Frustrations That Block Your Manifesting Process

The Manifesting Process: are you allowing yourself to receive?

Manifesting within the Universal Laws seems so easy and logical – until you try to actually get some results. That’s when you become frustrated and upset. Why isn’t this shizz working? I mean, sometimes you’re done with waiting, right? In this blog, I want to confront you with how you block yourself from receiving your biggest desires ever in your manifesting process.

As a reminder, manifesting isn’t all that difficult. How hard is it to ask for what you want, allow it to happen, and take logical action? This sounds pretty simple, but I know that you’ll have lots of yes buts going on – how you asked for this or that, and the manifesting process didn’t even work! You never got what you wanted!  

Often, it’s not the asking that is the problem. We know how to ask, right? But where it goes off in the manifesting process is the allowing and receiving part. For some reason, we’re always in our own way!  

Let’s take a look at how a ‘normal’ manifesting process should go and how we mess it up instead. 

Frustration #1: I want it now 

According to how we’ve been taught, we should allow ‘the thing’ to happen, with an open heart and full of joy, right? Well, easier said than done. You’ve asked so often for ‘the thing,’ and it never showed up, so now you don’t believe it anymore. And time is ticking – tick tock tick tock! You want it now! Why isn’t this ‘thing’ showing up?  

Impatient, aren’t we? Time is a weird thing. As Einstein explained to us, it doesn’t exist in our third dimension. Instead, it has its own dimension, and it’s pretty malleable. This means that what takes long for you may look super quick for me. It all depends on the observer. A general rule that works for both of us is that the more urgency you feel, the more you get in your own way. 

The way to solve this is to sit back and create a clear image of it arriving in your life. What do you see, feel and hear? Which emotions come over you when you wake up on that day? Dare to go beyond the rather vague feeling of ‘happy.’ What is happy? How does that feel? What do you do differently on that day? 

By imagining those feelings in the manifesting process, you’re creating the feelings that go with ‘the thing,’ and you’re halfway there. The only thing is that you don’t want to see it because you are taught that you first need to see it before you allow yourself to believe it. 

Frustration #2: What I have is no good! 

Another way you stop yourself from getting what you want is to label your current situation as wrong. To make it even worse, you tell yourself: ‘Because it is wrong, I don’t want it. It’s no good at all!”   

But you know, your current situation is always a perfect result of the manifesting process. It’s only that you changed the rules halfway through the journey and now say that you don’t want it anymore. It is okay to decide the half-way that you want something else – we all have freedom of choice, but don’t say that it’s the Universe’s fault. Deep down, you decided that this situation was good enough for you and even took aligned action on it. Want an example? Think about being overweight, the focus you had on losing weight, and still eating the cookie or bag of chips.  

So, you want something else? Cool! You only need to make a decision and be determined to make it so. Changing desires come with expanded personal growth. Your desires rise when you rise. You are allowed to dream bigger when you’re ready. Just sign a peace treaty with your current situation and be okay with it – so okay that you’re letting it go off to a better life. 

Frustration #3: I’ll keep on asking 

But seeing that you’re not manifesting after you’ve been trying for a long time must mean that ‘something’ is going wrong. The Universe must not have been listening when you asked. So you ask again. This time, your big ask isn’t coming from fun and joy, though. Below the surface, doubt and fear are creeping into your request. What’s going on in that deep dark subconscious of yours?  

When you doubt things won’t happen, the Universe will come forward right away: “Oh, you think it won’t happen? Okay!” Sometimes, it is so much easier to unmanifest what you’ve manifested already! 

Instead, try to find fun ways to raise your vibration to see it happen. Learn to open your heart and feel how enthusiasm is here. You can use a special daily ritual, create a poster filled with your favorite affirmations, or create a vision board. Heck, there are so many ways of reminding yourself of your desires every day! Instead, you choose to doubt that it will come. That’s no way to manifest what you want! You know better than that! 

It all starts with being okay with where you are. This means that you choose to become more neutral about that everlasting opinion of yours. You are where you are, and that’s okay. For the more practiced manifesters, you can also decide that you’re okay with NOT getting what you want. But maybe that’s a big ask for you right now.  

The Manifesting Process: are you allowing yourself to receive?

