5 Things I Learned Self-Publishing My Tarot Book

things I learned

Even though my book isn’t technically published yet, I am ready to share five things I learned from self publishing my book. As everything is prepared for the final “click the damn button,” I feel it is the right time to share the things I learned from this project and what I’ll do next. If you are unfamiliar with my story, here’s a short update on how this project came about.

When I was still a wee tarot reading pup twenty years ago, I wrote down what I knew about doing tarot readings. It was for personal use and helped me practice what I had learned. It surprised me to produce many pages of knowledge. When a friend suggested turning it into a manuscript for a book, it felt like a fun project. I wrote about the self publishing journey here but I will not publish through a publishing company again because it was not a great experience.

Luckily, in 2017, I got the rights for the book back and thought about translating and self publishing it. Thinking that self publishing would be a shit-load of work and that I didn’t have the time, kept me from taking action for a long time. But when the lockdowns hit and I needed something to take my mind of things I started translating it. It was a shit-load of work, just as I imagined, but at least I had the time for it.

By the end of 2021, I had a translated and rewritten manuscript. In my 2022 plan, I chose one project to focus on: releasing the book and seeing where it got me. It is the first time I’ve fulfilled a goal on my list for the last decade.

These are the lessons I learned self published the Tarot Guide for Beginners.

1.  I have fought myself for too long

I am not sure if I can call it ambition or that I’ve hit a creative and inspired vein, but the moment I decided to publish the Tarot Guide for Beginners, new ideas for books popped into my mind, and my mood and energy lifted. It made me super creative and ideas started to flow.

It was like turning my boat to go downstream, as Abraham-Hicks says – things started to flow. Looking back on the last couple of years, I feel I’ve been fighting myself for too long while I knew I desired to write. But I didn’t allow myself to go there. It was exhausting to resist the desire.

2.  I publish immediately

The next time I finish a book, I will release it immediately. Since I was scared I’d overwhelm myself, I planned to release it in October. But when I finished the book in May, I felt my energy drop because I had to wait so long. I thought it was wise from a marketing point of view, but it wasn’t. Even pulling it forward to August was not quick enough. I had many good reasons to do it, but they were invalid. Next time I release a book when it’s done.

3.  I can manifest with record speed when on the correct flow

I’ve noticed that I can manifest the right information or people when in the proper flow. When you go against the flow and try to peddle your way through the river, all you can think about is, “how the hell can I move forward?” But it doesn’t get you anywhere.

But the moment I stopped resisting my desire for self publishing, my life turned 180 degrees. It not only changed what I was doing in my spare time but also changed things in other life areas. Suddenly I got a new job, and my partner and I manifested an excellent redo of our home, something we had postponed for years.

lessons I learned

4.  I can go from high vibe to sub-zero vibe in seconds

What is most interesting is that I may have mislabeled certain feelings. Somewhere in February, I noticed that I felt scared all the time, and still, it didn’t stop me from doing what I was doing. I was learning new things, and I implemented them right away. It was odd behavior, knowing I would typically give up or go into overwhelm when anxiety happened.

When I journaled on this phenomenon, I noticed that there was a form of excitement under it. Acknowledging that I had labeled excitement with anxiety caused my energy to soar, and I became super productive. Suddenly I wrote long social media posts and blogs while editing the manuscript.

At the end of June, I hit a snag. While uploading my ebook to Amazon, I clicked a couple of wrong buttons, and it got stuck. It caused a full-blown panic attack. All kinds of fatalistic scenarios passed the scene, including me, failing as an author and being the laughing stock of the year. It took Amazon a week to return with the news to reupload the file, and that was it. It all seemed so simple and not worth the panic. I still have not fully recovered from it and have slept poorly since.

One thing I learned in self publishing is how easily I shift vibes. I need to work on panicking. Even though it was short, the aftermath was exhausting.

5.  I need to allow myself to experiment

This year, I became fully aware of how taking different actions create different results. This is a big “duh!” standing on the outside looking in. But it is much harder to recognize when you’re on the inside. While making my plan for 2022, I saw how I was creating more of the things I didn’t want anymore, so I decided to adopt new strategies. I have known Einstein’s quote for years:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
~ Albert Einstein

I have to experiment with new strategies, which I find daunting. It also means that I have to drop unproductive ones, which is even more challenging, especially when I’m not sure if the new strategy will work.

What’s up next?

The things I learned from writing this book are essential to me. That is why I want to keep making steps toward what is fun AND related to my Divine Soul Blueprint. Once I get back from my vacation, I’ll decide on the following three things I learned about creating fun.

  • I’m contemplating a tarot program that will create some much-needed in-depth connection I crave. Having tarot talk and discussing readings and interpretations is fun and fills a void that I currently experience. Let me know what
  • I’m most eager to rebuild my tarot business. If there is one thing that is FUN with capitals, it’s that. I love doing that, maybe even more than writing book number Two (so I may need to keep an eye on that).

That’s it for now!


Jolanda Bolt

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