Goal weight: I reached my goal weight for 2017!

weight goal reached

This morning I reached my #bigass goal weight of 2017. A goal weight that I really wasn’t sure if I’d ever reach it. Maybe you know the feeling. Let me tell you a personal story…

2017 started, and for the first time in my life, I refused to set a goal weight. I was fed up with it. Year after year I was not able to reach it even how hard I tried. As a weightloss mentor that’s not a great situation. I imagined awful stories about what people would think of me being overweight *and* being a weightloss mentor.
But you know, I can’t help it, but I’m good at helping people lose weight because I’ve had such a long journey myself. In 2007 I weighed almost 300 lbs. I lost a lot of weight, and I’ve learned a lot in that process. But something was still missing in being able to lose the rest of my excess weight.

Until I saw the light: I needed to stop focusing on that physical aspect only and spend more time with the whole of me. The whole me is bigger than that physical part. It is emotional, psychological AND spiritual as well.

I had let the food and weight thing become too big in my life, and I needed to give the other parts of myself attention as well. I’m not just a body.

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A dream goal weight

So… I moved beyond my resistance and set a dream goal weight. A yeah right goal. By the end of the year, I wanted to lose 23 kilograms (50 lbs). I also set a goal to spend time with myself to find out what I wanted with the rest of my life. Becoming 50 does that to a person 😉 I had my doubts if I’d ever reach my goal weight but I thought: “It’s better to have a goal and come halfway than stay where I am right now.”

What I also did was write a story to accompany that goal. I wrote about my ideal life: how my day started, what I saw, smelled and felt. What I’d do during the day and what I’d eat. It was detailed; up to hearing the birds whistle in the background and how the bed felt in which I woke up and how the sun peeped through the curtains. I mean *ideal life*.

Goal weight 2017 reached!

Life happened

And then I forgot about it all and life happened. But in the meantime, I changed my food, worked on fulfilling my dream and just setting the stage for me to be here and talk to you. I’ve been working in the Dutch market for five years, but all the time I wanted to go international. It was my secret dream, and until I shared it with a couple of lovely people, it came to life for me. And within a couple of months, I had a new website, two great mentoring programs, and a new online program ready for you to find out about.

That’s what losing weight also does. Like peeling an onion, weight loss peels away the layers one by one to find your courage, positivity, imagination, and ability to put dreams into action. I’m still peeling away the layers. One by one.

My bigass goal

And what I didn’t dare to believe in January, happened this morning. This is an excellent realization that dreaming and visualizing WORKS. I reached my #bigass goal weight of losing 50 lbs. My big ass is no longer a big ass 😉

I only have less than 20 lbs to go to have a healthy weight myself. After losing 108 lbs, that’s peanuts! I’m learning so much through this process. All kinds of stuff that I’ve worked into the online program that I’ll launch soon. It is about losing weight with attention for the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual way.
I have to share that. It’s part of my soul journey.

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