Permit yourself to be skinny or anything that only slightly resembles that

permit yourself to be skinny

Why do you struggle with your weight? Why is it so hard to permit yourself to be skinny? Possibly because you feel like you do not deserve it or because you tell yourself a story why it is impossible to have this.

What you are struggling with is a self-proclaimed obstacle because this is all about that story in your mind. If you would ask your mom, your friend or your sister if you have their permission to lose weight or to own a weight that is healthy, they would probably look at you, saying: “Are you alright there, hon?”

Own the story and all the words you use to create a mindset to make it difficult.

Why you deserve it

You deserve to be skinny! Why? Because you have overcome other obstacles as well, you know you can do this. A skinny body has nothing to do with your worthiness. If your worthiness is low, then you tell yourself that you can’t have it and it is an ongoing record playing in the back of your mind. You cannot do but starting to believe that crap.

But you know, you are not your past failures. You are your future successes. Your past is your starting point. From there you can only grow. Forgive yourself for the struggling and move on. Really! Forgive yourself and start there.

There is only one fundamental question you need to answer: “How do you want to feel from now on?” Do you want to remain struggling, that’s fine. Or do you want to feel confident, empowered and balanced in your whole being and slowly but surely move toward your goal weight in the way YOU want it to be?

It is all a mind *uck!

Can you see the mind *uck that you are following? You tell yourself that it is hard or impossible or that you do not deserve it. Your body only follows what you’re telling it, so it creates the excess stubborn weight and the struggle. Special delivery for YOU!

But if you own your story and how you want to feel from now on, that is when change starts. Become the CEO of your life. Decide where you want to go (your mission) and how you want to get there (your vision).

If you tell yourself that you want to be at goal weight asap, then you still tell yourself an undercurrent story of struggle and “do not want it”. My dear, this is what the rest of your life will be if you keep thinking like this.

Choose to focus on feeling good right now, even though you are not at goal weight yet. Don’t you think that being in action feels so much better than focusing on what you cannot do or what you do not deserve?

Who cares what your past has been? Who. Cares.


It starts here. Permit yourself to be skinny

Stop overanalyzing your eating habits and your goal weight. You forget to savor your life, and it keeps you in the past. Just do something. When you become more confident in doing something, then you can add another action to it. Then you do something and something.

Do you think that I reached my goal weight by following the diet to a T? Ha! Nope! I made a mistake after mistake. I had so many shitty days, but there was one thing that kept me going: I had unwavering faith in what I wanted to create. Yes, there were moments that I struggled with that faith, but when I managed to let my True Self speak about that, I would instantly know that having a healthy weight was waiting for me.

I’ve been at the overanalyzing and perfectionistic behavior. I guess I don’t have to explain to you how that does not light me up. If there is one thing that I want for myself, then it is to feel proud of doing it and empowered and confident, no matter what for results I create, because at least I do something.

The fear of being brilliant

Perfectionism can break us and can keep us from doing great things for ourselves. It is the fear of being brilliant, and to shine in a life that is ours.

You are good enough, and yes, you do deserve to be skinny (or anything that only slightly resembles it if the real vision still feels scary).

Imperfect action beats perfect inaction. That is what counts. I also do not have 100 bright shiny days in a row or 1000. I am human, shit happens. But every time something happens that messes up my structure, I start over because I own my future.

Let me know in the comments, what this blog meant for you.

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