I’m Dropping My Strategy For Social Media

I'm Dropping My Marketing Strategy For Social Media

I’ll be changing my marketing strategy for social media this week. After writing last week’s blog about letting go of past attachment, I thought it would play out like themes like that always play out for me – like letting go of stuff (like I wrote about in that blog) or letting go of particular thought patterns that make you feel not good enough. Hey, did I say that I’m almost human, just like you? 😊

But what I didn’t expect was that it would focus on the marketing strategy for social media I have. To be honest, I’ve never liked using social media after the algorithms changed, forcing you to spend way too much money on ads. While I may have been a bit stubborn with it, but I also didn’t know how to change it. Until this week.

Trying to overcome my ideas of how I should market my business with social media, I went on a challenging journey of self-development with my business. Trying to grow into the aligned version of myself as a business owner has been the most profound, most challenging journey of self-development I’ve ever done.

Business reading brought huge insight

When I added a Business and Financial Abundance Reading to what I already knew, I found out how misaligned the strategy was, but I didn’t know how to change it. I only knew what everybody was doing, and that didn’t work for me.

I tried to follow the tips and tricks I found online, worked with coaches, and spent long hours at my desk, but it only gave me the emptiest, loneliest feeling ever because it lacked connection.

In the past, I interpreted that as the proven fact that people didn’t want to talk to me because for some reason [fill in the big blinking question mark above my head], people must not like me. Why else would they not want to work with me or buy any of the courses I offered in the past? Because I didn’t know the answer, the easiest way to explain my failing business was to blame others. How could they not see how good I was at what I did?

I want to apologize for loading that crapload of misaligned energy on your shoulders. It wasn’t your fault.

I'm Dropping My Marketing Strategy For Social Media

The goal of social media

When social media started around 2010 (for me) with Facebook, it served my need to connect to people. Suddenly I reconnected with old classmates and had fun conversations about ‘remember when we…?’

But over the last few years, the fun of being on social media has weaned out. Over the last year, I’ve become aware of how I don’t like social media. It was fun initially when there weren’t that many algorithms and an overload of ads on my timeline. After listening to a couple of episodes of the Your Undivided Attention podcast suggested to me by Eli Trier, I started to understand why. The podcast is a powerhouse to understand how social media is designed.

It’s not only the never-ending feed designed to keep me scrolling until it creates dissociation-like behavior. It also does not align with who I am deep down. I need a deeper connection with people for authentic conversations. In other words: I don’t thrive on seeing someone hitting like to an image I post. I’m here to connect with you from person to person.

What also annoys me to pieces is that algorithm that decides what I have to find interesting at any given moment. But if I found a solution to, let’s say, a productivity problem I had yesterday, I don’t need to see more solutions; I can go back to what I found interesting before that. I also don’t need to see ads from coaches and mentors who have targeted me on the keyword I entered or the ad I clicked. Once my ‘problem’ is solved, I want to have conversations again.

Hands up if you feel the same. 🙌 (two hands show me a hell yes!)

My decision and insights about social media

What I decided was to take a break from social media for six months.

That great decision lasted less than 24 hours, and because of that, I knew that I’m probably more addicted than I thought. Sneaky me knew pretty quickly that you can access Facebook and Instagram through the browser on your phone as well.

But after I did Yarrow Magdalena’s course Questioning Social Media I understood better why cutting out social media is necessary. If you’re on the fence about doing the same, I highly recommend her concise (and cheap) course that brings a lot of insight into how social media affects you.

What I noticed was that scrolling through my social media feeds made me tired and lethargic. This is bad news, especially when you know that I need to move my body to stay energized and keep depression and anxiety away.

Most followers were not fans

Another thing I’ve noticed is how the numbers of my social media accounts do not grow. Over the last few months, I found that new followers always were military men, with six images on their account, bare-chested, who sent me “Hi!” messages.

I used to ignore them, but I now remove them.

After a clean-up not so long ago, I saw that over half of my Instagram followers were of fake accounts. Luckily I haven’t received any dick pics yet, but I don’t want followers like that (must-read about why you should remove fake accounts!). It left me with 185 followers on Instagram. At least they are real people like you.

To be honest, I don’t need thousands of followers. I invite people to follow me so they can work with me. That’s my goal. Since I only need a couple of clients every month, I also don’t need many followers, as long as they are committed to me. Commitment happens through conversation, not through posting a meme or a quote. I believe that people need to know me to become committed. A meme or a quote only gets a 👍 or a ❤️, and that’s it. It’s the genuine conversation that converts.

Related: I invite you to send me a message if you’re interested in a conversation.

That is why I connect to real people to hear what they do and tell them what I love doing and how I can help them. If we’re not a match, no problem, I ask them to refer people to me. Because as the Neil Patel article says: 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

I can’t say I’m off social media, but I have cut my time on socials to once or twice a day. I still check Groups I’m in because that is where I also find meaningful conversations. I’m also reading more books and upped the time I’m spending on a huge diamond painting. I’m half way a painting of 36,000 diamonds, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I'm Dropping My Marketing Strategy For Social Media

My marketing strategy for social media starts here

I don’t have to be on Facebook or Instagram to post a message. I plan my social media posts in the Buffer tool. All I do is set up the post and leave again. Buffer does the rest for me.

What I’ve also decided is that I’ll only post something when I have something to say. There is no marketing strategy behind it. It’s based on what I have to say at any moment.

It can’t be caught in SMART goals, nor can it be put on paper because I am the primary factor. If I don’t feel like it, you won’t hear from me. But when I am enthusiastic about a subject, I’ll want to share it and talk about it. That’s no marketing strategy for social media. That’s putting myself above everything that should be done in marketing strategies.

While I love sharing quotes, it doesn’t tell you anything about who I am and what I can do for you. I want to share messages that bring people forward to reach out to me. I will also reach out to people who stirred something in me. Lately, I’ve been talking to new people after I replied to their newsletters, webpages, or meaningful posts in Facebook Groups I’m in. I don’t need to be on social media for hours that way. I invite them for a chat. If no, great, no worries. If yes, we have great conversations that I thrive on. It is so easy to do that and much more genuine than double-tapping a photo and scrolling on. It is the conversations that I have that create love and connection.

Focus on my website and SEO

Another decision I’ve made is to focus on my website by creating meaningful content rich with information with links to people to follow because they have something meaningful to say in this overwhelming world of noise. I’ll also make SEO a priority. That’s why I write longer articles these days. Writing comes pretty naturally to me, even in a language that is not my own. Maybe that’s strange, but writing in English goes much faster, and it’s more fun for me. It must be that past life in Ireland that does the trick 😊 ☘️

Doing business needs to be fun, first and foremost, and if it brings in revenue, you’re laughing as well. Who doesn’t want to do something they like AND earn money with it. But the marketing strategy for social media didn’t make me happy. In fact, it caused me to become ‘in my head’ and only focusing on numbers. No fun at all, and to be honest, it doesn’t bring the result you want.

The Akashic Records Reading brings essential information

That’s why it is essential to choose ways of doing business that align with who you are on a soul level. It is one of the most important things I learned from doing my Akashic Records Reading.

Because of that, the Akashic Records Reading plays a significant role in my Intuitive Business Coaching Program – because how can you do business in a way that aligns with who you are on a soul level if you don’t know who you are at origination?

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When you’re done reading, book a first Business Coaching Session that is dirt cheap and find out what you can do to revive the failing aspects in your business.

Want to have a meaningful conversation right away? Send me a message through my contact page.

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