My Products

Ever bought a planner that, at some point, ended up in the back of your bookcase? Yup, happened to me too. At some point, I was fed up with it, so I designed personal planners, five-year “a couple of lines a day” journals, and bullet journals and published them. Check them out on Amazon, click the image to order it.

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My Planner And Five Year Journals

With the planner, you can plan your food for six months, bookend it, evaluate and if needed adjust next week’s plan according to your results. This is more than “just” a meal planner. It is a system for success and sustainable results. The planner is 7 x 10″.

The five-year journal is my new love. In it, you only write a few sentences about your day. It is so easy to do and it gives a great overview of what you did over the years. Each page is divided into five spaces so you can read back what you did today a year ago or five years ago. They are A4 size, 372 pages.