How to stay optimistic when manifesting dreams

How to stay optimistic when you are manifesting your dreams

With the new year still brand new and fresh and your intentions still being in the front of your mind, I want to talk to you today about how to stay positive when you’re manifesting your dreams – especially when it takes time to see them appear in your life.

With all the changes I made last year, I feel that a heavy load has been taken off my shoulders, and staying positive hopefully isn’t that difficult. But I’ve come from a state of mind where it was challenging to affirm my dreams, take aligned action, and keep knowing my dreams will come true.

For this year, I’ve set my intentions toward three areas of my life in which I hope to manifest three dreams that I’ll be working on:

  • Vibrant health
  • A beautiful, welcoming home
  • Building my business from joy

Vibrant health

Four years ago, I set on to a weight loss path that was about to change my life. In six months, I lost a lot of weight, and while I loved how I looked, I didn’t feel good. I was tired and cold, I was hungry all the time, and I couldn’t stop munching. And then menopause symptoms hit me hard as well. I suffered from fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia, to name the major ones. Another symptom was weight gain, and I gained every pound that I once lost back. Okay, everything but two pounds.

It took seven months, because of Covid-19, to see the right doctor. To my surprise, there was more going on than I thought. But now I feel like a different person.

So for this year, I’ve set the intention to manifest vibrant health. This means that I focus on feeling healthy, energized, and being pain-free. Aligned actions that I can take are taking the vaccine as soon as I can, ditching sugar and flour, going for a walk every day, drink 2 liters of water, going to yoga (as soon as we’re allowed again), sleeping 8 hours every night, and play with my cards and journals. I also want to lose weight, but not in the same way as I did the first time. This year, I focus on losing 10% of my current weight. In my journal, I found a note of how great I felt when I was at a weight 10% lower than this, so that’s my first milestone.

My ultimate dream is to be able to do 20 km hikes again. I’m secretly dreaming of walking Hadrian’s Wall or some routes in Scotland, but right now I don’t even believe in it, because my legs are killing me for three days when I walk more than 4 km. I need some more physical healing before I can start believing.

How to stay optimistic when you are manifesting your dreams

A beautiful home

This month, 11 years ago, I moved in with my love. I sold my own house in the middle of the financial crisis (which was a big relief), and I thought we’d be looking for a new home at some point. But then so many sad things happened that it made our heads spin. It took years to overcome the challenges we had. All the time, I dreamed about having a beautiful home where I’d feel good. While I thought I was dreaming about a new house, the images that came up were of our current house, but I figured that I found it hard to think outside of the box.

Last year, things turned around. It started with a massive decluttering project (recommended to start manifesting your dreams!). I am amazed at how courageously we’ve thrown away stuff. Things that we were holding on to but didn’t need anymore. Getting rid of stuff that’s clogging up your space saying: “I refuse to put this in a moving box if we’re not using it anymore” helped with physically making room. We looked at new homes, but couldn’t find anything we liked.

In October last year, I found a map of our house, and one evening, while I was sketching on that page, I suddenly saw how we could renovate our current home and give every room a new destination. To keep this story short, we’ve sat with an architect twice now, and this week they’ve measured our house to have exact dimensions for the calculations. This project is happening! I’m super excited. Manifesting my dreams is creating a smooth renovation process toward a beautiful home that is age-proof and where we can invite people over for dinner, and where I can build my business. It’s most of all, a home where we both feel good, and it looks magnificently. And it is still our cozy home because we don’t need a huge house; we only need a bit of extra space.

Making a difference

Lastly, I’m dreaming of having a business aligned with my soul purpose. I see myself doing sessions in which I show people what their soul purpose is. I also see myself sitting at my desk to write books that originate from my connection with the Universe. It’s amazing that since I found out my soul purpose, my life has changed a lot. It is not just that I’m now doing fun stuff with the Akashic Record sessions. It’s as if the cork is off the champagne bottle. In my life, even my love’s life, things have started to move again.

My ultimate dream is to create a business that allows me to retire early with him a couple of years earlier. This home project will also totally happen!

How to stay optimistic about manifesting your dreams

Ever since I watched The Secret and What tнē #$*! D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!? I’ve been focused on manifesting my dreams. While I’m actually quite good at it, when I have my head screwed on right, I can also make a mess of things when I’m not. When I’m not aligned, I manifest a whole lot of nothing.

