Intuitive techniques I often use

intuitive techniques

When I first started working with conscious creative business owners as an intuitive business coach, I thought they were also using intuitive techniques as I did. That assumption turned out to be untrue, though. While it was natural for me, many of them struggled to let intuition enter their business world. Once I saw how they struggled to make decisions from their head, I made it my mission to help them come to terms with what they knew deep down. Since then, I have taught people how to trust their intuition in business and follow their inner guidance.

Intuition is not a tool

Intuition in business is not a tool. Instead, it is an ongoing process that you’re often not even aware of. But when you look back, you can see that certain decisions were not based on ‘data’ but a gut feeling.

A gut feeling is hard to define because it is different for everyone. Also, daring to trust that feeling without having ‘proof’ is what I see often, but that doesn’t mean you need to do everything on intuition. It is the combination of mind and intuition that is golden.

Fear and insecurity cloud confident decision-making. The more relaxed a business owner is, the more they will trust their intuition. It also has to do with habitual limited thinking and what we were taught at home and school. We’re not taught to make our decisions intuitively.

Many business owners only use their minds to make decisions. But when those decisions are not congruent with who they are, they’ll find that it causes procrastination or even burnout. They try to do something that is not ‘them.’ This especially happens for sensitives who have not embraced their quirkiness. Once they notice they’ve drifted off course, it is hard to get back on track in a harmonious way.

Numbing your intuition

I once was a very fearful and stressed business owner, riddled by perfectionism and fear of failure. But I’ve reconnected with trusting my intuition. Where it mostly bothered me was in thinking I didn’t know enough. This resulted in buying program after program (also known as bright shiny objects) sold to me through fear-based sales processes. If only I had constantly used one or two of the intuitive techniques I now use, I could have trusted what I already knew.

One thing that helps is to become aware of how a decision feels in your body. Marie Forleo explains one technique in her guest blog on Tony Robins’ website. She asks: “Does the decision feel expansive or restrictive in my body?” This is such an enlightening question that you only have to move your attention to your body for a couple of seconds to know it. If it feels expansive, you’re good to take the next step. But when it feels restrictive or contracting, you need to take a step back and reread that sales page. Ask yourself what triggers you in the information to think that you need this. Using your intuition can save you thousands of dollars.

Fast process

When it comes to intuition, it is a super-fast process in the brain. Often you just know. Because of this speed, it is often labeled as positive, but we do not always accept the truths brought by our intuition. Based on our experience and what we’ve been taught in the past, we try to substantiate this knowing. The very act of trying to understand why you know what you know brings up fears and doubts because you don’t know. This especially happens in conscious business owners who haven’t learned to trust that feeling yet. You can’t substantiate knowing.

Intuitive techniques for entrepreneurs

The good thing is that once you, as an entrepreneur, understand that as the CEO of your business, you have the last decision. You can do whatever you want to do. But what often happens is that we need to explain our decisions to others. But we don’t have to explain. If it feels good, it’s our call.

If you’re still learning to trust your intuition, using one of the intuitive techniques I describe below. The only thing is that you have to decide on one rule only: if you don’t trust yourself, trust the outcome of the technique you use.

Based on the question I have, I often choose one technique, use it and leave it. I don’t ask the same question over and over with all techniques. I certainly don’t do repeat readings on the same question. I’ve decided to trust the outcome. If you don’t, then don’t use them.

The intuitive technique you choose doesn’t come up with an answer. It helps you to come become aware of the answer. It is not the tarot card or the pendulum telling you that it is a good decision. A card is nothing more than a piece of paper, and a pendulum nothing more than a crystal or a piece of metal on a string. Let’s not give the piece of paper more power than it should ever have. Instead, embrace the intuitive technique.

intuitive techniques

Six of the best intuitive techniques I use in my business

Below I explain the seven intuitive techniques I often use in my business and how I use them.


Journaling is often part of my intuitive process. It is, I believe, the most underestimated technique to find guidance. What I’ve noticed often is that I need to quiet down the noise in my mind, and journaling helps with that. Whether or not you let the journaling follow with some automatic writing or reading a card, I mostly love how it opens and quiets my mind.

Start with writing down the outlines of the situation at hand for which you want some insights. By writing it down, you often see more aspects of a situation than you saw earlier. This helps you to define the question(s) you have. Journaling also helps to overcome possible resistance to opening up and finding guidance.

If you don’t want to go too deep, that’s okay. Making a list of the particular aspects also works, as long as it creates some boundaries to the area you want guidance. If you have a question about your finances, don’t come up with an answer about your relationship. If that happens, try again.

Asking excellent questions

Asking excellent questions is a technique you need to practice. This means that you need to ask questions that fit the intuitive technique you’re using. If you wonder if a particular program is a good fit for you, you either work with a pendulum to find a yes or no answer or use tarot cards to determine how this program can help you in your business. Can you see that these are different questions?

Make sure that you ask empowering questions. I can guarantee that you’ll feel better about your guidance when you ask what blocks you from success instead of asking what the hell is wrong with you and why you can’t seem to get any new clients for your program.

A third aspect is to keep in mind that no matter which intuitive technique you use, it only tells you what is suitable for you at this moment. Deal with the past and forget about the future, for it isn’t even here yet. One small decision and everything can become different. While I have done readings on the future, I don’t do them anymore. All I can decide is what feels good now.

