How I Work

So, let’s talk… why do you find it so hard to lose weight. Really…

Is it because your diet isn’t good enough or is it because you struggle with the implementation of the habits you need to adhere to it? Or are you too tired to try it to start with?

If you answered one or both of the questions with a yes, then you might be a candidate to work with me.

To be honest, there are a gazillion great diets, but for most, it is impossible to adhere to them. It is either a lack of habit implementation, a lack of energy combined with a large set of limiting beliefs that keeps you stuck in your old habits.

how I work

Excellence Tool

Every mentoring program starts with a thorough analysis of your life or your business. For this, I have developed the Excellence Tool. I’ve made two versions: the life and the business version.

With this tool, we can define precisely if the problem you want to have solved is the only problem we have to deal with. Sometimes hidden thoughts and stories can play a bigger role than we thought and pop up when it is time to take solid action.

By taking time to analyze your situation really well, we’ll be able to define priorities and create a better action plan.