Why so many people suck at manifesting weight loss

manifesting weight loss

Ever since I concluded that it wasn’t about what I ate that made the difference in manifesting weight loss goals or not, I’ve been pointing at my head when I talk about where the choice to eat is made, as if that choice is made in my head.


The truth is that I’m pointing in the wrong direction. The choice to eat is not made in the brain but a field much more extensive than us: the conscious or the unconscious part of us.

Energy fields

Research by a neurosurgeon showed he could find the part in our brain to take action, like moving your arm or getting up to get something to eat, but not the actual decision that would go before it.

When you make a choice, it is made in an energy field that contains all outcomes to any situation you can imagine. Which of the results manifest in your life, depends very much on the frequency you choose to focus on. In that way, your brain is nothing more than some sort of radio device that you can tune to a specific frequency.

The dial of that radio contains various stations, and they all have their tunes: Blues, Rock, Country; it is up to you to tune in to a specific station to hear the music you desire. Every frequency (or station) determines the outcome you’ll want to see.

It is the same with tuning in to a particular desire you have. Every desire has its frequency, and all you need is to tune in to the frequency that matches your real desire.

When it comes to making choices, the frequency of the station you want to tune in to can be changed by your thoughts and ideas. Whatever you desire: your ideal weight, a loving partner to share the rest of your life with, excellent health, or that booming career. It can all be reached with your thoughts.


Does this all sound pretty woo-woo? Then think again. A lot of great minds are convinced we all have access to that big radio dial: from Nobel-prize winning physicist Werner Hersenberg to poet Alfred Lord Tennison to James Allen, the writer of As A Man Thinketh. They all say that any outcome on that dial can come into being because it is already done.

manifesting weight loss

Goal weight and vibrant health

So let’s focus on reaching your goal weight and having vibrant health ever after. A great example, right? We all want that. But for some reason, we attract the opposite. We are tuned into the frequency that provides them with the opposite result.

Why is that?

It is believed that these people are confronted with a reality different from their desire because they are tuned in to a frequency that gives them the opposite.

To check this “theory” with you, I only have to ask you one question: how happy does being on a diet you make? Like the day-to-day practice of watching what you eat, declining treats, working out, and drinkings lots and lots of water?

If it makes you happy, no problem. If it doesn’t make you happy, then it is very much possible that you’ll sabotage your goal with every opportunity you get.

Most people love what the process brings and visualize the hell out of their fantasy, but when it comes to day to day practicing this desire, it is not that much fun anymore. The process of manifesting weight loss is perceived as brutal. It is hard to decline that lovely snack your co-worker brought in. It is hard to keep the weight off, especially when you know that only 5% keep it off permanently.

But what kind of desire station is that? Why do you choose to focus (or tune in) to the desired outcome of struggle and longing for something you can’t have?

Why would you choose to point your radio to a tune like that? Don’t you also change the frequency of your radio when they play stupid songs?


First of all, choose which outcome you desire. So you want to have this beautiful slim body that radiates with health because you’ve fed it in a way that gives it that glow you only see in healthy people, a body that helps you to do …. [fill in the blanks].

Everybody who has read a bit about manifestation stops here. Boom. Universe, you now know what I want, go & provideth me with the desired result, please.

What are you willing to do?

I am all for making things as easy or myself as possible. If the Universe worked that way, I’d be sitting back in my chair as well! But alas! We’ve all found out that the Universe needs a few more pointers from us that we want it.

What it all boils down to is that we also have to take action. And that’s where it often goes wrong. With manifesting weight loss, you’ll have to find stuff that you can repeat day in day out, seven days a week. But often we are not even willing to do that.

And there we have the big W-word…. WILLINGNESS. What are you willing to do for it?

Don’t do it

If you’re not willing to go to the gym, then please don’t go. If it grumps the hell out of you, you’ll only eat as soon as you enter the front door of your house again. Heck, you might even turn into the drive-through on your way home, telling yourself that you burned enough calories to deserve this treat.

Make a list of contributing decisions and actions that feel right and still help you to move forward to your end goal. Manifesting weight loss goes through feeling good about it instead of forcing yourself to do things that are not aligned.

For instance: I am not willing to work out every day. For one, I don’t see how I can fit it into my daily planning and two, I’ve noticed that my body goes into inflammation when I take it over the top.

What I am willing to do is: I plan my food the night before, I commit that food to a buddy of mine and eat precisely that the next day. I also don’t drink any alcohol, I only eat three times a day, and I always weigh my food. I only weigh myself once a week and, if possible, once a month. With only this set of rules, I made it to goal weight. These are feasible, actionable things I can do because I am willing to do them.\

Your list will probably be different.

So stop complaining about how hard it is to lose weight but come back to what you are willing to do and hold yourself to it.


But it is also SURRENDERING to that daily nitty-gritty sometimes a boring list of actions that I’ve committed to repeating every day. Every friggin day. Not just three days on and then two days off because it is the weekend. No, it means seven days a week “wash & repeat” of the activities you’ve decided upon.

Does that feel sucky? No, because I had the chance to make other commitments when I made my list, so choose wisely. Because of my daily list of actions and obligations, I can surrender to the activity and keep a balanced mindset about it. This is what I chose, right? Now do it.

Wash & repeat

The next phase is all about implementing the activities in my daily life. It takes time to do that. Your goal is to create habits that you can repeat every day without putting much thought into it. When that happens, you’ve not only surrendered to them but also automatized them. From then on, it is much easier.

So do not think that once you’ve chosen your list of commitments that life will suddenly be easy. It takes at least 90 days to implement habits until they are automatic.

Once they are automatic, you don’t whine about them anymore. That’s when your mind goes quiet. That’s when the freedom kicks in.

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Contact me if you want to know about manifesting weight loss. As a former weight loss coach, I know that it is only partly about what you eat and how often you work out. It is mostly about the right mindset and practicing manifesting in the right way. I can help you get unstuck from weight obsession and overeating in a different way that other weight loss coaches work with you. Contact me here.

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