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Business planning for my business is something I do with cappuccino and tarot. There you have it. Blog done. I know this works because I used all kinds of methods to overcome procrastination in my business in the past. But since I have adopted a method for business planning for my business with tarot cards and time blocks, I have been more productive than ever.

Over the last couple of years, I have had many goals. All those goals have been either not reached or dropped because they didn’t feel right. Maybe that sounds a bit lame, at least I think it does, but I hadn’t found my soul topic yet.

A soul topic is a topic you can find in your akashic record. Topics like these are often close to your heart, and you are willing to study, practice, teach, and/or live. I’ve noticed that all previous topics missed one of those aspects of willingness up to now. You need to dive in, embody it thoroughly, and implement it in all the nooks and crannies of your life. For me, tarot (and lately everything with akashic records) has that.


Even after twenty-five years of reading tarot cards, I’m still willing to study the cards. I draw a card every day and write about it in a dedicated journal, log it in the monthly spread, and review it at the end of the month to see what lessons I can learn from them. Since I learned how to access the akashic records, my readings have improved because I’m doing what I want on a soul level.


I also share my daily draw in Facebook Groups and read about other people’s readings. I’m always amazed by the many new interpretations I get from them, so the practice and learning experience I have is thanks to many other people.


Teaching tarot is what I do during my readings. Teaching is more than explaining the meaning of the cards. I also teach about the metaphysical aspects of reading cards and living a soul-based life. I explain things from a soul level so that my clients learn that they are more than their struggle and that the experience they have now is indeed worth it. How can you appreciate the abundance if you don’t appreciate the struggle?


I also live the tarot and the akashic records. When I learned what was in my record, it matched a deep longing that I wanted to write and teach, but my beliefs kept me from transitioning to what I do now. I felt I had to follow through with my business consulting. While I still love business consulting, I now coach business owners from the akashic record of their business. When possible, I use tarot cards in the sessions to make it a complete experience.

I learned from my akashic record that I had the talent to teach and write. It rang a bell so loud that I slowly changed my business. A year later, I have found joy back in my business, and I’ve set some audacious goals.

How I plan my business with tarot

The start of a good business planning

A great goal begins with a dream. You need a dream before you can do any business planning. It is what Gloria Steinem said:

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

I’ve dreamed for a long time, and now I’ve entered the planning stage. These are the goals that came from my dream:

  1. I am publishing my tarot book in a grown-up way
  2. I am building a following of readers for my book now and in the future
  3. I do what I can to become healthier in a loving way

I have talked about my book already, but what is a book without a reader? So I also need to learn to market my book and services authentically. I’ve tried marketing from all angles, but it never felt good. I’ve given it up, and I’m approaching it from a feel-good and fun way. I don’t want a whole intricate marketing strategy. At least not yet. I need to get going. The strategy will follow after that.

But to do all this, I want to be healthy and stay healthy. Even though sitting on your chair and writing seems like an easy job, it is hard on your body. It flattens the butt, and your muscles become stiff and painful if you sit too long. Since I tend to be sucked into my work, I need frequent breaks to move around and to go outside and sniff fresh air.

Business Planning With the Tarot

At the beginning of this year, it suddenly dawned on me. It was time to come out of hiding and take on the daunting task of publishing my book in a grown-up way. Publishing a book the grown-up way is the total opposite of what I’ve been doing.

I used to publish a course or a book, and if it weren’t a raving success within a week or two, I’d conclude that nobody would want me, and I’d pull back my brilliant outpour of what I know so well.

It’s a shame, but it’s all based on behavior learned in ye early days of the life of this budding author. It’s behavior based on a hurt child. It is time to embrace that scared little girl and tell her: “It’s okay, I find it scary too, but we’ll do it together.”

Choosing child-like simple tasks

What I also did differently in the past is that I would not divide my big dreams into easy projects. To publish a book, I need to draft a book. And the draft needs to be edited seven hundred-eighty thousand times. Drafting is a project, and editing is as well.

