Are You Ready To Understand What Is Blocking Your Business Abundance?

In this first-time business coaching call, we’ll work together for an hour on your business. In it, you’ll find out who you are as a business owner and what you need in your business to feel aligned and open to money flowing in. My goal is to give you insight into the business areas that need your attention to get the abundance in your business flowing again or flowing in a more aligned way.

What Do You Get?

  • Sixty minutes of one-to-one conversation, you have my full attention.

  • A chance to talk to a change expert and intuitive coach with thirty years of expertise

  • A customized moment to talk to me focused on helping you

  • An assessment of what you’ve tried to make your business work and to get clients

  • An assessment of what you like doing in your business and what you dislike

  • Insight in the business areas that need your full attention as well as the business areas you can leave for now

  • You will receive a personal follow-up email in which I outline the things we’ve talked about.

Besides getting to know each other and finding out if there is a basis for further coaching, we’ll have a very organic conversation about what comes up in your business. It can be about frustrations, pains, and joys in doing business. I provide simple but effective coaching, and I empower you firmly to take up the role of the CEO of your business.


Let’s be real about what this time is for. You have a problem in your business that needs an answer. I tell you in detail what you need to change in your business to align it to your financial intentions again.

I am not teaching you how to market your business or give you a sales script. I point out the misaligned aspects of your business, and it is your job to change them.

What You Don’t Need

What you don’t need to work with me:

  • A perfectly set up business, we can even work on intended businesses

  • A team, a complete JV network, a marketing system, sales experience – none of that

  • Complete insight into what you’re struggling with

All we need is your desire to have a fun and profitable business that aligns with your financial intentions.

What You Do Need

What you do need to work with me:

IMPORTANT: To Qualify For Your Session, I MUST Receive Your Information As Soon As Possible.

When you book your session you’ll receive a form to fill in. Please return it soon as possible so you give me enough time to prepare your session.

Price: $ 149.00

  • Sixty minutes of uninterrupted, focused time

  • An open mind, love for manifesting, spirituality and learning

  • A willingness to make your business work

  • Being open to new insights to be creative and try new things to make doing business more fun and profitable