What you need to manifest weight loss results

manifest weight loss

Weight loss, isn’t it just damned hard work? Do you also have that nagging feeling of powerlessness over your food, weight, and eating habits? For a minute, let me pose a truth: You are more powerful than you let yourself feel. You can manifest a healthy right-sized body.

But oh, stop! Do you now hear a small voice that tells you that this is never going to happen or that you are not worth having such a body? Are you not allowed to have a slender body? Or maybe having a slender body is a bit scary?

All this, the complex thoughts and the underlying reasons not to lose weight make it hard to lose weight, but most of all, it makes us unreceptive of what we know and the nudges we get from our Higher Self and the spirit guides around us.

Maybe this connection between weight loss and spirituality is too far-fetched for you, but both subjects are connected. I sincerely believe that when you think “hard,” you get “hard,” as in a diet that is hard to follow, or “that dieting is just too hard.”

I would love you to experience that you allow yourself to get results effortlessly, get into a flow, and get results easily. This is possible, you know. But you have to make sure that the stories you tell yourself about weight loss are helpful.

You are very powerful, and you can create anything you want. There you have it, so stop the damn struggle. Stop thinking that you cannot do it. You can because you are a powerful soul.

manifest weight loss

Feel good about your goal

When you try to manifest weight loss from a struggle mode, it will become more of a struggle than you intended. You can only think about how hard it is, how bad you want that particular food, and how much you desire that lower weight (which isn’t there still). All you can do is focus on what you don’t have instead of where you are going. If this is you, you are not alone.

I did the same thing, but I managed to start a new, more empowered journey.

When you approach your weight loss journey from struggle mode, try to switch those thoughts 180 degrees. Imagine that suddenly your journey is easy, fun, and creates excellent results. Imagine looking in the mirror: how does your body look? Amazing, right? But that is not enough yet; you need to take it one step further: where do you experience the same struggle in your life? The struggle never comes alone, and most of the time, we use it in other areas of our lives as well.

Then, try to imagine how your life would be without the struggle. How would you feel about the things you want to invite into your life? How does it change your experience? Does it feel

  • Lighter?
  • Liberated?
  • Elevated?
  • Proud?
  • Beautiful?

Get into the feeling of how solving other areas in your life where you “use” struggle to relieve your weight loss struggle. Write about this in your journal. Feeling a different process is essential to connect with and create a new future with.

All this is aimed at building a future from a different point of view. We often create a micro-focus on all things difficult, while we should make it easier for ourselves! This lifts the resistance so that the journey can be smooth. I wish I had known this years ago because it could have saved me a lot of time, money, and therapy 😊

How it worked for me

My struggle with weight loss was similar to the struggle I found in my business. I longed for the same feelings as the above list in my professional and private lives.

The harder I fought with all weight-related things, the more upset I found about how I earned my money (whether that was in my job or my business). To be honest, my whole life was in a tangle. But then I changed one seemingly small thing to keep my mind off what bothered me: I started translating and rewriting my tarot book, and everything got into motion. I thought they had nothing to do with each other, but they had. So my advice to you is to start somewhere in your life. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it has to do with the same feeling of lack that you are experiencing. In a year from now, my weight issues will be history.

The most important question to ask

I believe that most people want simple things in their life. They want love, and they want joy. Maybe they also want a goal weight and a shitload of money, but let’s put that aside for now. Love and joy are essential for most people.

I noticed considerable changes in my life when I started to ask myself:

  • Is this (activity) joyful?
  • Does this feel like a loving thing for me?

Not many things turned out to tick any of those boxes. I needed a total overhaul in my life. The first thing I did, was talk to my GP to get help for my eating disorder. I still see this as the best gift I have ever given myself. I learned to turn the weight obsession into body acceptance. It resulted in a peaceful mind around my weight. From this mindset, I made other essential transitions in my life. I will tell more about this in another blog.

When I asked what I needed to make my life more joyful, I received many intuitive downloads. One of the major things was that I wanted to start writing again. I also saw that my job was crappy and that it needed an upgrade as soon as possible.

I needed to get rid of the story in my mind first to make those things possible.

