Jolanda Bolt

Akashic Records Reader | Tarot Reader | Author | Life & Business Coach | The Netherlands

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Hi, My Name Is Jolanda

Thank you for making an effort to click on one of my links. My name is Jolanda, and I am an Akashic Records Coach from the Netherlands.

I help you understand your Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose. I do this by reading tarot cards and your akashic record. You can express your talents and gifts and make empowered decisions. How cool would it be if you understood which choices are aligned and which are not?

You can find your personal “soul file” in your Akashic Record. It holds every aspect of who you are at origination, including all your reincarnations, and it gives you a deep understanding of who you are.

At the same time, lives have gotten in the way of that knowledge because who you are at origination does not change when you leave this life. It is who you are at a soul level. Every life adds to what you know about yourself. Sometimes this has grown into limiting beliefs and ways you restrict yourself. My task is to create awareness of how you limit yourself and help change all that.

Who I am originally

When I went into the records to dig up who I am, I found out that I have a knack for words (for communication) and how important it is for me to make choices that create freedom. It helped me choose to devote more time to writing. Currently, I’m working on a tarot book, which I will publish in 2022.

Another gift that I found in my record is my psychic gift. I’ve pushed that aside and tried all kinds of trades all my life, but things start to flow when I do readings and empower my clients from this side of me. It helped me to decide to quit part of my business and move it all toward this line of work.

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Thank you for coming by!