Frustration #4: I can only take action when I feel good 

It is super hard to take consistent action that is aligned with who you are and what you want with doubt and fear. Even the suggestion to fake it until you make it doesn’t work for you, so instead, you decide not to do anything at all or do them your half-assed way. 

What is needed is to find things to do that create a better feeling than you have now. If these are things that bring you closer to your goal, that’s wonderful, but if you feel bummed, then choose to do things that make you feel better. Choose fun. 

When I found out that I was constantly doing things that I hated because my mood around my desires had dropped so much, I decided that I wouldn’t do them anymore. If I hated doing them so much, why would I do them? They were only making me feel worse than I was feeling already!  

So, I went on a journey (more of a hunt) for fun things. Before the lockdown, I went to markets, nature walks and tried out all sorts of crafting. Some were fun, and others turned out to be one project fun. I learned from that that there are many things that can create a better feeling: water coloring, diamond painting (sorry! Corney, but really very calming!), or finding new trails to walk. And lo and behold, it lifted my mood! 

Frustration #5: I’m not good enough to have it! 

When you’re not manifesting and think it is because you’re not good enough, you’re in trouble with receiving what you desire. By saying you’re not good enough, you’re telling the Universe that they need to look for a better person to receive your desire. Since your desire only matches with you, you’re setting the Universe up with an impossible delivery task. You’re masking as the wrong one, while instead, you secretly are the right address to deliver your desire.  

Stated more clearly: you’re telling a lie, and with that, you’re messing up your own manifesting process. To make it even worse, if you could, you’d give the Universe a one-star review on Google.   

Instead, it helps to become aware of the many negative beliefs that go through your mind all the time – the lies you’re telling yourself. It is mind staggering to keep track of your thoughts for only a day. Every lie that you don’t correct tells the Universe to forward the desire to a new address.   

To correct is, you become aware of the thoughts and allow yourself to have them. If they openly roll out of your mind, you start to correct them. Just correct yourself. The more you forget to correct them, the more you allow those ideas and stories to play mischief under cover of your reality.  

When you think that you’re not good enough, it is not true. It is an illusion, and you’re the only one who can break through that illusion by remembering that you are limitless in your ability to create what you want. Just like you’re limitless in creating what you don’t want. 

Frustration #6: It’s all bad that comes up 

By now, you’ve developed quite a ‘great’ mood around what you desire. No matter what happens, it’s all bad that is happening. From feeling not good enough, resentment about what you’re experiencing now is building up. It’s no good what you’re getting, and it’s not fair. 

Instead, come back to the dream you once had. Go back to the situation you were in and where you were. At some point, you decided that you had a dream, a desire. You saw it and chose it. What happened with that? You could just as easily imagine it again, but for some reason, you’ve lost that fantasy.  

What works is to go back to that original feeling and be grateful for seeing it. Maybe you do not have it yet, but to show up in your energy field, you must have been aware of that initial ‘ping.’ Don’t confuse the ping you’re experiencing in your energy field for something that’s not there. It is definitely there. That way, you’re dismissing the initial moment of awareness when your desire was born. It’s still in a high-frequency form. To have it, you need to take old-fashioned third-dimension action to create a more solid vibration for your ‘thing.’ It’s the only way to invite it into our weird 3D reality. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, be grateful. It’s here. Now take action to bring it down to your frequency to have it. 

Frustration #7: I need to be realistic in this manifesting process

When your ‘thing’ still doesn’t show up, you start to become frustrated. Like, you’re doing what is needed, and still, nothing shows up. What else is there to do? You tell yourself that it’s time to become ‘realistic’ about how you believed some lie about manifesting (again), and you just wasted a lot of time that you could have spent much better. Maybe, there are even people near you who tell you this. 

But let’s get real about getting real. It’s the frustration that you can do without. We all know how hard it is to consciously choose your focus in this manifesting process when your ‘thing’ is still in the higher vibration that you can’t have yet, who have two options. To drop the ‘thing’ or to drop the fight. What do you really want? Frustration or creation? And if so, what kind of creation do you want? A frustrated one or a desired one?  

Take time to choose your focus consciously. Your choice to focus on frustration temporarily is what got you here, now choose to choose differently. Which feeling aligns best with your desire? Frustration or gratitude? I’d choose the latter. 

Frustration #8: I can’t just change my thoughts! 

The frustration is growing, and you notice that the negative beliefs and attached feelings are taking over. They’re growing and evolving, and you notice how you’re not feeling well under them – at all. You start to doubt that your desire will ever come to life for real.  

