/do/have.) Be willing to let go of it if it is misaligned.
  4. Take action when the clock strikes. This means that when it is t time to take action, to take it. When is that? You’ll know it in all your fibers.
  5. Learn to trust the divine guidance in your body, not your mind, but use your mind to define the train of actions and strike them off one by one. Keep going, keep moving. It helps to be prepared because a powerful manifester comes ready.

How I implemented divine timing

I did this when I decided to write my book, Tarot Guide for Beginners. At first, I only needed a project to take my mind off the covid lockdown and my shitty job. But when I finished the project, I wanted to rise above my usual routine of clicking publish and be done with it. I wanted a grown-up launch. But that came with a lot of anxiety (egoic resistance) because up to that moment, I had not shown myself to the public.

As I learned from my Manifesting Blueprint, I needed to be more goal-oriented in my manifesting. I made a to-list of over ninety items from “write the book”, and “edit book” to the “virtual release party”, blocked time in my calendar, and worked through the list for months. I also hired the right people to help me show the Universe that I was serious about it. To my surprise, my anxiety didn’t stop me. I told myself to focus only on the current task and nothing else.

For two months, I had to correct that voice inside constantly. A critical realization came when I understood that my anxiety felt like excitement. From that moment on, I could label the feeling as excitement, making the process much easier. Finally, manifesting was fun. I did my first-ever Facebook Live on this energetic Monster Wave, and you know what? I liked doing it!

No impatient feelings

Another important aspect is that I’ve never felt impatient during the bookmaking journey. Okay, I felt impatient one time, and that was because I chose a release date that was too far away. When I finished the book in May, I didn’t want to wait for another five months. I wanted to release it because I was eager to share my book with the world. It was not an impatience out of lack but out of feeling abundantly proud of myself and wanting to share it with the world.

And now the book is finished! You can buy it at all the prominent vendors, so please check it out if you want to learn how to read tarot cards intuitively for ages. Click the button to buy the Tarot Guide for Beginners, for this is your sign of divine timing. 🙂

And please, if you like it, write a review online so that other future tarot readers know that you did. I can’t emphasize it enough. As indie authors (self-publishing authors), we need your review.


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