For instance, when I used to manifest weight loss, I knew perfectly well how it works and what to do. But theory and reality weren’t the for a long time. I’d make things way too personal – way too serious, and at some point, it turned into an obsession. I could only think of how much I still had to lose and how much food I needed to restrict. It was not a sensible strategy, and since then, I’ve taken a detour by opting in for a mini-gastric bypass.

The obsession is gone, and I feel freer than ever. From that perspective and feeling, I now focus on being vibrantly healthy. It is different than reaching a goal weight. Vibrantly healthy is something you give yourself by taking good care of yourself. And yes, also eat right.

The gap

When you take your goals and dreams too seriously, you focus on the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. You can only see the gap and tell yourself: “I’m not there yet.” By doing that, you fall into a pit, and while there, you make sure you keep on digging.

But the Universe meets you exactly where you are. It doesn’t work like we were taught in school: if you work hard, you get an A. The Universe gives you what you ask. If you’re asking for an A, you get one, but subconsciously asking for a pit is also answered.

The way to do this is to focus on pleasure and joy. Do those things that make you happy. But fake it until you make it is not something that works. If the underlying energy is sucking your pleasure and joy, then you’ll end up with what that voice says.

I’ve done the faking: repeating affirmations about how I’m losing weight easily and effortlessly. I’ve repeated them over and over until my tongue turned blue. And then I wanted to eat because deep down there was this voice that said: “No, you’re not, you can’t lose weight. You haven’t done anything to earn it. And that goal weight? Bahahaha! Not!” I’d lose hope and would see my weight going up.

And still, when I saw my weight going up the last year because of the hormonal issues, I could tell myself that once the hormones would come to balance, my weight could go down again. It was not something I was telling myself to believe; it is a truth.

Manifesting your dreams: how to change that energetic setting

So, now can you think ‘happy thoughts’ when everything sucks, and you’re not able to even curl up the corners of your mouth? If you’re feeling stuck and are disappointed by the small results (or even no results) you’re seeing, it is easy to give up.

But think about this. When your dreams seem challenging and overwhelming, give yourself a break instead of giving.

Start where you are. You get up in the morning and thank the Universe for meeting you where you are. Then think about what you can do today to come a little bit closer to your dream. Don’t think about the end goal; stay in the present – where you are. When you’ve done what you planned, thank the Universe for responding by giving you the idea of what you could do.

That’s why I like to use tarot in manifesting my dream. You ask a simple question: ‘What can I do today to [..],’ and you get a straight answer. The trick is to stay in the here and now, not in the future at your end goal.

To let this happen means that you need to be okay with your reality. Forgive yourself if needed. Yes, so I gained all that weight back. I understand why this happened, and yes, I’ve even helped it manifest, but I’m okay with it because I was in a terrible place but feel better now—nothing to get frustrated about.

From feeling more relaxed, I can trust the process. From this energy, I could also sit down and sketch. And it worked! My love loved the plan I made.

How to stay optimistic when you are manifesting your dreams

Progress, not perfection, when manifesting your dreams

In the past, I was a total bully for myself. When I had an idea, it had to be that way as soon as possible. I am not a patient person. I saw this reflected in my Divine Soul Blueprint. So, I’m also practicing patience. What helps me with that is not to look any further than today.

Some days I’ll be on fire ( for instance, when the moon goes through a fire sign), and on other days I’ll only want to stare at a screen blankly or write in my journal (water moons).

If you can’t see yourself crossing the mile, then see yourself crossing a stretch of an inch – or understanding that today is not the day and you need a nap. When you’re exhausted, it is joyful to take time off, take a nap, read a book, and so on. Take care of yourself, create pleasurable moments by doing enjoyable things.

Know what makes you feel better. For me, when I feel like the world has come down on me, I know I need to do three things:

  • I need to drop the fight, whatever fight I’m fighting (surrender)
  • Go to bed early (tomorrow, everything will feel differently)
  • I need to go outside in nature and walk (fresh air clears the cobwebs)

Within 24 hours, I will feel better. So by now, I know this helps, and even when I have to force myself a bit to do this, I know this instantly makes me feel better. Furthermore, I live according to my life rules:

  • I don’t have to be happy all the time.
  • I open myself to the magic of the Universe once a day (it instantly makes me smile)
  • I allow myself to dream and imagine big things without constant gap-related reality checks.
  • I do what I can today; if that is not possible, I let it go.
  • Progress, not perfection. Let it go.
  • I do fun things, like writing, reading, and diamond painting. They make me feel good.


To write this blog, I pulled the Pleasure card from the Queen of the Moon Oracle. Buy it from her website (no affiliate link).


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