Is a future reading helpful?

future reading

When you do a future reading now and then, you are in good company. For centuries people have pulled tarot cards. It all started somewhere in the Middle Ages. At first, they used the tarot for gambling, but soon uses prediction and introspection came up. It worked back then, because living a Medieval life was dangerous with wars, illnesses and famines raging. Since a hundred years ago, the emphasis has been on introspection. The tarot is still known to tell us our future.

I do not see using the tarot for prediction as particular helpful. But occasionally I also do future readings with my tarot cards. It tells me that the topic is important to me causing me to be impatient and anxious. Working on the publication of my book Tarot Guide for Beginners in 2022 brought up those feelings and so I did a few future readings. I’m working on the translation of the book now, but I haven’t picked 😊 up my tarot cards yet.

In my book, I explain it is not very productive to use your cards for future readings. Your future depends very much on your decisions. But that’s not all. Ultimately, it’s also about your acting on it. I see a future reading as an indicator of how important the topic is. The more often you pull tarot cards on it, the more action you should take. So, what if you used all the hours you spend on pulling tarot cards to read your future, to take action to push your career, your relationship, or your personal growth forward? Wouldn’t that be more helpful?

future reading

What is your goal with doing a future reading?

Your tarot deck comprises 78 cards, divided into two groups: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). The Major Arcana cards symbolize important life events, and the Minor Arcana cards point you to everyday events.

Through the events of every day, you learn and experience life lessons. Being confronted with things you dislike makes you think about what you want. If you pull tarot cards, it is good practice to ask a question. Asking the right question for a tarot reading is super-important. Your question can make or break your reading.

What is your next step after you have done a future reading? Is a good card a sign that the Universe will let it happen? What is your goal with the future reading?

Asking for your future does not give you enough guidance. To understand this, you need to know that pulling tarot cards is completely random. Many people think that the Universe decides the tarot card for them. Call me a control freak, but for me that’s too much loss of personal determination. I prefer to decide for myself what I do with my life.

Tarot is not suitable for a future reading

It is essential to know that tarot cards cannot predict your future. They hold up a mirror for you to reflect on your situation. What is your intention for this reading? If you feel anxious for your future, you are often looking for soothing that everything will be okay. What often happens is that your tarot cards reflect exactly that intention.

When you ask about the future, you need to assume that you will no longer take any action from that point on and let the Universe do its job. Can you do that? I can’t.

In the makeable life that we lead, we can immediately cash in on everything; everything that comes to mind. If you crave some sun on your skin, you book a last-minute to the sun. If you hear about a certain book from a friend, you go to Amazon and order it. With the click of your finger on the screen, you fulfill your desire. We’ve become a few spoiled brats, because now we think everything works like that. Newsflash: manifesting does not do automatic. It needs your aligned action.

Future reading: success guaranteed?

Do I sound frustrated? Perhaps. But after more than a few decades and shattered dreams on this planet, I’m almost figuring out this game. I learned I often have enormous expectations when I am busy creating yet another dream. And from those hopes and expectations, you draw that one card that predicts a wonderful future. Success assured.

When you’re exhausted by the whole manifesting process, it feels better to be soothed. You want to hear that everything will be okay. But when is it going to happen? How hard are you going to burn out before that? Is it worth it? I decided that a part-time job gave me the freedom to do what I love doing while being provided for.

Reader’s awareness

Another important factor in pulling tarot cards for your future is the reader’s awareness and experience with the tarot. If you’re just getting started, you have limited knowledge. Your tarot cards can have many meanings and very often you see different readers interpret the cards differently. What you need to remember is that your mindset can affect that meaning of the cards. When you are anxious you easily turn this into your interpretation. Depending on how you feel, your experiences, emotions, or even your upbringing can affect your interpretation. An experienced reader takes into account the context of the question, life situation, and other cards that were pulled. Sometimes it is quite complex to understand. Don’t project your hope for soothing on your future reading because you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

Fear and anxiety in your future reading

The exercise should not distract you from your good feelings. If you’re worried about the future, and you’re drawing a card that doesn’t immediately reflect a bright future, it’s possible that it increases your anxiety. That can never be the intention.

Drawing tarot cards aims to give you more insight and awareness, not to make you uncomfortable or afraid of whatever might happen. That’s why it’s important to seek professional advice from the right people. A tarot reader is often not the right person to talk about your future. Don’t go to a tarot reader if you’re worried about the outcome of a lawsuit, your health, or your finances. Please go to a professional who knows what they are talking about. Talk to a lawyer, a doctor, or an accountant.

What can help you is writing in your journal about what is happening, pull a card of the day, and basically take excellent care of yourself: eat right, drink your water, and go to bed early.

You are responsible.

You need to interpret the message of the cards in an empathetic and caring way. This applies to yourself when you read your tarot cards, but also when you draw tarot cards for someone else. As a reader, you also must accept that the cards don’t always give straightforward answers. Trust your mind and intuition; even without the cards. Your intuition and mind are always on. You don’t need to use tarot cards to know your future. You are your future.


Pulling tarot cards can be a fine tool for introspection and personal growth. It is not so helpful for a future reading. Whether you are a novice or experienced reader, it is important to understand and interpret the messages of the cards in an empathetic and conscious way, so you trust your future adventures. Tarot cards aren’t your only source of insight and direction; you are. If you dare to look inside, you will find answers to your deepest questions. You create your future by setting an intention and acting toward it. Don’t let some random piece of paper with just the wrong picture make you anxious. You are worth more than that.


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  1. Henry Killingsworth
    Henry Killingsworth says:

    It’s great that you mentioned that tarot card reading is a good tool for personal growth. I moved to a new town two months, and I am having a hard time making friends in my new area. I am worried that my personality might be affecting my ability to make friends, so getting a tarot card reading seems like a beneficial thing I can do to improve my situation.

  2. Candy
    Candy says:

    Love this! I love using them for my own personal benefit. Simple things like what to meditate on or what message is for me today to help me get myself through my day.


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