Channeled Message: Let Go Of Past Attachment

Intuitive May Message: let go of past attachment

Here is a channeled message about how to let go of past attachments. This fits perfectly because the last message I posted was about self-sabotage and guilt. I find this a super helpful message after that one. I noticed that both I and others had a bit of a hard time this past month.

Let’s get ready for some new energy by letting go of the past and not looking back! What’s done is done, and now we move on

I’ve pulled three cards from the Spirit Animal Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid, which I find more accessible and easier to work with. It took some time, but now I almost work with this deck every day.

Let’s take a look at what May has in store for us.

Intuitive May Message: let go of past attachment

General message: Groundhog Spirit

This card’s message is that we need to let go of past projects or ‘stuff’ that no longer serves us or never finished. Today I was in an intuitive business session when I remarked about all the unfinished projects on my computer. My client full-heartedly related to this, and we laughed out loud.

Because I can be a serial project quitter, I also love clearing out my computer and phone. Especially my phone can become a graveyard of things I downloaded, screens I saved, or photo’s I took. When I declutter it, I notice it is becoming light-hearted again, and I often use it way past its use-by date (I’m not a cheapskate, no-oh, I’m not – okay, I am ). Okay, let’s turn that into a positive statement: I wouldn’t say I like replacing stuff for other stuff when it’s still good. There’s enough stuff on this planet.

Every time I talk about clearing and decluttering, it reminds me that I need another round for myself to create a simpler life. The more and more I acknowledge who I am and what I need, the more I long for simplicity and let go of past attachments.

Letting go stuff, also known as decluttering, is always followed by serious life changes. So when you’re struggling with the same old behavior over and over, go throw some stuff out. Clean drawers, clean your desk, and clear out your ever-growing to-do list (or documents file) of stuff that you’re not going to do anyway. Don’t be surprised that it makes space for new initiatives in your life. Getting rid of stuff in your home and office is the best way to create change.

I usually am super organized because I don’t handle clutter very well, but looking at my desk right now, shows me that I need a new round of decluttering. Looking at my work process, I can see the clutter reflected in how I do things. I’m a bit disorganized and chaotic. Exactly how I feel right now.


To let new things enter your life, you need to create room physically. It’s like bringing this fifth dimension of Spirit down to the fourth dimension of thought back into the third dimension of physically having or doing the things you love doing.

So if you want to do things differently in this third dimension, choose to set different intentions in your mind (fourth dimension) so that you can manifest them through the fifth dimension.

Letting go of things, feelings or people isn’t easy, but it’s mostly the work in this dense three-dimensional energy that is so hard. What I notice is that once you’ve made your decision, manifesting a better, more aligned life is easy peasy.

Don’t be like that Groundhog that retreats into his den because he can’t handle change after that deep dark winter. Dare to let go of the stories you tell yourself and come out of your den, no matter what the story in your head tells you.

Know that change is coming no matter what the Groundhog tells you – that’s what Spring is also about. The energy of Spring makes us want to do things differently. The season comes with the new energy that soars through all of us. To let the new energy bear fruit through the Summer so we can harvest in September. That is why we need to let go of old stuff now. When we don’t let go of what no longer serves, we can harvest fruit later on. No firm root can grow on the rubble of yesteryear.

To end this first card, I want to address the suffering entrepreneurs among my readers. This message may come as a shock. If you’ve been trying to build a business for a long time, you have two options: you either let go of the strategy you’ve been following up to now or let go of past business activities. To bring this theme without mentioning this as well would be a wrong channeled message. I’m not here to soothe painful business experiences because doing business can be excruciating when your business doesn’t bring in any money. You need to let go. The pain you feel right now will soon pass. Know that many business owners suffer because they are in the way of themselves and the energy flow of their business.

What Supports You – Parrot Spirit

What do parrots do besides showing their beautiful colors while they soar through the treetops of the jungle? They produce horrible screeches, but besides that, they have the uncanny ability to mimic the sounds from their environment to check if ‘drifters’ enter their space. Parrots don’t understand what they say, so the sounds hold no meaning.

In a way, we are parrots as well when we mimic the accepted sounds from our environment. It’s how we hold on to beliefs and stories with ease. We only have to copy them and don’t think about it too much about what they might mean for our personal life. Beliefs and stories can be empowering, or they can limit us.

As with our stuff and old projects (maybe even our business), you also need to become aware of the belief you’ve been blindly mimicking because they suited the people around you. Have you been repeating the ‘right story’ to keep them quiet? Sometimes we just do that to soothe them – and ourselves. All this, and more, to protect ourselves from hurting.

By the way, did I ever tell you that these channeled messages were only ‘love and light’? Because they’re not. My kick-ass guide team loves making things clear to you in a way that you can’t ‘unknow’ it anymore. I don’t love it all the time, but I do know they are always right.

To let go also means to let go of thoughts and ideas that are outdated. Thinking and speaking based on disempowering beliefs never hold truth, and it’s time you start to replace the words you mindlessly repeat with words that originate from your soul.

If you choose to communicate with integrity, the result will soar like that parrot in the treetops. Show your true colors and create honest stories based on authentic and empowering beliefs. As my guides keep repeating: “It matters what you repeat over and over.” So if it is that important, become aware of what you say over and over. Choose the empower opposite if your story does not add up to who you are. Write down the disempowering ideas and stories and repeat the empowering opposite for 21 days. This will make a world of difference in showing your true colors.

Intuitive May Message: let go of past attachment

What blocks us from experiencing what we want: Crow Spirit

What blocks us is that we may have lost our trust in the bigger power that surrounds us. No wonder disempowering thoughts don’t come by themselves just for fun.

Suffering comes from experiences that are challenging. Whatever you’re after in life, you know you can’t give up right away, but when you are hit with disappointment after disappointment, it can be hard to believe in your dreams.

Crow, however, stands for transformation and change. We all know how difficult change can sometimes be, but remember, it is about both emotional and spiritual change that matters here. This is because part of Crow’s symbolism is about accepting yourself and not make others’ ideas and thoughts so personal. This helps to connect to your dreams.

What blocks you from seeing your dreams coming to life is to go along with others too much, which causes you to lose your trust in your ability to create whatever you want.

Go inside and find out why you’ve lost your belief in magic in your connection with Spirit. What happened that had such an impact that it shook your world and took your confidence? What you need to remember is that you are not responsible for all setbacks in your life. Sometimes things also just happen randomly. It has nothing to do with thinking the wrong thoughts and attracting bad luck.

So let go of past drama in your thinking, so you can reconnect to the Groundhog again to clear away to prepare for a new growing season.


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