Choose to believe

I now have a more supporting story. It entails an empowered vision for the future from which I can set specific actions into motion. I now believe that I am worth it to feel healthy. This belief was non-existent. From this point of view, I make critically different decisions and make different choices.

Weight loss is no longer a life goal; being healthy is. A healthy person takes care of herself and trusts that her Higher Self has a plan. Dare to make this belief as big as you dare!

I no longer search for the plan or the how-to. I have laid that search to sleep. I now go straight to the people who should know the how. When I don’t know the how-to, I ask for advice. Geez, this has freed up so much headspace, struggle, and time!

Everything in your life

I have also become more focused on other goals in my life. I found this in my Manifesting Blueprint. A Manifesting Blueprint comes from the Akashic Records and tells you what you need to manifest your desired outcome. In my case, I needed to become more focused on goals.

I had to admit this might be true. Because I was failing my goals, I had morphed my goals into soft copies of what I really wanted to do that was only focused on the process of getting there. Some people do much better by focusing on the process instead of the goal, but I don’t. When I started to set goals, everything changed again. Suddenly I could take aligned action! I needed clarity.

If you want to understand what you need to get to your goal weight, order your Manifesting Blueprint.

In the case of my weight, I also had to find a goal. But how does one measure health? I decided to make specific indicators that tell me if I am healthier. For instance, what would I do if I were healthy? It would mean that I am pain-free, follow the food plan I received while in ED therapy, move my body every day, have healthy stories and ideas about my body, etc. See how these are mostly yes or no indicators? That’s what *I* need. You can decide what your indicators can be.

With these indicators, I can take aligned action to create this. When I have a bad day, I can go back to wanting to feel joyful and take loving and aligned action for myself. Remember that joyful and loving actions need to be taken in other areas of your life as well! They may not always be easy actions, but the effect will be tremendous.

Expect magical things to happen when you get creative and feel good about it.

Ask for what you need.

Now that you have the feeling and thinking part up and running, you can start asking for what you want. Just ask. Ask your angels, the Universe, God, or your Higher Self. How else do you think they’ll know you want it?

How to manifest weight loss

And then lastly, when you say out loud how you want to feel, do not expect things to change overnight. You need to take action. This means that when you see an opportunity, you jump at it and go. If not, you create your own opportunity (because often we are not paying attention). Look for opportunities, like

  • an ad on your Facebook timelinetimeline in which your favorite coach tells you that she has opened for three more clients with 50% off;
  • an ad in the paper for your dream job;
  • or a voucher for 40% off on your desired running shoes;
  • a tip in this blog that turns out your key toward weight loss.

But all of these things are worthless if you do not do anything. You need to take action. If you want to lose weight, you still have to put away that bag of chips; it is not creating weight loss. Between you, me, and the Fairy Godmother: I know it – you know it. Your Fairy Godmother knows it as well, by the way.


Your effort to manifest weight loss is not something like following a recipe in the kitchen. It is not a list of actions you can follow, and all will be well.  I noticed that starting to live my purpose and align with my Divine Soul Blueprint. So many people who struggle with excess weight overeat because they make choices in their life that are not authentic. By knowing who you are at origination (the moment you came into being as a soul), you’ll know if a choice is more aligned or not.


I have dreamed about combining various readings to help you in your weight loss journey for the longest time. I had a story in my mind that I needed to be skinny to be allowed to help others get over the struggle they experience with weight loss. I had to get over this story because my weight journey has not ended yet (if it will ever end).

To do this, I had to embrace my talent to help you create an aligned weight loss journey for you with the help of your Akashic Record. It is called Akashic Records Weight Loss Coaching.

We’ll approach your weight struggle from the spiritual side in this set of coaching sessions. We’ll take a deep dive into your Akashic Record to determine what keeps you from creating a healthy weight. Combine this with my personal experience on the weight loss path and my intuitive gift to read your record to provide you with a different approach to weight loss.

Let yourself be guided by the Universe to find out which changes you need to make in your weight loss journey and create ease and flow toward your goal weight and a healthy body.

What you will not get is weight loss coaching. I provide the delivery of your soul-based information needed to create an aligned weight loss process.

Since I know decisions like these are not made right away, contact me and we’ll hop online to talk.

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