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The story about feeling stuck has nothing to do with your desire to live an aligned life and be happy. Not a thing. It has everything to do with how you look at yourself, your reality, your ability to make decisions and take aligned action when needed.

I have told myself stories about feeling stuck over and over until I was sick and tired of it.

A stuck story can be about many things: money, weight, your business, your career. Anything. In a stuck story, you tell yourself why it is impossible for you to earn more or to achieve more abundance in your life. It can be about deserving, being not good enough, or impossible things.

The feeling stuck story I told myself

When I still had my weight-loss business, I told myself many stories about feeling stuck in where I was with my business. I believe that those stories were why I failed ‘learned so many uber valuable life lessons.’ I was tired. I had no inspiration. I had a fear of visibility. You name it; I used it. I hired coaches, many. But every time I heard an explanation of why my business was ‘failing,’ I turned it into a belief. I even used theories and wild guesses as truths to give myself a reason not to do anything anymore. At some point, the stories weren’t playing in the foreground anymore but started to use a more sneaky strategy – all the way in the background, they could repeat themselves over and over, where my consciousness didn’t pick up on them, but my subconscious did.

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What is Your Stuck Story?