Why food planning for weight loss ends insanity

food planning for weight loss

Last week I published the Food Planner For Weight Loss: Six Months Of Planning, Journaling And Evaluating Healthy Habits For Weight Loss. This project has been on my mind for a long time and now I have done it: I published it!

As I write on my website, food planning has changed my life. Let me rephrase that: it saved my life.

Before losing the last part of my weight, my eating habits were out of control. It was not that I was continually eating (I left that habit behind me a long time ago), but I was eating more than I should, and I was in total denial over it.

I believe that most people who are not losing weight are in denial over how much they are eating. If you are not losing weight while you are not at goal weight yet, there is most definitely something going on that needs adjusting.

One way to do that is by planning your food.

food planning for weight loss

How does food planning for weight loss work?

If you have ever asked for the help of a weight loss coach or dietician, they probably helped you by providing a food plan with some guidelines. Maybe they even gave you weekly food plans or a sample day plan. Got it? Great! So you know what and how much to eat. Are you following that plan to the letter?

No? I rest my case…

The thing with sample plans or even weekly plans is that when you start, you follow the guidelines quite exact, but slowly but surely you begin to change things. You eat green beans instead of cauliflower and chicken instead of tofu. That is why I never made more than a sample food plan for my clients because they will always eat differently. Besides that, I want them to learn how to make a food plan instead of blindly following mine. This makes them accountable for their choices.

That is why I have created the Food Planner for Weight Loss.

Planning my life has changed my life, and I hope to change yours as The plan is that you create your food plan for weight loss in the evening after you have had dinner. It is easier to plan your meals when you are not hungry. The next day you eat precisely that.

What is good about food planning for weight loss

Planning your food helps you when you are famished and looking for food. I do not know about you, but I do not make the best decisions right before lunch when I am hungry. I open the fridge and grab the first thing I can.

Since I commit my food plan to a buddy, it is easier for me to follow the plan because I hate telling her in the evening that I broke my commitment. It has created a much calmer life for me.

Besides that, I look at the app of my favorite supermarket which products are on sale. I create weekly dinner plans based on what is on sale. So I also save money!

But the most important reason why you should try food planning if you want to lose weight is that it helps you to end the insanity. Albert Einstein was right: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So if your current diet isn’t working, then why would you keep on repeating it?

Say no to food pushers

When you think about it, you can eat all day if you want. There will always be people who bring food to work and want you to eat it, or hospitality ladies in the supermarket that want to “enrich” your life.

But when you have made a plan for the day, your answer to all those situations is: “No thank you”.

About my Food Planner For Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about eating healthy; your freedom is not in the diet you choose but whether or not you are adhering to it. There is no best diet. It turned out that there are a lot of good diets. Your only job is to find the diet that makes your body sing and your soul hum. In other words, it should be a diet that is “easy” to you.

Where a lot of people make it hard is when they try to implement a dozen healthy habits at once. This overhaul of their life leaves them exhausted after a couple of weeks. Another #dietfail.

With my planner, you can start with one healthy habit and follow up when you feel confident about it. When it feels automatic you are ready to add a new habit. You can find a long list of healthy habits for weight loss in the book.

Every week you make a plan for the week. The next seven days you plan your food and evaluate how you did at the end of the day. Just before you create a new plan for the next week, you evaluate and see what needs more attention. This weekly evaluation helps you to create an even better plan for the week to come.

You do not have to be in a hurry; you have the rest of your life to make it happen. That is why this planner provides you with 26 weeks (or 6 months) of material. After that, you buy a new copy because by then you have gotten used to the routine! 🙂

Get your copy from Amazon.com (find the links to other Amazon websites here).

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