In situations like these, sources about manifestation suggest that you get hold of your thoughts and study them, but you notice that it’s not easy at all. You rather ignore them than studying them because it is all so painful.  

But maybe it is easier than you think. All you need is to imagine that there’s a small child inside of you. For this, you may need to close your eyes and imagine how it looks. How does it feel? What does it look like? What clothes does it wear? What does it like to do? Dance? Swing? How does it feel about you? Is it basically happy, or has it lost trust in you because you didn’t listen to it for so long? What does it need right now? 

Like any child that asks for the protection of a grownup, it needs to hear that everything will work out just fine. It’s all good, always. And then you take it by the hand and sit with it. Hold that small inner child, and you’ll notice that this small part of you just needs to hear that you’ll take care of it.  

See? You can change your thoughts! 

Frustration #9: I’m giving you one more chance! 

But even how hard you work with your inner child will also be this harsh part inside of you that just wants to know right now, when – where – how. No more bullshitting (excuse the French); when will the Universe come up with your desire? Get on with it! Don’t let me count! One! Two! Thr… 

But giving the Universe one more chance of showing up is not the way to create everlasting joy and fun. It’s your fearful, harsh inner critic that’s about to call you a failure. All it tells you is that this shizz is not going to happen, and you’re stupid for believing that you ever could. Like, duh! 

Instead, you can choose to open yourself for victory in the manifestation process. To do so, you need to be able to see that the road to your goal consists of many small victories that go before the big one. It’s like winning the Soccer World Championship. To make that goal, you need to receive the ball right, run like hell while keeping the ball at your foot, pass all defenders one by one AND kick the ball in that one corner where the keeper is not blocking the goal. 

Dozens of small wins always precede the big WIN. It’s the small wins that create the big one. Are you willing to see that you’re actually super close to making the goal? Are you willing to see that you play a much more active role in the whole manifesting process than you thought?  

The Manifesting Process: are you allowing yourself to receive?

Frustration #10: I give up! 

Okay, so now you’re done with it. You’ve worked so hard and did ‘everything’ you needed to do, and nothing showed up. Now you’re angry and disappointed and decide to give up. You’re worth more than seeing nothing show up all the time. You knew this whole Law of Attraction was a big fat lie. 

Instead, you now have two options, and they come down to how good you are at truly giving up. It’s like your big brother holding you in a headlock, screaming “Surrender! Surrender!” at you. Most people are not so good at giving up. They keep on fighting. It’s either that way or wallowing in resentment, disappointment, and critiquing themselves.  

That’s not giving up; you’re doing a bad job at it. This way, you’re still be presented with situations that mirror you back at what a failure you are. Most people become hard and disappointed when they do it that way.  

But if you truly give up, then you’re on the winning hand in this Game of Life. The whole manifesting process is all about truly giving up, let go and surrender to what is. Dare to loosen the grip and let it fly away. The manifesting process is all about doing the opposite of what we’ve always done. Not so easy when you’re programmed the other way.  

When you finally let the Universe do its job by dropping the fight you’ve been in, all resentment and negative feelings fall away. Finally, you’re doing what you’re here for. If what you desire is in line with your Divine Soul Blueprint, you’ll manifest it pretty quickly. But for this to happen, you really need to be fed up with how you’ve been blocking yourself all your life.

Enabling yourself to receive 

How often do you keep yourself from having the desire you truly want – to have a true connection with a higher level of dimension? Allowing yourself to have what you want is about truly loving yourself, and most of the time, we’re not good at it. Not having what you want is a sign that you need to work on loving yourself to allow yourself to live a life of everything you desire. Working on that is the biggest confrontation with who we have turned into. 


  • What would happen if you’d become happy? 
  • What would happen if you declared your life to be a success? 
  • What would happen if you’d pass the test of coming here and deciding not to have to come back to suffering and misalignment?  

My goodness, we’re all so afraid of being a radiant being of love and joy that we’ll do whatever we can to prevent it. We came here to learn some ‘lessons.’ When do we decide that we’re done learning and surrender to the highest feelings there are? Love. Joy. Fun. Goodness. Abundance. 

Stop trying so hard to become happy. Be happy. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are good enough. Stop holding yourself back. Surrender to it. 

Love, Jolanda


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