Manifesting for beginners

Manifesting for beginners

As long as I’m in the right mindset, I’m a really good manifester. But since this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll explain the basics of manifesting for beginners.

All this doesn’t mean that I can struggle with “getting my thing” massively. But, especially when I let fear in, I lose connection with the process. It is then that I don’t see how I can fulfill my desires. That’s when many of the ideas and thoughts about not manifesting seep in. Since I’m not the only one who struggles with it, I’ve written this blog about manifesting for beginners. It’s not so much about how to manifest, but more about how I feel manifesting for beginners works from my perspective.

What is the Law of Attraction?

As I wrote in my article about the Universal Laws, there’s a law called the Law of Attraction. While all the laws I write about in this article are equally important, the Law of Attraction gets all the attention. Basically, the Law of Attraction is a law that always works. This means it always does what you ask for, and if you follow it as you should, you can predict what will happen.

This may sound like a whole lot of woo-woo for some. But you have plenty of examples of this law in your life. Remember that day in which everything went wrong? You overslept, lost parking spots to other people, got in a fierce discussion with your boss, and on top of that, even your husband and kids were cranky that day. It just didn’t stop.

As we’ve all been there, we also know how to look at those things that happen to us. One after the other comes hurtling towards us, and it’s as if we can’t dodge. Sometimes, it feels like a lot is happening to you as if you can’t control it.

When you read about the Law of Attraction, you’re being guided to watch negative thoughts and feelings like fear, anger, jealousy, emptiness, sadness, frustration, failure, inadequacy, resentment, helplessness, overwhelm, guilt, depression, or loneliness (and many more).

It’s not for nothing that we often describe these feelings as feeling low. It’s what they literally are.

How manifesting for beginners works

To understand manifesting for beginners, you need to understand a bit of the dimensions of manifesting. According to the modality that I work with (Soul Realignment), there are ten dimensions. We can easily understand the dimension that we live in with our physical body, the third dimension. It’s what we can feel and move around in a room. Doing that takes an effort.

As I sit here at my computer, typing this blog for you, I’m hammering on my keyboard, a third dimension (3D) thing. But I use my thoughts to translate them from my mind through my keyboard and computer to you. This takes an effort, which is why I can feel tired after writing a long blog post. This is because this higher vibration of thoughts needs to be translated to a lower vibration so you can read it on your computer or mobile phone.

The feelings I talked about earlier have a shallow vibration rate. In this blog about sound vibration, you can read all about how vibrations work. I love the geekiness of the blog. Toward the end, you’ll find the vibrational scale of consciousness. It shows you how certain feelings have a low frequency and others a very high one. It also helps you move up through the scale, with the help of solfeggio, when you don’t feel too good.

Low vibration is like having a big rock crushing a flower that wants to bloom. Under the rock, nothing can flourish. In fact, everything dies. In this analogy, you, with your desires and manifesting skills, can be the daisy, but you can also be the rock with your low vibrational feelings. You can grow your desire, and you can crush it.

How do you change that rock? You simply remove it. This may sound very inconsiderate to all the people who experience hard things, but if you want to manifest your desires, you’ll have to stop giving those thoughts energy. Victor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, explained that this is possible in his book Man’s Search of Meaning.

Removing that dark cloud in your mind is much easier than you think. The only thing you need to do is train yourself to think the opposite, the light version of the dark.. If you think: “This is always happening to me, and it always goes wrong,” then train yourself to think:

“Only good things happen to me and for me.”

I have experience doing this, and it helps a lot. But I also slid back in my puddle of mud when I stopped using this technique. From that, we can conclude that letting dark clouds darken your experience is a choice. Having explained this, I’ve now blessed you with the responsibility to think differently so that fun and joy can have a place in your life so that the daisy doesn’t have to wither away.

Attracting light things

Now I’ve got you into an experience where you can choose to think lighter thoughts; it is easier to take more positive (lighter) actions that grow into positive (light) outcomes. If you feel cranky all the time (because everything is “against” you), it is challenging to communicate lightly.

manifesting for beginners

How to work with the Law of Attraction

First of all, it’s good to understand where your locus of control sits. There are two groups with two different loci of control: an external locus of control and an internal locus of control.

If you have an external locus of control, you believe that the things that happen around you control how you think. In other words, your happiness is dependent on what happens around you. People with an internal locus of control believe that what happens inside creates the things that happen to them. In other words, they are aware that their feelings create their reality. So when you look at how you think, to which group do you belong?

If you are ruled by an external locus of control, try to move toward what you feel. You are not a victim of circumstances because you can change things when you look at things differently. You are in control.

It’s the internal focus you’re looking for because you can choose what you want to think with that point of view. It’s like the moment in Hook when Peter Pan tried to fly and couldn’t because he didn’t believe in himself.

“Think of happy thoughts, Peter!”
– Tinkerbell ( in Hook)

Know that you control the vibration of the fourth dimension with your thoughts. You can choose to give it a light and high vibration by thinking “happy thoughts,” but you can also choose dark and low vibrating thoughts. It’s all a choice, and you are the creator of them.

Almost there!

To manifest the plans and desires and invite them into this third dimension, you need to raise their vibration. Many people are not aware of how far they’ve gotten already in their manifestation efforts. The desire they have once started on a soul level, a level that many can’t access easily. Because they can’t access it, they think it doesn’t exist before they had the first thought.

Who says so?

Who says that everything starts in your mind or by your decision?

Many desires are set in your Divine Soul Blueprint. To understand how that works, you need to understand that the Universe has no other way to experience itself than through the souls it put out here. Every soul contains a part of the Universe, each with its own set of characteristics.

For the Universe and the soul to experience their divinity, we need to follow our personal blueprint. I help people understand that personal blueprint by reading it for them and coaching them to take aligned action toward that blueprint.

People notice it right away when they start following the personal blueprint because that’s when they start to feel good. Feeling good is a pure flow of vital force divine energy through you. You’ll desire more of I when you do that consciously because feeling good makes you feel good.

On the other side, they also get super clear about the things they need help with because it is in the way (or blocking) their personal blueprint. It is so interesting to experience this. Before you know your divine blueprint, you live your life, including all the things you do to block that vital force energy that comes straight from Source. But once you understand what your divine task is, you also know that holding on to behavior is incongruent with who you really are.

Manifesting for beginners

Start celebrating already

Many people don’t see yet how far they’ve already come in the manifesting process. Knowing that your desires started way up in the fifth or higher dimensions, they’ve already managed to bring them down to the fourth. If you can still feel enthusiastic and happy about it by then, you are on your way to seeing some actual 3D results.

The only one who can stop it from manifesting is you. Understanding that when your manifestation isn’t showing up, it can only be you. That’s the foundation of manifesting for beginners. If this is the case, don’t make it personal. Try to find out what is holding you back. Is it fear, anger, despair? Whatever you find, work on it. If it is too big for you to handle by yourself, ask for help.

That you’re thinking about it is proof that your desire is already here. Well done! Celebrate and be grateful. It helps a lot to raise your vibration. Step two is to bring your desire from the fourth dimension of thoughts and ideas down to the third to manifest it in real life.

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