I’ve found a great editor who loves working with the cards herself, and I just sent her the third chapter to comment. I’ve worked my way through her earlier comments, and I see the quality of the chapters improve, which makes me happy.

Working with time blocks

I’ve started working with time-blocks, according to the Pomodoro technique. I use the Brain Focus app (Google Play). I’m not sure if there’s also an iOS version because I can’t find it. Any Pomodoro app will do, though; even your phone set for 25 minutes will work but don’t forget to take a 5 minutes break.

I work in four blocks of 25 minutes with 5 minutes break. After four blocks, I get 20 minutes of Netflix! 😊 Not starting the app still is a bit of a facepalm moment, but I’ll get it someday. I think it has to do with starting your task with focus.

Right now, I log how many blocks I need for editing 1000 words or writing this blog. This knowledge helps me to do my business planning better in the future. Good planning is vital to prevent unmet expectations. How often have I set a goal and wasn’t reaching it by far, leaving me disappointed and frustrated?

I write down how many blocks it took to finish a specific task, which goes on a list. At some point, I’ll know how much time it takes to do specific tasks.

Planning my week

My business planning session takes place on Sunday afternoon, and it starts with drawing a card for the week. This week, I drew the Friendliness card from the Osho Zen Tarot.

business planning

Friendliness Osho Zen Tarot

The card really helped me this week. It advised me to be friendly to the people I work with. “Friendship is the highest form of love. In love, a measure of desire is inevitable; in friendship, all desire disappears. There is nothing gross in friendship; it is utterly refined.”

The card helped me be friendly and expect nothing back, even though I constantly asked people to do things for me. I’ve almost finished an excellent report, and I’m proud of it because I expected more resistance. People were happy to work with me to make it good.

The card also helped me have no expectations when connecting with others for my business. It taught me that connection is fun. I don’t understand why I ever forgot about that in the past.

Drawing Cards of the Day

Every day I draw a Card of the Day. I’ve decided to share them on Instagram Reels because I noticed how much fun that is for me. It’s also easy because I’m doing the reading anyway, so why not share them with you. Please follow me to learn from the keywords I use. Forgive me for the un-influencer way that I do this. I’m new, so I’m learning.

Every day, I write down what I did and how many task blocks I used. Technically, I have sixteen blocks daily, but I treat that number very fluidly.

The Power of Reviews

On Friday afternoon, I review my week. I call this my CEO-meeting, and it takes place in the local coffee shop over one or two delicious cappuccinos (and sometimes a something-something). In this session I review the week and check what got done. I also review my results for revenue, visitors to my website, new followers to Instagram or Medium, and how I felt doing all this. One thing I check what didn’t get done this week, and I will try to catch up during the weekend. I want to keep the weekend as loosely planned as possible. Weekends are for restoring and meeting friends, especially if the week was brutal.

The Enjoyment of Celebrating

And then, at the end of the month, you plan your moment to celebrate what you have accomplished. Celebrating is part of my business planning. This appointment, just like the CEO meeting, can’t be skipped. It is your moment to look back and be happy with what you did. Yes, I said the H-word: HAPPY. This is not the moment to be critical or diminish your accomplishments. I order you to be proud of yourself.

I sincerely believe we don’t celebrate enough. Over the centuries, we have become so serious and critical! At the same time, we also work our butts off, and if we never take the time to be proud of what we did, then I predict you (and I don’t need my cards for that) that taking action will not be aligned anymore and not much fun.

So yes, I order you to take time off and be happy or appreciative with everything that did get done, even if you only half of your to-do list. Even when everything in your life conspired against you, and everything went wrong. Even if you tell yourself that you failed.

At some point, I realized I needed more celebration in my life, so I booked spa treatments every month. I alternate the more expensive private sauna day with cheaper other treatments. I book them in advance, so I know I will get to them because every time I see them come up in my calendar, I feel a tiny bit of resistance, thinking I rather spend that time writing. But if I don’t take care of that side of me, I won’t be able to write because I suffer from burnout.

P.S. This blog took me 5 blocks to write, edit, create the images, post, and repost it all over the Internet.


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