Below you find several questions you can use in an intuitive business reading.

Personal questions for business owners

· What do I need to know about myself as a business owner?

· What blocks me from fulling my dream to create this business?

· How am I influenced by my business?

· How does my business influence my personal life?

· What blocks me from achieving my full potential?

Questions for your business

· What are my greatest strengths and weaknesses as a business owner? Which opportunities and threats do I see?

· What do I need to know about that big (fill in) change in my business?

· What actions can I take right now that grow my business?

· How can I better communicate with JV?

Decision making

· What do I need to know about decisions A, B, etc.?

· Which options do I have in solving the issue around …?

· What can I best focus on right now?


· How can I attract clients that align with my highest self?

· How can I serve my clients best in my business?

· How can I strengthen the relationship between myself and my clients (or client A)

· How can I overcome the issue in my relationship with client A?

· What connects me with my clients in my business?

Questions about Money

· What are the most significant financial blocks in my business?

· What stands in the way of creating abundance?

· What do I need to let go of to create more revenue?

· Which price fits the value of program A?

· How am I blocking a healthy flow of money in my business?

· Wich 20% of activities creates 80% of revenue?

· What do I need to know about launching program A with more success than the last time? What can I learn from the last launch? What do I need to focus on to improve revenue?

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is an intuitive technique to receive messages from your Higher Self or your guide team. It helps create insight into aspects you struggle with and connect you to your spirituality.

To practice automatic writing, you create a quiet moment for yourself not to be distracted by people or apps on your phone. I often close the door to my office, put on some music, and light some incense to practice.

What helps me is to decide which specific spiritual being or collective I want to connect with. There is a big difference in guidance between your Higher Self and your Guide Team.

How to do this

Write down the outline in a couple of lines and decide what you want to get from this practice. Then consciously connect to your Higher Self or Guide Team and open yourself to what comes through. If single words come through, write them down. If complete sentences come through, that’s okay too. It is all good. You can feel when you’ve come to the end of the guidance. It’s simply when nothing else comes anymore. Thank the source you were communicating with and end the practice. Move your body to a different posture, read back what you’ve written down, and write a recap or a to-do list. Make sure to keep it practical. When it becomes too ‘floaty,’ you’ll end up with nothing because the truth is in what you do with the guidance.

When it is hard to start the automatic writing practice, and nothing seems to come, I often start turning my question into the first sentence of the information. If, for instance, I have a question about how I can improve a healthy flow of money in my business, I start writing the answer by stating: “I can improve a healthy flow of money by,” and then keep on writing.

Oracle cards & Tarot cards

It feels as if I’ve been reading cards all my life. Whether or not it’s tarot cards or oracle cards, it depends on my mood. If I want to go up close and personal with myself, I’ll choose tarot cards; if I want easier input and a short piece of guidance for the day, I’ll use an oracle deck. You can use tarot cards much in the same way as oracle cards, although there are more rules to follow when doing a tarot reading.

Oracle cards are generally much more accessible than tarot cards. It comes down to the same thing with both tools. Ask a question while you shuffle, pull a card, and answer the question based on what you see on the card. Don’t be afraid to do it wrong. There is no right and wrong, but it does ask for a bit of practice (as with all tools). What you need to keep in mind is that you actually answer the question you started with. This is something you need to check at the end of the reading. If you haven’t answered it, go back and answer it.

intuitive techniques


Besides cards, I also use the pendulum as an intuitive technique. I mostly use the pendulum in my service as an intuitive business coach to get information from the Akashic Records of the business or the business owner. Working with a pendulum is exceptionally easy because there is hardly any interpreting done. All you get is yes or no. The difficulty is in the questions you ask.

For me, a forward-backward movement is a yes, and left to right is a no answer. You find out by asking a question for which you already know the answer. Is my name Jolanda? Yes. Do I live in the United States? No.

Some people also allow a third answer: maybe. I don’t work that way. If the pendulum starts to circle, I’ll stop it by touching it on my desk. I then ask for a clear answer because I only allow yes or no. I’ve helped many entrepreneurs to realign their business processes and seen them break through financial blocks that way.

Body wisdom

The last but certainly not the least intuitive technique is working with your body wisdom. I feel we need to trust the wisdom of our body more. This is because we’re in our head so much that we forget we have this technique with us all the time. Using this tool makes your life as a business owner so much easier because you can use this tool anywhere.

I use my body as a pendulum. For this, I do this by sitting on a chair, away from the backrest. I find my center on both buttocks, close my eyes and ask my question. My body will move to a particular side like a pendulum, depending on the yes or no answer. For this, you have to sink into your body and let go of tension in your muscles. After that, you’ll notice that your body will move to a specific side. For me, dropping toward the left is yes, and dropping toward the right side is a no.

Other people connect to their gut or heart to feel the answer, but it’s easier to work with my muscles since I struggle with anxiety. It is harder for me to intuitively feel the answer because the anxiety hides in my stomach.

And there you have it; these were the six intuitive techniques that help me in my business, whether or not to make decisions or gently guide me toward new horizons, new goals, and more authentic results that make me happy.

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