Four steps to letting go of resistance

Four steps to letting go of resistance

Over the last few weeks, I have been in resistance, and it wasn’t fun. To say it differently, it was so awful that I’d wake up in the middle of the night (like way too early at 12.30 am) and had at least two nights when I didn’t fall back asleep anymore. The other nights were better with 4-5 hours of sleep. Funny how you start to think that having a four-hour night’s sleep is s good thing. An even better fun fact about sleepless nights is that you think you won’t be able to do anything that day, and the opposite is true. I seem to perform pretty well under stressful situations.

Resistance for me

Resistance (for me) is feeling powerless over what is happening, and all I can do is keep myself busy during the day, trying to survive everything. When I lie awake, the whole machine comes to life where I have secret angry conversations with the person who did it’. Not the best way to manage my life, but you know… human and stuff.

Your action isn’t always appreciated

Claiming my freedom isn’t always appreciated because some people like to have the upper hand. But if that is making me unhappy and robs me of valuable sleep, then something needs to be done. And so I did. It hadn’t been the first time that I opened a conversation about the matter, but then and now, my message wasn’t appreciated, and too many attempts to control me were used.

Too bad. At least I spoke my truth. I know now where I stand and what to do next. But what counts the most is that I have my mental freedom back, I have my eight-hour nights back, and it feels good. I am worth more than this.

It all comes down to whether you can sleep over it. At least for me.

Four steps to letting go of resistance

Four best decisions to let go of resistance

Choose to drop the fight

It doesn’t really matter how long it takes for you to see that you’re in resistance. You see the light, or you don’t – it is all okay. I mean, how much does a sleepless night need to tell you. But at some point, you need to decide if you want to live in resistance mode any longer or not. You also need to find out how you value yourself and if the trouble you’re in is worth fighting for.

In short: you need to drop the fight.

Dropping the fight does not mean that you give up. It means that you decide that the time has come to do something about the thing that has been bugging you. Not from a victim mentality but empowerment. What you need to feel empowered comes from knowing who you are at origination.

The sad thing is that we often do this a bit late (at least I do), so I call this the rock bottom moment, and I visualize it as slowly sinking to the bottom of a dark ocean. I don’t see myself as drowning or fighting for air. Instead, I feel myself sinking into this dark environment. I have no trouble breathing, so I’m thinking I must have mermaid lungs or something 😊


When the moment comes that you land on that ocean bottom with a soft bump, it’s as if you wake up out of your depressed slumber, noticing that you can’t sink any deeper than this.

Having to get up after that sleepless night was that moment. I literally felt I could not sink any lower. I had reached rock bottom on the bottom of the ocean. Deep, dark, col and very lonely. From that position, I felt how I used my legs to take off from the bottom, up-up-up toward the ocean’s surface – gasping for a big breath of fresh air. Reaching the surface was a big release, and that’s where I knew what I needed to do.

I realized that I had been fighting with myself all those nights, and all it needed was the decision to stop this. So I took the aligned action, and it has brought nothing but relief and peace. For me, it means that it is the right decision.

Dropping the fight does not mean that you have to condone what others are doing; it has to do with seeing clearly how the situation is not aligned with who *you* are and that it is decision time.

My decision has been made. From here on, I only need to keep on moving forward.

Don’t outsmart the Universe

Resistance can only flow out of your life when you stop attaching to how things have to be solved. We often create this plan in our minds of how things should be. Shoulding ourselves or others has never brought any joy, and it will only sour the manifestation process you’re creating. Whether or not you want the old situation back or have a solution in mind how it would solve the matter, it is about the exact image you have and keep holding on to.

But we humans only have a minimal view of how things can be accomplished. We love trying to control the process. What helps best, and I admit, is the hardest, is to surrender to the Universe.

We can’t see all the things that created our past, nor do we know our future. No, really, we don’t know. So it is best to just surrender to what is and what will come.

While I also have experience by thinking I know better than the Universe, which almost always ends me up in a situation that is not quite what I had expected.

I must admit that I was inclined to dive into that same habit again this time, but I’ve decided not to do it and let the Universe be the Universe. It’s exciting to see what it comes up with as my best possible dream life.

Surrender isn’t about giving up. It lets creative life force energy do its work because you admit that you can only see one possible solution while there is an infinite number of options available. I am always surprised how this plays out because, within twenty-four hours, I had a plan. And although this plan may take a bit longer to come to manifestation, and it feels scary, I feel it is a good one. It will surely bring me out of that stifling comfort zone.

Find evidence that serves

When we’re in resistance, we often focus on proof that tells us that we’re right. “See? I knew he/she/undefined wants me to … [fill in the angry muttered blanks]!” Been there, done that, and it’s not making you any happier.

What does help is looking for evidence that things are changing, that the decision you’ve made is steering you toward happiness. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy in an instant, but every journey starts with the first step.

What I’ve also started is a daily practice of gratitude for what is coming my way. Instead of continually asking, “Where is it? What isn’t it here yet?” you need to start focusing on the probability. Probability needs to grow. It takes a bit of time. Grant the Universe to know that it knows when to provide you what you’re working on.

In the meantime, also see that even the tiniest signs are valuable: subjects that come up in conversations, people connecting over social media, things you read in the paper or online, etc. Things don’t pop up in your life for anything. Choose to believe that the Universe is trying to let you know that they’re working on it and to please stay calm and expect it soon.

As with all things resistant, to remove the sword from the rock, you need the least amount of resistance.

Four steps to letting go of resistance

How to let go of resistance in your business

First of all, you need to know what is aligned in your life and what is not. If I hadn’t known my core qualities from that first Akashic Record Reading and then applied them to my life and business, I would not have known how to regain my freedom. Getting that akashic records reading and deciding to study it myself was the bestest (better than best) decision I could ever make.

Without knowing it, we show a lot of resistance in our business as well. We do that by doing tasks we don’t like doing or working with people we basically don’t like (anymore). And it has a massive influence on the overall results you get. I’ve seen one person in a sales team ruining the results of a whole company. By pointing it out to the entrepreneur, I often heard how they had a feeling that it wasn’t working. But by moving that person out of the team to a different position or ending the relationship, things would turn out right again.

It is all about managing energy in your business, starting with understanding where you experience resistance or where others experience it.


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