Find your life’s mission in your birth date

Find your life mission with your birth date

I have known the meaning of my birth number for years, but working on translating my Tarot book, I realized that there is also a mission in every meaning of a number.

In general, the number three stands for creativity and growth. They are good at solving problems and do this in unconventional ways. People who are born under a 3 have a zest for life and focus on communication.

But this is what I write about the three in my book: “The Three, the seed that sat so patiently has broken de ground and starts to grow. It is a creative and sacred number; look at the stories with three wishes, three truths, three sisters, or three questions. You can also find the Three in the Bible, the number that symbolizes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the Wiccan philosophy, it stands for the Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone.

The Three has embraced vital force energy and stands for the first completion of a growth stage, but it needs to restart right away because it needs to develop toward a flowering stage.

The Three shows that you are ready to show yourself to the world.

Show and tell is scary stuff

It was that last sentence that flowed out of my fingers onto the keyboard of my computer: “I am ready to show myself to the world.” If you have read my previous blog about how I only just released myself from an eating disorder, you can imagine that I felt not ready. But I am. I can slowly take steps to get myself out here again because I do not have to hide in shame anymore. I have conquered the damn thing; at least, that is what I have to believe until reality shows me the opposite.

Showing myself to the world has been a thing all my life because I chose to stay in the background. In the background, it is safe – the choice of no resistance. Putting myself out there is scary. I instead procrastinate on it, telling myself that it is hard and takes too much energy.

From that perspective, I have almost finished books that were never published, I pulled back excellent online programs, and I have skipped my responsibility to market my businesses so that I had to close them.

Putting myself out there is damn hard, but I’ll keep on working on it. If I want you to read my book(s), I will have to tell you about it, right? If I want you to work with me <enter my best mafioso accent> I’ll have to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Right? Right.

Calculating your life’s mission

I want to help you find your life’s mission as well. I’ll probably not be the only one who struggles through life.

You first need to calculate your birth number. For this, you add up all numbers in your full birth date: month + day + year. You now have a four-digit number of which you add up all the digits.

Since I am a tarot person, I look for a number equal to or lower than 21 to find the upper major arcana card connected to you. If it consists of two digits, you also add up those. For instance, my calculation came up to 1,983. When you add up all those digits, you end up with 21, the World card. It means that I have to do a lot of finishing up in my life (for instance, with the eating disorder). But when you add up the one and the two, you end up with a three, in which you can find your life’s mission.

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Find your life mission with your birth date

What is your life’s mission?

So what is the secret mission in your birth number? Let’s find out.

With birth number one (1), you are pretty powerful. This is not something you always see in yourself. You have all the tools you need to take the next step. Your life’s mission is to let go of the old and embrace the new. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate. Just throw yourself in there.

When you have a birth number two (2), you often end up in duality where you find it hard to choose. You feel tempted to choose a bit of everything, but your life’s mission is to dare to choose. Remember that you are free to make a new choice when the first was a bit disappointing.

As a birth number three (3), you need to be the seed that pops its head above the ground and show yourself to the world with all your potential. It is scary to do that because when you do, people may have an opinion about you. But remember, you can’t be everyone’s friend. You only have to be your friend.

With a birth number four (4), you’ll have to form that potential into a foundation. Perfectionism can be a stumbling block because the results may not keep up with your expectations. Your life’s mission is to do something; it doesn’t matter as long as you take action directed at your intention. It is too easy to only think about things and not take action.

As a person with a birth number five (5), you are here to be flexible when you need to adapt. A flexible mindset helps you change your design or project when you receive the first feedback. Remember that you don’t have to adapt to everything the outside world thinks. Weight the feedback and see if it is valuable or not. There is a beginning and an ending to being flexible, but you don’t have to sell your soul to stay friends with everyone.

With a birth number six (6), you need to review your results and be proud of your accomplishments. Sometimes, it is hard to stop and look at what you have made or how far you have come in this fast world. If you don’t do this, you’ll always be on the road to something better while the good enough is at your feet. Learning to appreciate the small steps and to celebrate your achievements is your life’s mission.

A birth number seven (7) calls you to keep in mind that everything moves in cycles. When you hit a difficult spot in your life, remember that this too shall pass and that something better is on its way. Your life’s mission is not to sit down and give up when life is difficult but to always be optimistic that things will change. Your most important task is to choose what is good for you when life throws you lemons so that you can feel better.

With a birth number eight (8), you understand that you need to reorder your priorities after the turmoil of the seven. Your priority needs to be yourself so that you can be there for others. You see that very clearly, and still sometimes doing precisely that is difficult. Your life’s mission is by taking care of yourself first; you create room to finish the process. Let go of what no longer serves you.

All people with a birth number nine (9) understand that they are close to the end of a cycle. It asks them to spend time with themselves to find out what they have learned. This practice requires wisdom and compassion. Even when they need another round of doing the same thing, this is not the time to be critical about it. Your life’s mission is to let go of old beliefs that only keep you where you are. Drop the fight and try another time if this is necessary. If you have reached the end, let go and move on without looking back to the next phase at number 1.


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