Step Into Your Strength in 2024

step into your strength

As we stand on the threshold of the new year, let’s explore the dominant energy of 2024 together. If we add up the numbers of 2024, we get 2 + 2 + 0 + 4 = 8. Eight can be connected to the Major Arcana card Strength (8). The card says to you: Step Into Your Strength!

Let’s delve into what this card can bring us and how we can use it for setting intentions, making plans, or personal development. It doesn’t matter in which area of life you wish to stand in your Strength; that’s up to you.

Strength (8) generally represents inner Strength, courage, and mastery. It symbolizes the ability to face challenging situations with gentleness and determination rather than aggression or violence. Strength (8) emphasizes the importance of self-control, patience, and compassion with ourselves in dealing with challenges. It also signifies your ability to manage instincts and passions, channeling your inner Strength positively and constructively.

Strength (8) reminds you that you can overcome difficult situations by trusting your inner Strength and wisdom. Even when it doesn’t always feel that way, it encourages you to (develop) self-confidence, and resilience, and face challenges with a calm mind and a heart filled with love for yourself. With the energy of Strength (8) by your side, you can overcome inner obstacles and lead yourself to greater heights with grace and strength.

Keys to Strength

Numerology: 8

Element: Fire

Astrology: Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Related Major Arcana card: The Star (17 = 1 + 7 = 8)

step into your strength

The Numerological Impact

In 2024, the numerological meaning of 8 in Strength (8) plays a crucial role, profoundly influencing our lives.

A positive influence is its ambition to achieve goals strategically. Success doesn’t have to be solitary; there’s a karmic need to give back with gratitude, restoring balance. Approach this with determination, leveraging your knowledge and skills. Be ready to fight for it, knowing deep inside that the outcomes will be prosperous.

A challenging aspect of 8 may make you desire to surround yourself with beautiful things. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it becomes problematic if viewed as an entitlement. Be cautious not to approach this process opportunistically, as others might misunderstand – no matter how entitled you feel.

2024 will call upon us to develop the personal leadership we were urged to embrace in 2023 further, stemming from our unique authority that shouldn’t rely on exerting power. Power throws you off balance.

If you don’t feel acknowledged in your authority in 2024, it might be an opportunity further to develop your leadership, authenticity, and strength.

Element of the Card

The element of fire is associated with the strength (8) card. It brings forth passion and transformation, enriching the core of this card. Fire is linked to the fire of the soul, the inner spark that propels and inspires you to overcome obstacles. The Strength card embodies the inner Strength to undertake that transformation with courage and determination.

Since fire can be destructive and creative, you must channel your inner Strength positively and constructively. Putting too much energy behind your inner Strength will awaken the lion, and your persuasiveness will wane.

Fire encourages you to embrace your deepest passions, explore your inner wildness, and ignite your creative spark. It reminds you that true Strength doesn’t solely come from physical power but rather from the resilience of your soul that has faced all challenges so far, forming the basis for your transformation.

Astrological Connection

The tarot card Strength (8) and the astrological sign Leo are intimately connected through the Sun’s powerful energy, Leo’s ruling planet. The lion prominently appears on Strength (8). Some cards also depict sunflowers, reminiscent of the Sun.

Leo is known for courage, self-expression, and leadership qualities, which are mirrored in Strength (8). With Strength, you can tame that inner beast without reducing it to a mere shadow of its former self. Leo also reminds us that true Strength doesn’t come from brute force but from calm determination, clarity, and the ability to face even the most challenging situations with grace and courage.

Does this mean we’ll need these skills in 2024? Possibly. After the global changes we witnessed in 2023, I hope that in 2024, we regain our senses and trust ourselves more, knowing that we are strong enough to face challenges.

step into your strength

Related Card: The Star (17)

The Star (17), in relation to the Tarot card Strength (8), forms a beautiful balance and complement within your tarot deck (1 + 7 = 8). While Strength represents inner courage and resilience, The Star embodies your hope and desires.

The Star often appears after a period of challenges, like a clear night sky lighting the way after the storm. While Strength encourages us to discover our inner Strength, The Star invites us to believe in the magic of hope and healing, becoming stronger in the process. In The Star’s depiction, we see a woman pouring water from two pitchers, an act of renewal and healing.

The Star reminds you that, even amid difficulties, there is always a source of hope. Tapping into your inner strength is nearly impossible without hope or desire. The Star is thus an essential ingredient, symbolizing victory after struggle and encouraging you to keep believing in your dreams, regardless of your challenges. Strength and The Star convey a powerful message of perseverance, self-discovery, and maintaining hope, even in the darkest hours.

Practical Actions

I recommend taking practical actions to tap into the energy of Strength (8) in 2024. Consider meditating for 10 minutes daily to balance your emotions, adding supportive affirmations.

  • “I embrace my inner strength and draw courage from my deepest core to face every challenge with determination and grace.”
  • “My resilience grows with every experience. I transform obstacles into opportunities and radiate as a source of inner Strength.”
  • “I am the architect of my own powerful reality. Every choice brings me closer to my true potential, leading to growth and fulfillment.”

Of course, establish a strong foundation with good self-care and regularly reflect on how you’re doing and what you need, then take steps accordingly. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone and facing challenges will be necessary. I’ll tell you upfront that it’s scary, but if you keep the steps small and straightforward, you’ll find each subsequent step easier.

Learn to set boundaries for others and say ‘yes’ more often to opportunities promoting personal growth. The more you say ‘yes,’ the more opportunities will come your way. Dare to say ‘yes’ instead of a fearful ‘no.’

Be genuine and trust yourself to know what to do and when. Focus on using your gifts and talents at a soul level, which generates positive energy.

I hope that I’ve helped you prepare for the upcoming year in this way.

into your strength

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