The Power of an Intentional Tarot Session

intentional tarot session

When you interpret tarot cards, you rely heavily on your subconscious. This means that we don’t really understand how reading cards works. Of course, there’s the image and the traditional meaning that you could look up in a book. But that’s not what we want.

It is more interesting to find out what happens inside your mind when it registers the image. It is still a mystery to me. The interpretation is affected by your past experiences, beliefs, culture, values, and stories. These aspects have sunk into the background of your mind and do their work without you knowing it. As a result, you receive a thought or a feeling that you can interpret more consciously.

Embrace Your Limitations

I am always amazed at how many learning opportunities there are in my sessions. These opportunities arise because I let you interpret the cards while working with me. While many people may want a clear-cut answer from me as a reader about what they should do, I want to pick your brains to coach you so you know what to do. You already have the experiences, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, values, and stories – that’s quite enough. You don’t need mine to add to that. What I need to mentor you is to hear your interpretation of the cards. After dozens of readings done this way, I know you have them – even when you have never read a tarot card in your life. This way, I can help you make the right decisions within these limitations and embrace them fully without hesitation.

No matter what question you bring to the session, don’t just pick a question haphazardly and hope for the best. I want to know your intention for the next six months. When you do that, we both know you’re not coming for fun – you want to grow and develop. That’s my kind of person!

The Question Behind The Question

There is always meaning in a question. For instance, you just started dating and met someone nice, and you go to a reader with the question: “Is X a right match for me?” When I get a request like that, I wonder: Why would they come to me with this question? They meet someone new and have doubts about them; otherwise, you wouldn’t request a session. Is it a problem with interpreting intuition, or are you struggling with fear? Where does the question come from?

If I would grab my deck of cards without thinking about this essential difference, you might not get the reading you’d need. So before I’d start the reading, I would have a couple of questions for you, like:

  • Could you please tell me more about X?
  • How did you meet them?
  • What are your experiences with them?
  • Do you feel free to be yourself when you are with them?
  • What do they remind you of?
  • What are your previous experiences with other people?
  • What do you hope?
  • What do you fear?

Based on your answers and the intention you already sent me, I may change the original question into a more suitable one that could give you much more insight into what is happening inside.

intentional tarot session

What Do You Need?

Throwing some cards on the table and telling you if X is a match would not help you. We need direction in the reading. Only then can we work on the reading and coaching together. It is sometimes not what my clients expect from our session, but they are almost always relieved to talk about what keeps them awake at night.

The great thing is that I know the cards will be bang on once we define the proper focus for our session. The more focus we bring into the session, the more specific the guidance will be. The good thing is that defining the right question is part of the coaching because most clients are not aware that they have different questions than they think. Once we start defining, there’s almost always a more profound question below the surface.

Resisting The Real Question

What I sometimes notice is that clients have a bit of resistance to the right question. I understand that because they came into the session to ask if X is a good match, and suddenly they have to talk about their deepest fears of repeating the same mistakes they once made with a former partner. That’s no fun! I agree, but it is helpful!

I once had a client who gave me two pieces of feedback three weeks apart. The first showed a  slightly disappointed person who had gotten the reading she needed but not what she wanted. I contacted her, and we talked for a bit, but she didn’t want a new session to clear it up, so I had to let it go.

A few weeks later, she sent me a new email, where she apologized for her previous email and explained how she now saw that her new partner triggered a fear based on an old failed relationship. The new partner was very loving, and she could not believe he was the real deal, so he must be untruthful. Having to talk about her fears felt big and overwhelming, although she told me that I did it every so gently. I was glad she let me know that she had changed her experience into a much more positive one because even for me, these pieces of feedback can be challenging (need I say perfectionism?).

Close your eyes and see

When we work on interpreting the cards, we process the imagery. When the client does that, I can see it in their eyes. They either close their eyes to see the images in their mind’s eye or look up and away from me. It is a perfect way to connect with their inner wisdom.

At the same time, your brains go through their archive of possible meaning. This doesn’t mean that you now suddenly come up with the perfect interpretation of the card. I believe that at that moment, you subconsciously connect to your Akashic Record (even if you do not even know you have one) and go through every past, present, and even future experience the images remind you of.

I can almost imagine you wondering how you can remember future things. Isn’t that a contradiction? When you look at it from our experience in the regular timeline we have here in this incarnation, but in the Akashic Records, there is no perception of time. There is only information that is available at present. Since there is no past and no future in the records, there is only now, making it possible for us to know about it.

You find meaning in the card’s image with all the information available. If you always thought reading tarot cards or the Akashic Record was complex, then no, it’s not. You only need to know how to bypass your weird brain that always gets in the way. You also must step away from the noise around us all the time. Some discipline is needed to spend more time with yourself, but as a budding reader, that may be one of your objectives.

Get My Book to Learn How to Read the Cards

I have written a beautiful book on the process called Tarot Guide for Beginners. It teaches you to associate freely with the imagery on the card and helps you to move freely in and out of your source of wisdom. Technically, you don’t need me for that. If this puts me out of work in this field, I’m happy with that 😊.

Jolanda Bolt

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